Sleep in cars not houses

I sleep in my car most days/ nights rather than houses. This is why:

Cars are mobile. I can go almost anywhere there's a road.
Cars cost less to upkeep than houses.
You probably have to have a car regardless, living in most parts of the world. Get rid of the house and stay in car.
Cars have skylights all around them.
I have more time, and am always "home". Save money on gas cause I don't have to go anywhere too far to be "home".
Cars are earth spaceships, but grounded.

As more people sleep in their cars, cars will start to be made to be lived in.
Seats go down flat.
Our technology will get more mobile.
Tinted windows/ privacy.
We will carry less. MORE ZEN.
We will judge people who do it as Awesum.
We will travel more so the world will accommodate for travelers/ explorers, instead of for pure wage slaves.
We already do this w the internet (travel). The demand is high. Take it to the next level, sleep in your car.

Life begins at the end of our comfort zone. We are the future. Might as well make it easy convenient and free. With this attitude, nothing will "cost" anymore because we'll realize everyone and everything's intrinsic value which is infinite Awesum. IT'S A PERSPECTIVE CHANGE.

Yes I hope to be sleeping more outside not in expensive cars, and do so way more often then houses. Not needing any money. Not even sleeping! I know that we humans are community beings and need each other. I am only doing what I am doing because of the oppressive fascist regime happening currently (energy vampires). After this phase passes we will be back to sharing all with our earth fam and universe fam. Hopefully not needing more "duality" to re-member our Awesum. We will be everywhere at once. We are now. Win win begin within.

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