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Hi bodi! Awe sum ! I've been living small rv Prius camping since July of last year. I camp on my home which is earth. This thing doesn't fly yet but I don't need it to lol. I like to make music / skateboard / hang in the woods / wander / and delete. sometimes I'll uber but not often.

Here are my current Essentials that aren't even that essential for mobile life situation:

Car (paid for and insurance paid 6 months ahead) I suggest Prius cause it's the best mobile house on earth

Foam mattress type thing (Walmart etc)
Blanket to cover it that is thin and washable

Queen sized down feather (0 degree) sleeping blanket so u can move around and fit two if necessary  http://www.enlightenedequipment.com/itasca-down-comforter/

iPod touch 6th gen 16gb (eBay)
Life proof case

In ear headphones that plug in

Essential oils u like and a spray bottle for it and water (my fav is lavender)

PayPal account

Ue boom 2 speaker

Rei merino wool socks (year return policy)

Clear 48oz nalgene bottle or two (water)

2 shirts u really love
1 Pants
1 Shorts
1 Hoody
1 Marmot minimalist jacket

(Black color doesn't show dirt)

Battery powered hair clippers

1 Rei credit card (fraud protection) to use for everything and pay back immediately

Micro fleece towel and a few tiny ones (cut up) for spills

The inner drive to let go and face all fears w joy or at least consistent persistence

Disengage self from idiots / Don't talk about anything unless asked. So as to save energy vitals for utmost priorities. Which is THE PRESENT MOMENT / ALL THAT IS / GOD WITHIN


Also pay all debts owed and forgive everyone to free from emo ties

Hahahouse and new (hybrid) Hahahouse

Quick summary of everything :

Hahahouse made in 2008. Pics taken 16/03/06 before re-painted and sold. Made of salvaged/ reused parts as much as possible from the restore and dumpsters. Metal has a 100 year life without paint. Metal braced frame. All walls Insulated / weather proofed. Double pane Windows/ door. Ac. Electric oil radiant heater. Bike hooks. Solar powered led lighting. Solar / battery powered motion lights. Passive solar heat keeps it warm if windows closed in winter. Maintained by just spray painting the trailer and salt treated wood parts every few years, pumping tires up (bike pump works). Cost about $3.5k to make. $850 for trailer used / remade boat trailer. Very quiet. Stays very cool w a just a fan w all the windows, or just windows open, w no power. Moves well. Plywood walls in and out are very strong. Moves very well w almost any vehicle, even a Prius. Glows in the moonlight. Very timeless design. Skylights cover whole top to bottom of loft. 10x6 trailer. 7x14 total w trailer tongue and wheels. Built in one month by myself in an alley behind friends house. Used a rechargeable drill and circle saw. Measured everything off my body. 13'4" tall. Bottom level 6'2" loft 4'

Hahahouse Now lives in Asheville, nc w a new owner named "Kara", as I moved into "small rv" "Prius camping". Debt free, grounded spaceship.  Next chapter for "me" as if I need more space I go outside.

I've been prius camping since June of 2015 when I bought it (2007 Prius) $6315 with a $144 a month loan/ $370 for 6 month insurance geico. Since paid for. I believe they are the best cars on the road. Easily attainable as people get new ones, similar to iPhones. Once you get a Prius nothing else is good enough (until small electric vans come out. Electric has even less maintenance. No muffler. No exhaust pipe. Totally quiet). Prius can get 600k miles since they have two engines. Batteries can last 300k + and be gotten rebuilt for $800 easy. Low maintenance. Tint Windows. Foam in back for bed. Window visors keep rain out w windows cracked. Crack tailgate for air as well or open completely. Park and sleep anywhere. Anonymous.

Queen sized black black 0 degree down comforter sleeping bag from enlightened equipment. http://www.enlightenedequipment.com/itasca-down-comforter/

One set of clothes all black. iPad mini 4 64gb w cellular and $20 a month 2gb w throttled unlimited data plan, that I hotspot my iPod touch 6 too.

Panasonic In ear buds for outside noise/ music making/ sleeping/ listening to talks/ privacy in public. Staying grounded.

"Anker" Rechargeable power banks to charge devices and not burn out car battery.

Make money w uber and app jobs eBay/ selling my sonic journal albums. Best job is not needing money in first place. Online banking w simple bank and PayPal.

Food: dumpstering Walmart produce dumpsters for food or eating light, mainly bananas avocados grape fruits green tea coffee. Fasting a lot.

Activity: Public display of yoga (pdy). Playing. Climbing. Jumping. Running. Skateboarding. Sleeping. Wandering in woods. Talking

32oz canteen from rei for hot water tea coffee. Top has cup.

Dri-fit hoody stays clean looks nice. Doesn't lose shape or get ragged.

Black Jogger pants are nice pajamas. Elastic w drawstring and pockets modified to hold iPod touch/ debit card without falling out upside down.

2 pairs of rei merino wool socks ( they have a 1 year return policy).

Nikes from factory outlet store $40.

No underwear. I'm a dude

Micro fleece hand towel for spills

2 Planet awesum t-shirst. Washed in sinks of private bathrooms mainly Starbucks. Dried in sun easy.

1 pair of running shorts swimming or wearing while other clothes dry.  I look sharp in my universal outfit in all situations everywhere.

Rechargeable usb hair clippers from Remington 5550 keeps hair sharp.


I use lavender and orange oil straight for armpits privates. Put in spray bottle w water to spray clothes car.

I clean outside at car washes every two weeks or so/ vacuum. Stay very clean and organized.

Have nice 6ft micro sub/ lightening cords/ charger from Anker.


Everything is easily stored away out of sight so it looks like nobody has every even used the car.

Love everything I have. Love my life. Know everything that I have and where it is now. Don't have anything I don't actually use. eBay.

Keep all books music photos on clouds in case I lose everything also no personal storage. Everything is easily replaceable that I have.

This life has nothing to do w with who I am I know. Just changing scenes of a grand play.

I like skateboarding/ making music my sonic journal "god is love" http://godlove.bandcamp.com , spacing out, taking lots of baths, fasting and fruitarian diets, upgrading, writing, refining, planetary Ascension, minimalism, being kind and nice, meditation, spending lots of time in nature, Internet, Suzanne lie, bashar, Eckhart tolle (6.1gb's free talks for you https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B00WLYaqAiwfcWhGcW9nRW5BdUU ) . I am always changing, so much now that the process is more a letting go. Physical mental emotional health and total responsibility.

Drive slow and enjoy the ride.

Andrew Cauthen - Sonic Journal Entry: 16​.​01​.​27 srigd [tpd140]