A Vision for Our Safety

A Vision for Our Safety 

We see a world where killing anyone or anything is no longer sanctioned or condoned in any way; where there are no distinctions made between the soldier who kills someone else in a foreign land and the murderer who kills another person domestically. For, in both instances, a human life was taken before its time, a life that was as precious and full of promise to the one who lost it as your life is to you. Consequently, we no longer praise soldiers, no matter what nation they represent, but see their services as no longer needed - and we forgive them for the atrocities they've committed upon their fellow men and women.

We see a world where mankind has learned, with no equivocation whatsoever, that harming and killing one another are acts born out of fear that will never give us the peace and safety we're looking for. Likewise, we see a world where minds have changed en masse, because the implanted idea of having a "supposed" enemy has been seen through by all people everywhere; where the feeling of needing to be defensive has disappeared; and where each and every one of us is living fully and freely now that the killing has completely stopped. 

Can you imagine such a world? Indeed, that is where we are headed, and it begins with us envisioning it and telling others about it. 

Though the skies may appear dark and gloomy, a ray of sun glistens on the far horizon, and behind it follows the light of a new day when all men and women shall walk this Earth in peace, freedom, joy, and a feeling of safety such as we have never before known. ~ Tony Burroughs


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