Doing nothing is the hardest thing to do ever. Way harder than doing something.

We've tried doing something. Probably all day, everyday, nonstop since we were born. Did it work to make us happy? Maybe in a few small instances. So try doing nothing and see what happens. ...something else fucking happens.

Doing nothing is the hardest thing to do ever. Way harder than doing something. So hard that people get mad at you if you look like you're doing it in any way.  We have to be really good to do nothing, to fool people, while we're doing it, into thinking we are doing something, so they don't get jealous, cause they can't. Do nothing long enough and you'll get "inspired" to do something, oftentimes violently. It's all probably a trap.

We watch people and hate or admire them by how graceful they are, maybe they're just good liars? Concealing all the pain and misery behind the "ease".  So what happens when we don't do anything? Only a few people have done it and we call them "saints". Also they had to do a lot of something to do nothing. What if we just did nothing to be nothing, going nowhere? Maybe this is what we should truly strive for? Do we really care about these bodies or the earth, or are we just scared of death and doing nothing?

Luckily no matter what we do or don't do, we'll soon be dead. What if we lived forever? Forever this?! Hell?

Maybe death is a truly worthy goal? Maybe we're just scared of it, which is why we keep having to do all this bs? I guess we'll keep having to do all this stuff until we can completely accept our death in every moment.

We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant

Lets not pay to live on our planet we were born on.

Energy Vampires. Finding a Balance.

Psychological warfare this all is. Easy for sensitive, caring, compassionate humane freedom fighters to get caught up blaming themselves when the lobotomized world blames you for everything. So that they don't have to take any true responsibility over it. True responsibility now is to quit our "jobs" and start our lives. Be the change we wish to see. To not participate anymore in the death trap, knowing fully what it is and what it is doing to all of us. Coming at us from every angle these days. It's hard to know exactly what death culture is. Very manipulative and will come through anything and anybody at any given time. Im constantly discovering new aspects of it.

All I can say is believe in yourself and protect yourself energetically. If they don't try to understand you and don't want to know, you can't make them. Really difficult knowing you love everyone so much, also knowing they don't know what they are doing. They can't see the damage they are causing to themselves and others. Blinded. Just like we were at some point. Slowly waking up. I was never mean to people though ever. I couldn't be. It's getting a lot easier to say FUCK YOU to people now though cause i've realized it's the only language they understand. Jesus and buddha and all those dudes knew this as well. Jesus whipped motherfuckers out of the church. Buddha said oh hell no im not going to participate in death culture, I'd rather sit here and die. Then we he was fully "liberated", did he charge a single asshole? nope. Did any of these people start religions? nope.

Operation Inaction. Just Chill. Don't Use Money For A Month. Death Culture Game Over

Take the challenge. don't do anything that involves money for a month. don't go to work. don't pay any bills. don't drive. hang with your friends. read some books. go for a walk. don't worry. just chill yo, for a month. death culture game over

Radical Heritage

I've been playing these on repeat 24 hours a day. Re-programming myself

Self Cultivating Endlessly Motivating Nomads

The "hard to keep" habits I start now, are my future normal. So whatever I do now is me in the future.

So what would I like my future normal to be hmmm. Convenient easy and free.

What has my past been?
...I'm doing great.

So how could I do "convenient easy free"?
.. Fasting forever, only having what I can carry (for the most part), meditation/ attitude/ perspective that this is what rich is. Knowing it. Believing in myself. Self reflection (like this here note to self lol)

What if everyone did this? We would be very healthy wealthy and happy indeed. And pretty ;) There would be pretty much no stores telling us we suck and need their "stuff". We'd all be wizards. We wouldn't need things to prove our worth. We wouldn't demand suffering for others to live (imagine that lol).

There'd be no overweight people. Barely any health, physical or mental health problems if any at all. No businesses at all that live "order out of chaos". Create chaos "you suck" create order "take this thing only we have and you won't suck anymore until you need more".

Investing in self. Believing in our selves. Trusting in ourselves.

Beautiful nature. Forever time. Spontaneous. Transparent. Trust in universe. Trust in ourselves. Friendly people. No governments. No masters. No time. Always inspired. Awesum technology that isn't "complicated", and that's more biological (self healing, waterproof, tough like us).

Hanging with diverse earth and universal family. Exploring frequencies. There will still be problems but it won't be un-fun cause we'll see everything as our benefit and everyone else's benefit.

K this is starting to sound like a average animals life. Oh wait humans are animals :-) sweet. Self Cultivating endlessly motivating nomads.

Maybe start planning for a sustainable future more with me, without corporations, death cult policies that destroy everything, make us all sick and dead. Take some time for yourself to visualize and become this often. Don't care what people think, cause you are right. This is a real reality happening now. We are making it all up and always have.

Our friends that have land can let us stay on it, or we can just stay in the woods or take up little space in cars, families houses. We can work on ourselves and not consume death products that kill us.

Not Consume anything much at all, after really knowing deep down that nothing outside of us can make us more of who we are. Enjoying more. Truly "Self" sustainable. New "problems" will be mental and emotional problems. Sorting all that out. Getting that down w meditation and self inquiry. Helping each other. Being the lighthouse. ..Trending. Lol

- - - - -

"old" pics 2004 to 2008 i think in made up earth time.

I Use These Items Everyday. We Don't Need Much Really. Buy Less But With Quality. "There is more where that came from."

This is my basic universal setup that I use everywhere in all situations. It is incredibly efficient in every way. Seems simple, but I have been working on it for 15 years. Haven't found anything better personally. Would love to hear what you guys do. Or maybe I'm all alone in this. Either way, I love my life. Horribly Awesum. 

updated mid march 2013 earth time.

- Also I use a wool sweater cause it doesn't hold smells (thrift store).

- Black pants and shorts that stretch some (currently i love these hurley pants. where them everyday. probably for about a year. will cut them into shorts).

- Vans shoes from the vans outlet, buy one get one free.

- White t-shirt from whatever I believe in at the moment (wear it everyday for a week or so often, which is why oils are good).

- Nice button up shirt (i wear over my sweater).

- Black zip up hoody.

- A few hanky's. They're easy to wash in any bathroom and dry fast. Keeps your neck warm. Also you can stuff in your pants after peeing quickly in public so you don't drip on your pants. (no underwear)

- A couple chargers wall plugs and cords for my iPod touch/ iPad mini (ebay/ people steal these/ they get lost, buy in bulk like lighters!).
Honestly I don't use the ipad mini that much and have thought of selling it. Sold my computer, but still use mothers imac sometimes.

- I use the lavender or whatever oil im into at the moment on everything. armpits, balls, dick, butt, hair, clothes, car seats, bag, sleeping bag, other people.

- Sandalwood is my favorite incense generally. this is a good price for a lot of them. Nippon Kodo is my favorite brand.

- Lighter.

- Toothbrush (i have a few stashed).

- Floss and needle to sew things.

- Sunglasses for privacy. Ray Bans. Expensive yes. But trust me it's worth it. You will go through so many shitty sunglasses. Mine are from the 80's. actually found them in the middle of the street. Had them now a few years. I love them!

- Extra ID. "Simple" is my bank (look it up, no fees
I keep my card w I'd in my back pocket and make sure it has a button or is sewed in middle.

-Get an ebt/ food card. In the USA its $200 a month. Until we quit eating and drinking completely, this is very useful. You will have to renew it every 6 months. You can use it across all of USA. And renew it over the phone anywhere.

- House wrap for a ground pad/ rain cover.

- I have a few sets of in ear headphones above in case they get misplaced.

- I sleep on my clothes at night then put them back on.

- I'll use my backpack as a groundpad as well. Hoody a pillow.


I cut my own hair (plus body hair/ face hairs) and all my friends hairs w $10 battery powered clippers from walmart. But i don't carry it around with me.

Seems like a lot but it's not. Honestly I would like to walk around like the peace pilgrim with nothing on and just trust that universe will provide, but I haven't quite gotten there yet.

Ok that's it. No go explore and have fun since you now don't have to waste as much time in wage slavery/ being someone's bitch.

Much Love and Respect to You on your Earth Journey.

- - - - - - - - - -

Its not just about these things. Though these items are incredibly important. The real point to all this is to be adaptable to all situations in a way that doesn't intimidate others. So we can practice cultivating our own personal Awesum as much as possible, all the time, non-stop. "Best life everrr".

These are just easy external tools for the normal human. Not hard to get or take care of. So as to get to what really matters which is mind mapping. GROWING PEACE. Which only means understanding the benefit of everything that is happening to us. And/ or trusting that universe knows. So as not to waste any energy prostituting another precious moment.

Death culture, in my case "the American Dream (lie)", hooks us into ideas that are easily completed w these few items, minus all the prostitution/ wage slavery.

The more we believe in ourselves and practice developing our own minds (knowing the matrix), the more none of these items will matter. And The more universe will give you everything when you are exactly ready, as it always does. We can't take any of this with us. Don't waste your life doing anything that's not resonant w your heart/ bullshitting yourself and others/ being a tool, snitch, bitch/ making humans look bad.

In reality, There are no rules. It's different for everyone. How are we supposed to know what works for anyone else? All I'm showing is what works for human body needs. Next tools are FASTING AND MEDITATION. So that you'll be able to build your tolerance for pain. Since this is all that will be happening to you now for the most part. It's about being able to handle pain now w a smile :-) knowing that it's the good kind, instead of the bs kind that only supports a few. Yes either way, nothing doesn't support us and the universe. But before getting back into "we are all one", we need to know dual-ity. So as to build our COMPASSION.

Equanimity is a healthy, sustainable communication w all life/ earth family. Which first takes trust, so we can get out of the way.

Trust means, "cool I don't have to do this bs cause it's taken care of already", knowing.

Retirement is not forcing any thing or situation to be what it's not. Or non judgement.

Talking this shit is umm kind of easy, sort of. I'm still using words and sitting here explaining it in a way that most will get. Walking it/ being it... That takes whatever it has to take, however need be . There's no escape regardless, for anyone. Nowhere to run. It's just a matter of time before cause n effect spiral into a severe ass whipping.

These tools speed it up, but there's not much we can do but adjust how we react to what is happening to us, and adjust our empathy. Which is feeling how others feel, respecting them, which often means telling them to fuck off. Or better yet walking away/ avoiding the situation in the first place. Seeing the value in being quiet/ alone/ w nothing/ going nowhere. Not harming anyone or anything, starting with ourselves. Since there truly is nowhere to go. We are walking in a map of our minds. That we can rewrite.

Now knowing this we can truly enjoy these lives, since we are deeply grounded in the Awesum. We can experiment and take many more risks. Having fun/ humor/ laughing non stop at the ridiculousness of it all. Cause we've developed our minds and opened our hearts (Allowed Awesum). We are able to feel, ability to respond/ responsibility. We know what's important, LOVE LOVE LOVE. We made it! Welcome home!

We're able to come back to silent non participation, the ultimate boycott, at any time. We have grounds! We know true value on earth, PEACE. They can kill us, we are beyond death, and will be right back if need be! We are comfortable in most discomfort, cause we changed our perspective on it. PLANET AWESUM IS NOTHING BUT A PERSPECTIVE CHANGE. Though a perspective that changes everything. A re-value-ing.

Soon we won't need to "die". And with this will be no need for a "death culture". Our "jobs" are just to be with what is happening without judgment. Celebrating Universe will always give us what we need when we need it. Best life everrr!

But until then, yes get these few items!! It will help you exponentially, as well as everyone around us!! Especially me cause now I'll have more free friends/ community!! Know that there is always "more where that came from", with anything we invest our energy attention in. Do what you love do nothing else!


Sleep in cars not houses

I sleep in my car most days/ nights rather than houses. This is why:

Cars are mobile. I can go almost anywhere there's a road.
Cars cost less to upkeep than houses.
You probably have to have a car regardless, living in most parts of the world. Get rid of the house and stay in car.
Cars have skylights all around them.
I have more time, and am always "home". Save money on gas cause I don't have to go anywhere too far to be "home".
Cars are earth spaceships, but grounded.

As more people sleep in their cars, cars will start to be made to be lived in.
Seats go down flat.
Our technology will get more mobile.
Tinted windows/ privacy.
We will carry less. MORE ZEN.
We will judge people who do it as Awesum.
We will travel more so the world will accommodate for travelers/ explorers, instead of for pure wage slaves.
We already do this w the internet (travel). The demand is high. Take it to the next level, sleep in your car.

Life begins at the end of our comfort zone. We are the future. Might as well make it easy convenient and free. With this attitude, nothing will "cost" anymore because we'll realize everyone and everything's intrinsic value which is infinite Awesum. IT'S A PERSPECTIVE CHANGE.

Yes I hope to be sleeping more outside not in expensive cars, and do so way more often then houses. Not needing any money. Not even sleeping! I know that we humans are community beings and need each other. I am only doing what I am doing because of the oppressive fascist regime happening currently (energy vampires). After this phase passes we will be back to sharing all with our earth fam and universe fam. Hopefully not needing more "duality" to re-member our Awesum. We will be everywhere at once. We are now. Win win begin within.

The Crime of Being Different. Not Consuming What They Have To Offer. Follow The White Rabbit - Free Your Mind

The Crime of Being Different. Not Consuming What They Have To Offer. Follow The White Rabbit - Free Your Mind

Debt Locked Wage Slave? OPPT

Crown of Thorns. Trap of Self Improvement. Your True Value

They wreck the old trap and set up the new trap of a savior that will fix you. All A trap your labor, your love, your inventiveness, your creativity. you don't need a magnetic strip card, cash, converted phone. Access it now within. You don't fit in because you can't be fit in a box. Your value is infinite. You can't be valued by $, or a magnetic strip on plastic, or a fancy phone. Don't relate yourself to this death culture. They destroy the old trap and set up a new trap w a new savior trap. All a trap. Life is difficult and dangerous only because of our perspective. Change that perspective within you. No $ required. Nobody is going to do that for you.

OPPT Accessing Your Value One People's Public Trust

Crown of Thorns. Trap of Self Improvement. Your True Value

energy vampires. we are being harvested by entities that have lost their own connection to source. go within or go without.



You'll lose everything, even things you didn't know you had, and only be left w anger. Anger that you'll have to deal with alone. While everyone's kicking you while your down like them, and blaming you for all of it. Until you turn into them.

Entrapment is the name of the game.

This is the initiation into Planet Awesum. This is how it's been my whole life, or since I started saying NO.

"Best life everrr" is not returning the violence. Not accepting it in the first place, if i can. NOT PARTICIPATING. Letting them keep it. Even helping them, if they ask and I have the energy. Or if they do sneak it on me (GAMEZZZ), letting it pass through me without amplifying it back out like death culture. 

Death culture is just a cycle a violence, Pyramid $cheme ◬◬◬◬◬◬. Trickle down. "Let them deal with it" down the river. Not taking responsibility. Blame. Bully/ victim. We're all downstream now. Can u feel it?

Like we see everywhere these days $◬◬◬$◬◬◬$ . Superficial. No trust. Vampires. Desperation. Exploitation. Prostitution of mind body soul.

I do my best not to participate in the pyramid $cheme entrapment$$$. 

Stilling (meditation) is the most useful thing I've found. Waiting it out, letting it pass through me. Not participating. It is not easy.


Living in Cars. War On Nature

[tpd100] 13.03.13 Stilling - New Album by PA

My 100th sonic journal entry. 
I make folk music. 
I take $ but I prefer barter / trade. 
Alphabetical order. 
Enjoy :-)


The Reminder Page

Do Your Spiritual Practice Everyday

If you do not do your spiritual practice everyday - eventually, sooner or later, your life will become full of suffering.

If you do not do your spiritual practice everyday - eventually, sooner or later, one or more of the thousands of different types of sorrow and suffering will enter your life.

If you do not do your spiritual practice everyday - you will continue to be caught in the cycle of birth and death, birth again, death again, birth again, death again and in that cycle, eventually, all of the thousands of forms that suffering takes will enter your life.

If you do not do your spiritual practice everyday - you will experience death, diseases, violence, loss of those you love and thousands of other types of suffering, lifetime after lifetime.

If you do your spiritual practice everyday - for the maximum amount of time you can create by dropping unnecessary activities - eventually all forms of suffering will end and you will live in Infinite-Eternal-Being-Awareness-Love-Bliss.

The purpose of spiritual practice is to experience Infinite-Eternal-Being-Awareness-Love-Bliss in this lifetime, not in the afterlife or some future lifetime.

All delays are tricks of the ego.

All detours are tricks of the imposter self.

All distractions are tricks of the false pretend self.

Every thought that leads you away from spiritual practice, is a trick created by the imposter.

So look at your daily activities, and drop all those activities that are not necessary, to create the most time you can create for spiritual practice, and practice everyday.

Taking a shower everyday is necessary. For most people, working to earn a living everyday is necessary.

Entertainment is not necessary.

Make sure that the spiritual practice you are doing IS the most rapid means to:


Planet Awesum?

So if 54 trillion dollars net worth of the USA was split up equally between 313 million people in the USA. 172 thousand $ each person a year. Working 3 hours a day , 5 days a week (since anything more is counter productive/ slavery). With 1 month paid vacation. 48 weeks work at 15 hours a week (720 hours a year of work). Means we'd be making about $238 an hour. Ok now take out inflation cost, everything would cost about 95% less than it is. (Like a $1000 a month mortgage would be $45 a month).
Then tally up that we'd actually be working on what benefits all instead of just the 1 percent like it is now. Real "Productivity" would exponentially increase into quality of life equal to planet Awesum status within a few... seconds.

Therefore, QUITTING OUR JOBS AND STARTING OUR LIVES. This ends a backwards death culture. Planet Awesum in comparison is in reality beyond anything we can possibly imagine, but the actual reality of how things should be as the "norm". Like this is just the beginning. Carry in the net worth of an infinite universe that has been around eternally. And the fact that "We are all one". Ok now we're getting started in what "weirdos" like Jesus and Buddha have been telling us for so long. Just Try and feel how good this would feel. That's how we should be feeling as just an average everyday moment.

Ok I'll repeat, We are backed up by an infinite and eternal all powerful universe, not just a country government. We are the infinite eternal ever expanding universe. Umm..

Re-membering Our Great Astral Heritage. Billy Meier

Billy Meier and The Pleiadian Connection

Really great documentary on one of the most stellar dudes alive.

Planet Awesum Or DIE

Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview | FULL MOVIE

*Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview* is a documentary exploring the depths of the current human condition and the emergence of a worldview that is recreating our world from the inside out.

Weaving together insights and findings from biology, psychology, network science, systems science, business, culture and media, the film reveals the inner workings of the human experience in the 21st century, urging viewers to step out of the box and challenge their own assumptions about who we really are, and why we do what we do.

*Crossroads* places evolutionary context to today's escalating social unrest, natural disasters, and economic failures. It illuminates the footsteps of an integrated worldview, penetrating its way through the power of social networks to the forefront of our personal and collective awareness.

A refreshing reality check for all viewers and a clarion call for those who carry the seeds of the emerging worldview.

Quit Your Job And Get A Life!

Wealth Inequality in America

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.

Best Life Ever . Might As Well

Kryon on Ascension - How to Attune Yourself to the Highest Vibration

As channeled by Anna Merkaba

Yes indeed you are connected with KRYON, .. do not worry about the intricacies of the name and do not worry about anything dear child for I come to you with love and devotion, for I come to you with love and understanding, for I am you and you are me and together we shall be always.. What is your questions dear child?…. (the question is about what else could we do in order to facilitate our ascension beyond what we are doing_).. ahh dear child that is a great question that you have brought forth and I will try and give you a most elaborate and yet straight to the point answer.

What you as humanity light workers are currently doing is letting go of the past. I will only speak to the light workers at the moment, for the majority of humanity sadly has not yet awakened, but do not worry dear child for there will come a day and there will come a time and there will come a minute and a there will come a moment, that is NOW, that happening within your sphere, when everyone on earth plane will rejoice with love and devotion to each other, and from where I am looking at you, from where we are standing currently, and showing the light, we are seeing that indeed it is true, that such a process has already occurred.  For as you already know that everything is indeed in the NOW, we are here in the now and in the present and there is no duality, there is no duality of time and space and matter.

I have spoken about this previously before, but I will repeat it here again for those that may have not understood, for what is duality dear child…, what you perceive duality to be is not as it is. For what you believe it is to be, is being in two worlds simultaneously, that is not so, for what duality represents is seeing separation, separation of one being into two, separation of each of you from each other, separation of anything into the dark and into the light.
And so we will speak to you about a very important aspect of your ascension.. the none duality approach and the reason it is so important is because, if you do not embrace the idea that duality does not exist… if you believe something to be either black or either white, then you are going to miss out on the most important point in the ascension and in your life and in your understanding of life, for duality does not occur anywhere but in your made up worlds, for it is indeed not as it should be, and then again you may argue with me and say how should it be, or should it not be, aren't you the one to speak to me about none judgment?
And I will say onto you that it is true and it is correct that there is no duality and there is no such thing as “should or should not”, but from our perspective and most importantly from the perspective of YOUR HIGHER SELF of your true soul… the desire of unity is unfolding, the desire for unity and peace and harmony is what is driving you forward, as it should.

Fuck Me Now Please

New Songs: Fader. Lotsoflove 4. Deathwish. Bolt 2. Eat Beat. Participle. I made them illegally on my ipod touch while driving

New Songs: Fader. Lotsoflove 4. Deathwish. Bolt 2. Eat Beat. Participle.

I made them illegally on my ipod touch while driving to nebraska and back.

I love you. Enjoy

You Are Responsible for How You React

You Are Responsible for How You React

God said:
I am not a fly-by-night God. I am not a sometimes God. I am a forever God. It's My joy to be God. From My joy, I created you. You belong to joy. Let go of all that is not joy for you and keep only joy. That which is not joy for you is not because of a person or situation. You think it is. Whatever the persons or situations may be, they stir something in you that finds something outside of you intolerable. You may even say: "I can't stand this or that. It drives me up the wall."

Without your abeyances, no one, no situation has that kind of power over you. What is the offender to you really? Oh, yes, the person and/or situation has triggered something in you. In you, beloveds.

When I say to let go of all that is not joy and to keep only joy, I am saying to let go of the discomfort. Let go of the trap that says you have to be uncomfortable. There is some tie, albeit a reverse tie, between you and what beckons discomfort to you. Because discomfort knocks on your door doesn't mean you have to open the door. You don't have to bang the door closed either.

You are not a rope held in another's hand. You are not putty in another's hand. You are not a gong that another's hand beats. You are your own determiner.

You are not obliged to like everyone. It is not an obligation. Obligation doesn't seem to work. Yet you can relieve yourself of negativity. You don't have to have it. If you do have it, you don't have to keep it. You have the say over your own heart and mind.

Why does someone or something affect you so adversely? Whatever it may be, it is for you to get beyond. It is you who has to change. Not someone else. You can change your hold on what you see as another's flaws. Someone may indeed have those flaws, yet you don't have to be distraught about others' flaws. You don't have to be ravaged by them. You don't have to give away your soul because you find someone or something less than you want and less than you deserve. In one sense, dear ones, no one has anything to do with your emotions. You were not born to be a puppet in someone else's hands. You were born to be your own person.

Must the one who riles you have so much power over you? Why would you give your God-given power away? Keep your power and let the vise of the other person go. You are the one who has held on and clamped yourself. You are the one so conscious of your objections to how another makes his way in the world.

Nor am I saying you have to make excuses for another. Whatever their offense, it is their offense. It does not belong to you.

If another is manipulative, that is their problem. Don't make it yours. That you don't like it is your problem for you to deal with. Where is it written that you can only be a blessing to those who are easy for you to understand? Who said that you have to get up on your high horse because of the way another walks in the world? Must you let another or a situation mandate how you walk in the world?

Let go of your self-imposed hold onto to weaknesses in others. Turn them over to Me. Give yourself over to Me as well. Let go. Let go.

Strengthening P.A. Mind. Spiritual Immune System. Thought Viruses

DL Zeta: Navigaing the New Time on Planet Earth: Strengthening Our Spiritual Immune System

DL Zeta

Our movement into the new time is aided by strengthening the connection between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind or spirit. This connection between our conscious and subconscious is the essence of our spiritual strength, which is reflected at the physical level by our immune system.

Inner Unification Helps us Step Free of Third-Dimensional Realities

We know all too well how a weak immune system can leave us susceptible to illness. At the spiritual level, a weak or faltering connection between our conscious and subconscious leaves us susceptible to thought viruses that undermine our ability to step free of third-dimensional experiences.

When our focus is heavily weighted in physical reality, our connection with our soul is sketchy. A consciousness that sees physical reality as all there is will find itself limited to the part of existence that can be experienced through the physical senses. Anyone who underestimates the limiting nature of a purely physical perspective is overlooking the role that dreams, the imagination and intuitive guidance play in our daily lives.

A Thought Virus is a Low-Vibrational Thoughtform that goes Viral

Thought viruses bind and enslave us to physical reality. A thought virus is a low-vibrational thoughtform that essentially "goes viral" in that it is passed from one person to another until it becomes accepted at certain levels of resonance as absolute. Thought viruses are free- floating in collective consciousness, often passed down from generation to generation so their original source is long forgotten. Thought viruses feed on life-force energy.

Scarcity is a Primary Thought Virus

An example of a thought virus is scarcity. Thoughts of scarcity tell us we are small, disempowered, impoverished, unloved, and existing along a timeline that resembles a barren wasteland. It's easy to imagine one's self from this perspective to be without access to the universal storehouse of information and resources. When a person falls prey to a thought virus, their beliefs are modified by the virus and they begin acting in ways consistent with the false reality propagated by the virus.

Scarcity is a thought virus from which other thought viruses develop. Scarcity spawns thought viruses that there is not enough time, money, love and other resources to realize our true potential or fulfill our spiritual mission. It follows that if we don't have enough for ourselves, we don't have anything to share with others. Many of the lower-vibrational timelines are based in scarcity consciousness in one form and or another. The thoughtform of not having enough is at the root of many violent crimes, destructive behaviors, diseases and other forms of disharmony.

Bolstering our Spiritual Immune System Against the Scarcity Virus

What we're saying here is not a matter of judgment. Souls journey along scarcity timelines to learn this virus from the inside out. Once their experience is complete, a deeper understanding of the scarcity thought virus bolsters the spiritual immune system, allowing it to see through lower-vibrational thoughtforms. The healing for scarcity is to replace this thought virus with thoughtforms of abundance, unconditional love, and gratitude. These thoughts lift us to high-vibrational timelines where our highest potentials manifest.

Emotional Healing Strengthens our Spiritual Immune System

If we find it difficult to allow ourselves to exist in a state of gratitude and abundance, it may be time to work with past selves to clear up misunderstandings. Emotional healing and clearing is a major step toward strengthening our spiritual immune system. Past emotional baggage exists in our
consciousness as weak points or triggers for thought viruses. If we still hold childhood emotions around not being loved or if we we're still hurting from the long ago loss of a loved one, we are easy prey for thought viruses. By working with younger aspects of our consciousness, re-parenting them so to speak, we become the higher self for other aspects of our consciousness and are able to facilitate our own healing.

Creating a Continuity of Consciousness that Transcends Lifetimes

Whenever our current "focus self" chooses to serve as the physical reflection of our higher self in this lifetime, we create a continuity of consciousness that transcends lifetimes. Through the process of entrainment, focus selves across lifetimes are able to join hands to create the inner unification that underlies ascension consciousness.

When we stand in the love and abundance of our spirit, we see the world around us through the eyes of our higher self. From this place, every decision we make, every thought and action, brings us a step further along the fifth-dimensional timelines that are a signpost of the new time.

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