FREE WIFI FOR ALL. Change AT&T uverse username password

Are you tired of your boring wifi name and terribly impossible password that nobody can remember? I AM TOO! Also I believe Internet should be free to all on this planet. That is a human right just like quality housing, food, a loving community that respects all life/ supports all life. I believe this is the future if we are to survive here on this beautiful and abundant planet that we are just borrowing temporarily. It's our responsibility to leave it better than we found it for future inhabitants. 

OK :-)

Here is how to change AT&T Uverse's username and password. I would suggest taking off your password so to share with your earth family. Caring for your fellow man. Extending yourself beyond just your body. The only way out of bully culture.

Bring up a browser on any device (your phone, computer, doesn't matter)

Paste this number into the top:
and click enter/ return

It will take you to this screen

Now click the second blue link that says "wireless". That will take you to this page.

Under "Network" near the middle of page, put in your new "Network Name". I decided on "Earth Family" since that is what we all are here on this planet. One huge family on a small planet. Treating each individual with the respect they deserve whether we understand what they are doing or not. Knowing: Diversity is survival of the planet.

Under "Security", set "Wireless Security" to "Disabled" on the drop down menu.
Or you may write a new password if you think this bully culture will save you from yourself. Hint: No it can't, but it will show us our weaknesses that we can then heal with right awareness. We then see all as perfect and in perfect time and stop working against ourselves. Love connects all the dots. Universe will support you. It is a trust thing. Without trust we are nothing and die prison planet.

Now click "Save" at bottom right of page.

Congratulations! You have made it to this page.

The password is you're "Device Access Code" on the black label to the left of your "2wire" router. It is ten digit. Mine was all numbers. Note: this is not your 10 digit "Wireless Network Key" or "SSID". Check photo 2nd or 3rd photo above to see the diagram of this key. It is highlighted with the GREEN circle. I made the mistake of putting in my wireless network key and kept getting "wrong password". 

Ok so now you know. You clicked login. Bam now you are at this page! "Configuration Successful"

If you decided to take you password off and share your Internet with your fellow earth family, YOU ARE ONE OF THE FEW INCREDIBLY BRAVE SOULS ACTUALLY MAKING A DIFFERENCE ON GAIA! THE REASON WHY WE ARE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING HERE!



Give everything away for free the wealthiest way to be. Now there's no more separation/ class warfare since we now know completely we are all one. That harming one is harming all. Peace

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