You'll lose everything, even things you didn't know you had, and only be left w anger. Anger that you'll have to deal with alone. While everyone's kicking you while your down like them, and blaming you for all of it. Until you turn into them.

Entrapment is the name of the game.

This is the initiation into Planet Awesum. This is how it's been my whole life, or since I started saying NO.

"Best life everrr" is not returning the violence. Not accepting it in the first place, if i can. NOT PARTICIPATING. Letting them keep it. Even helping them, if they ask and I have the energy. Or if they do sneak it on me (GAMEZZZ), letting it pass through me without amplifying it back out like death culture. 

Death culture is just a cycle a violence, Pyramid $cheme ◬◬◬◬◬◬. Trickle down. "Let them deal with it" down the river. Not taking responsibility. Blame. Bully/ victim. We're all downstream now. Can u feel it?

Like we see everywhere these days $◬◬◬$◬◬◬$ . Superficial. No trust. Vampires. Desperation. Exploitation. Prostitution of mind body soul.

I do my best not to participate in the pyramid $cheme entrapment$$$. 

Stilling (meditation) is the most useful thing I've found. Waiting it out, letting it pass through me. Not participating. It is not easy.

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