Planet Awesum?

So if 54 trillion dollars net worth of the USA was split up equally between 313 million people in the USA. 172 thousand $ each person a year. Working 3 hours a day , 5 days a week (since anything more is counter productive/ slavery). With 1 month paid vacation. 48 weeks work at 15 hours a week (720 hours a year of work). Means we'd be making about $238 an hour. Ok now take out inflation cost, everything would cost about 95% less than it is. (Like a $1000 a month mortgage would be $45 a month).
Then tally up that we'd actually be working on what benefits all instead of just the 1 percent like it is now. Real "Productivity" would exponentially increase into quality of life equal to planet Awesum status within a few... seconds.

Therefore, QUITTING OUR JOBS AND STARTING OUR LIVES. This ends a backwards death culture. Planet Awesum in comparison is in reality beyond anything we can possibly imagine, but the actual reality of how things should be as the "norm". Like this is just the beginning. Carry in the net worth of an infinite universe that has been around eternally. And the fact that "We are all one". Ok now we're getting started in what "weirdos" like Jesus and Buddha have been telling us for so long. Just Try and feel how good this would feel. That's how we should be feeling as just an average everyday moment.

Ok I'll repeat, We are backed up by an infinite and eternal all powerful universe, not just a country government. We are the infinite eternal ever expanding universe. Umm..

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