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Hi bodi! Awe sum ! I've been living small rv Prius camping since July of last year. I camp on my home which is earth. This thing doesn't fly yet but I don't need it to lol. I like to make music / skateboard / hang in the woods / wander / and delete. sometimes I'll uber but not often.

Here are my current Essentials that aren't even that essential for mobile life situation:

Car (paid for and insurance paid 6 months ahead) I suggest Prius cause it's the best mobile house on earth

Foam mattress type thing (Walmart etc)
Blanket to cover it that is thin and washable

Queen sized down feather (0 degree) sleeping blanket so u can move around and fit two if necessary

iPod touch 6th gen 16gb (eBay)
Life proof case

In ear headphones that plug in

Essential oils u like and a spray bottle for it and water (my fav is lavender)

PayPal account

Ue boom 2 speaker

Rei merino wool socks (year return policy)

Clear 48oz nalgene bottle or two (water)

2 shirts u really love
1 Pants
1 Shorts
1 Hoody
1 Marmot minimalist jacket

(Black color doesn't show dirt)

Battery powered hair clippers

1 Rei credit card (fraud protection) to use for everything and pay back immediately

Micro fleece towel and a few tiny ones (cut up) for spills

The inner drive to let go and face all fears w joy or at least consistent persistence

Disengage self from idiots / Don't talk about anything unless asked. So as to save energy vitals for utmost priorities. Which is THE PRESENT MOMENT / ALL THAT IS / GOD WITHIN


Also pay all debts owed and forgive everyone to free from emo ties