Self Cultivating Endlessly Motivating Nomads

The "hard to keep" habits I start now, are my future normal. So whatever I do now is me in the future.

So what would I like my future normal to be hmmm. Convenient easy and free.

What has my past been?
...I'm doing great.

So how could I do "convenient easy free"?
.. Fasting forever, only having what I can carry (for the most part), meditation/ attitude/ perspective that this is what rich is. Knowing it. Believing in myself. Self reflection (like this here note to self lol)

What if everyone did this? We would be very healthy wealthy and happy indeed. And pretty ;) There would be pretty much no stores telling us we suck and need their "stuff". We'd all be wizards. We wouldn't need things to prove our worth. We wouldn't demand suffering for others to live (imagine that lol).

There'd be no overweight people. Barely any health, physical or mental health problems if any at all. No businesses at all that live "order out of chaos". Create chaos "you suck" create order "take this thing only we have and you won't suck anymore until you need more".

Investing in self. Believing in our selves. Trusting in ourselves.

Beautiful nature. Forever time. Spontaneous. Transparent. Trust in universe. Trust in ourselves. Friendly people. No governments. No masters. No time. Always inspired. Awesum technology that isn't "complicated", and that's more biological (self healing, waterproof, tough like us).

Hanging with diverse earth and universal family. Exploring frequencies. There will still be problems but it won't be un-fun cause we'll see everything as our benefit and everyone else's benefit.

K this is starting to sound like a average animals life. Oh wait humans are animals :-) sweet. Self Cultivating endlessly motivating nomads.

Maybe start planning for a sustainable future more with me, without corporations, death cult policies that destroy everything, make us all sick and dead. Take some time for yourself to visualize and become this often. Don't care what people think, cause you are right. This is a real reality happening now. We are making it all up and always have.

Our friends that have land can let us stay on it, or we can just stay in the woods or take up little space in cars, families houses. We can work on ourselves and not consume death products that kill us.

Not Consume anything much at all, after really knowing deep down that nothing outside of us can make us more of who we are. Enjoying more. Truly "Self" sustainable. New "problems" will be mental and emotional problems. Sorting all that out. Getting that down w meditation and self inquiry. Helping each other. Being the lighthouse. ..Trending. Lol

- - - - -

"old" pics 2004 to 2008 i think in made up earth time.

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