Change the World by Changing Yourself


So what is it to change oneself? For me it means being the change I wish to see. Which is doing what I love and nothing else, as much as possible. That I'm good enough the way I am now. That i always know best what is best for me, since I am me. Which has turned into, not having any money. Or at least not any more money than I need. Not having anything that I don't need. Being happy w what I have. Actually using what I already have to the fullest. Surrendering to the universe. Cause there's really not much else we can do but trust and continue on.

Learning how it is to be at the end of the stick/ bullies/ ignorance.
Learning empathy.
Learning to be calm in high stress environments. "This too shall pass".
Almost never eating. Questioning why we even do it. Knowing its just a drug. Even more, Poison.
Learning how to communicate.
Learning how to be happy with what I have.
Being happy where I am, before I go somewhere else.
That exercise exorcizes the demons out of us. Activity activates us.
That possession is the "normal" state. We our possessed by entities that use us as energy banks. They rape us all day everyday. A rape culture.
To take naps instead of feeding my emotions w food or exploiting others in any way.

You Got This Bro
That all products we buy are others suffering. It entraps others into "careers". When in reality we are multifaceted and should be able to change our minds at any time. And still have a house/ loving supportive community/ good food and water/ beauty/ inspiration/ the best technology physical mental emotional spiritual/ a clean environment. .. Etc.
That money is poverty/ entrapment.
That we are sharing this earth spaceship. One family. And nobody should "pay" to live on on it. That humans are intrinsically good/ loving and peaceful. Only culture teaches us fear. To rape us all. Bully culture.
We'll have to face our fears and boycott/ love up the hate virus until its changed into something that actually works/ is sustainable or it dies. There is no other choice and will only get worse till we do.



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