I Use These Items Everyday. We Don't Need Much Really. Buy Less But With Quality. "There is more where that came from."

This is my basic universal setup that I use everywhere in all situations. It is incredibly efficient in every way. Seems simple, but I have been working on it for 15 years. Haven't found anything better personally. Would love to hear what you guys do. Or maybe I'm all alone in this. Either way, I love my life. Horribly Awesum. 

updated mid march 2013 earth time.

- Also I use a wool sweater cause it doesn't hold smells (thrift store).

- Black pants and shorts that stretch some (currently i love these hurley pants. where them everyday. probably for about a year. will cut them into shorts).

- Vans shoes from the vans outlet, buy one get one free.

- White t-shirt from whatever I believe in at the moment (wear it everyday for a week or so often, which is why oils are good).

- Nice button up shirt (i wear over my sweater).

- Black zip up hoody.

- A few hanky's. They're easy to wash in any bathroom and dry fast. Keeps your neck warm. Also you can stuff in your pants after peeing quickly in public so you don't drip on your pants. (no underwear)

- A couple chargers wall plugs and cords for my iPod touch/ iPad mini (ebay/ people steal these/ they get lost, buy in bulk like lighters!).
Honestly I don't use the ipad mini that much and have thought of selling it. Sold my computer, but still use mothers imac sometimes.

- I use the lavender or whatever oil im into at the moment on everything. armpits, balls, dick, butt, hair, clothes, car seats, bag, sleeping bag, other people.

- Sandalwood is my favorite incense generally. this is a good price for a lot of them. Nippon Kodo is my favorite brand.

- Lighter.

- Toothbrush (i have a few stashed).

- Floss and needle to sew things.

- Sunglasses for privacy. Ray Bans. Expensive yes. But trust me it's worth it. You will go through so many shitty sunglasses. Mine are from the 80's. actually found them in the middle of the street. Had them now a few years. I love them!

- Extra ID. "Simple" is my bank (look it up, no fees https://simple.com/).
I keep my card w I'd in my back pocket and make sure it has a button or is sewed in middle.

-Get an ebt/ food card. In the USA its $200 a month. Until we quit eating and drinking completely, this is very useful. You will have to renew it every 6 months. You can use it across all of USA. And renew it over the phone anywhere.

- House wrap for a ground pad/ rain cover.

- I have a few sets of in ear headphones above in case they get misplaced.

- I sleep on my clothes at night then put them back on.

- I'll use my backpack as a groundpad as well. Hoody a pillow.


I cut my own hair (plus body hair/ face hairs) and all my friends hairs w $10 battery powered clippers from walmart. But i don't carry it around with me.

Seems like a lot but it's not. Honestly I would like to walk around like the peace pilgrim with nothing on and just trust that universe will provide, but I haven't quite gotten there yet.

Ok that's it. No go explore and have fun since you now don't have to waste as much time in wage slavery/ being someone's bitch.

Much Love and Respect to You on your Earth Journey.

- - - - - - - - - -

Its not just about these things. Though these items are incredibly important. The real point to all this is to be adaptable to all situations in a way that doesn't intimidate others. So we can practice cultivating our own personal Awesum as much as possible, all the time, non-stop. "Best life everrr".

These are just easy external tools for the normal human. Not hard to get or take care of. So as to get to what really matters which is mind mapping. GROWING PEACE. Which only means understanding the benefit of everything that is happening to us. And/ or trusting that universe knows. So as not to waste any energy prostituting another precious moment.

Death culture, in my case "the American Dream (lie)", hooks us into ideas that are easily completed w these few items, minus all the prostitution/ wage slavery.

The more we believe in ourselves and practice developing our own minds (knowing the matrix), the more none of these items will matter. And The more universe will give you everything when you are exactly ready, as it always does. We can't take any of this with us. Don't waste your life doing anything that's not resonant w your heart/ bullshitting yourself and others/ being a tool, snitch, bitch/ making humans look bad.

In reality, There are no rules. It's different for everyone. How are we supposed to know what works for anyone else? All I'm showing is what works for human body needs. Next tools are FASTING AND MEDITATION. So that you'll be able to build your tolerance for pain. Since this is all that will be happening to you now for the most part. It's about being able to handle pain now w a smile :-) knowing that it's the good kind, instead of the bs kind that only supports a few. Yes either way, nothing doesn't support us and the universe. But before getting back into "we are all one", we need to know dual-ity. So as to build our COMPASSION.

Equanimity is a healthy, sustainable communication w all life/ earth family. Which first takes trust, so we can get out of the way.

Trust means, "cool I don't have to do this bs cause it's taken care of already", knowing.

Retirement is not forcing any thing or situation to be what it's not. Or non judgement.

Talking this shit is umm kind of easy, sort of. I'm still using words and sitting here explaining it in a way that most will get. Walking it/ being it... That takes whatever it has to take, however need be . There's no escape regardless, for anyone. Nowhere to run. It's just a matter of time before cause n effect spiral into a severe ass whipping.

These tools speed it up, but there's not much we can do but adjust how we react to what is happening to us, and adjust our empathy. Which is feeling how others feel, respecting them, which often means telling them to fuck off. Or better yet walking away/ avoiding the situation in the first place. Seeing the value in being quiet/ alone/ w nothing/ going nowhere. Not harming anyone or anything, starting with ourselves. Since there truly is nowhere to go. We are walking in a map of our minds. That we can rewrite.

Now knowing this we can truly enjoy these lives, since we are deeply grounded in the Awesum. We can experiment and take many more risks. Having fun/ humor/ laughing non stop at the ridiculousness of it all. Cause we've developed our minds and opened our hearts (Allowed Awesum). We are able to feel, ability to respond/ responsibility. We know what's important, LOVE LOVE LOVE. We made it! Welcome home!

We're able to come back to silent non participation, the ultimate boycott, at any time. We have grounds! We know true value on earth, PEACE. They can kill us, we are beyond death, and will be right back if need be! We are comfortable in most discomfort, cause we changed our perspective on it. PLANET AWESUM IS NOTHING BUT A PERSPECTIVE CHANGE. Though a perspective that changes everything. A re-value-ing.

Soon we won't need to "die". And with this will be no need for a "death culture". Our "jobs" are just to be with what is happening without judgment. Celebrating Universe will always give us what we need when we need it. Best life everrr!

But until then, yes get these few items!! It will help you exponentially, as well as everyone around us!! Especially me cause now I'll have more free friends/ community!! Know that there is always "more where that came from", with anything we invest our energy attention in. Do what you love do nothing else!

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