Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof Method:

Breathe in completely

Just let go

30 times

Best way to oxygenate / alkalize the body

Crazy about life 🙃

Retent / hold breath till gasp reflex 

Breathe in again deep

Hold in another 15 seconds 

Tap belly / neck / top of head

3 rounds of this

Way to tap into glands = physiology, autoimmune system, happiness, strength, health

Car camping is the future of tiny houses. A grounded earth spaceship

I had built a tiny house on a trailer about 8 years ago and love it still, but more I use it for Airbnb guests now. Also like to be more mobile: So honestly I believe sleeping vehicles is the new tiny house. I have an apartment but don't like staying in it. Too expensive and gets too dirty/ hard to clean/ organize/ and it's easy to pile stuff up in them. Always unknowingly really digging minimalism, and growing up around pack rats and lots of dust and dog hair fleas, I've had lots of inspiration to have only what I actually love and really need. Which is basically nothing! Every single item I actually use, know where it is, and love it. If I don't, I find it a new home.

Here's some things I've learned to share with y'all:

#1 we are the future, as well as the past and the present of anything awesome that's happened on earth and even the universe. Yes these are grounded spaceships. Spaceships are super cool as are you. This is our planet. Use it and don't be scared. Plus remember god has your back and life is dangerous no matter if your in a house, spending all your time and money on fixing, cleaning, and working for it (way too expensive!), or a very nice car. I have a Prius! It's beautiful, great on gas, and has a god amount of space. All you need really. Here is how I do it and do it well.

TINT YOUR WINDOWS. Even if you tint it illegally dark, it's worth it in every way. 

Keep your car nice, clean, organized. Like you would anything if you truly care about yourself and the world. Break what you need down to what you can store out of sight so it doesn't look like you're living in it. 
USE OILS to keep things fresh. I use lavender and orange oil mainly. I use it for everything hygiene, putting some drops in small spray bottles I got at whole foods I spray down everything all the time like a sacred science for this sacred space. 

BUY A NICE DOWN SLEEPING BAG. I bought a 20 degree bag custom made at enlightenedequipment.com for $250. I got it all black. It's beautiful, soft, warm, and very inexpensive for a nice sleeping bag you could potentially have the rest of your life. It's my best friend. It also doubles as a pillow when I have it in a soft cotton cinch bag that hangs off the back of my back seat. I use the back hatch of my Prius as a tailgate. It nicely overhangs you when it rains. I sleep in the back with the tailgate slightly open w the left secret compartment cover lodged in it for air at night. Also this works when it's raining to keep you dry when the Windows need to be shut. I'll be using the screen tulle method in summer by putting pieces in the Windows and securing it with the door shut. 

I love Rei ! They have a 1 year return policy so if something doesn't work for you you can return it no questions asked. They rule! I sleep on a microfleece towel that I also use on my seat, so I can wash it. I have an ultralight Rei air mattress that I blow up as well but mainly use th towel to sleep on cause hard surfaces are better for these bodies. Park in shade and under trees.

IF YOU SLEEP IN YOUR FRONT SEAT, WHICH I OFTEN DO AS WELL, PARK ON A SLIGHT INCLINE BACK. This will improve your sleep tenfold. Cover your head in the sleeping bag. Mine is a quilt. Sleep w music on if you'd like. 

Don't use your car batteries too much. Charge extra batteries and have the, handy. Use a Bluetooth speaker like the UE ROLL OR UE BOOMBOX Available on eBay for cheap, and they are waterproof. 
I also have an ultralight hammock for chilling in parks and reading on my iPad mini.

For me, time is my most valuable asset. I don't like what houses do to people, giving them an unreal sense of security, which is fear.
For a computer, I have an iPad mini w data. $30 a month for 3gbs of data w T-Mobile. After three gigs they give you unlimited data at throttled speeds. I don't need a phone cause I can text and call anyone w a free Google voice number and Google hangouts. I also use iMessage a lot. It's all you need for everything. I can draw, make music, listen to music, maps, photo video, read books on kindle app which also reads books to you if you turn it on in speech (two finger swipe down), watch videos (tho I do more of that at wifi), write, post comments like this. I have a supcase case for it so I'm not worried about it dropping. I have a hip pack to carry it around but mainly don't like having a device on me lately so I use brain and intuition. You can store anything and everything digital with google drive. You get 15gbs an email account free.

Vacuum and wash your car regularly. Make it look good and show others it's fun and the future now. You can live anywhere now. YES!

Carry small portable battery powered clippers and learn to cut your hair.

I have two planet Awesum shirts. I like making music planetawesum bandcamp
I have a pair of black joggers/ jeggimgs
2 pairs of Rei merino wool socks cause they don't hold smells and are super tough and comfy.
1 pair of jogging shorts
A marmot rain jacket
A black hoody. Dri fit
A Rei down vest. This thing is warm!
I also have a small backpack
And a charger and ample sub mini and apple cords.
I like nikes cause I love skateboarding. Also I have a skateboard.
Ray ban sunglasses. 
Bananas cause that's what you eat when your going bananas. Also it's the cheapest thing in the store that doesn't kill you. Magnesium bruh.
I eat mainly salads at whole foods and exorcize a lot so I don't need doctors, yes no health insurance. 
I research, study, and meditate for mental health. Diy dawg.
I'm friendly and courteous to everyone equally. I'm transparent in all things. This really helps. It's a pilgrimage on earth dudes.
I use oils in my hair and stay sharp and clean.
I don't sleep in clothes, except maybe the running shorts which have built in undees.
I use laundromats or hand wash.
I like Starbucks and they have nice bathrooms that close single person.
I'd even do this with a family. Just a bigger car like the Nissan nv200 which will soon be electric.
I payed off my car. Prius's are cheap now. This was $6315 for a 2007. Writing this end of 2015. They ar also very common.
I drive uber. I am a good driver.
I don't do any drugs cause they destroy your body and mind. Cloud thinking.
I love parks and use them as my gym and sanctuary.
I like outdoors, fresh air, and never liked sleeping in houses. 
I use a Bluetooth adapter in my stereo aux so there aren't any wires. $8 
I like yoga and do it everywhere, even waiting in lines. I call it pdy public display of yoga. Earth is my playground. 
I love simply so others can simply live. 
I'd love to see more people doing this as suburbs are destroying the planet. I'd like to see all cars electric. I'd like to see more people not wait till they're dead to retire. 
I like fasting. I like yogis and saints and ascended masters like Jesus and st germain.
I lik being social and always have a place to crash, my car. I also like being alone so I can build inner strength.
I like crystals and have a few.
I like listening to talks.
I like living in the moment synchronistivally and being around uplifting people if not myself. 
I like going where I want and doing what I like, when I want to. Which is the definition of abundance.
I like sharing, obviously!
 Again I love the outdoors and fresh air. This is the best mobile tent everrr.
I love being in joy, gratitude, and love. And singing. 

My tiny house HAHAHOUSE!

That's pretty much it. Happy moment! Know thyself. Love your self so you can share that with others. Can't give what you don't have! Abundance is this. Perspective is all. Go within or go without.  

You can sleep anywhere doesn't matter. Our collective world. We are making it all up. So might as well make it awesum. Check me out Instagram at "pawesum" or hashtag #priuscamping