Ecotopia - Sustainable Culture. Make Sense Not Cent$. Integrity

A few ideas from the book:

centered around a sustainable relation to the earth. not selfish, suicidal, self destructive like now. No waste.
all motor vehicles gone. replaced by electric cars. heading towards walking and free high speed magnetic electric trains
re-wilding forests. re-wilding cities. nature and communities as one. animals and humans co-habitat-ing.
better understanding of nature and how things actually work. and respect to those natural laws. harmony.
big business broken up.
high rise offices become apartments
workers would own the companies. (co-operatives)
workweek 20 hours. since anything more than that is inefficient and self destructive.
synthetic fibers cease to be made. cotton and wool etc.
everyone provided for and supported like a real family with quality housing, loving supportive community, fresh local food, respect and love as a perfect and necessary part of the whole and creator. Now waste.
elimination of pesticides (poisons) in food
much more primitive lifestyle. people living communally. (instead of isolated and antisocial as is now.)
placing emphasis on survival of the planet. and our harmony with it.
Small personal neighborhood communities, instead of cities.
energy saving devices. easily worked on and fixed.
non profit core stores where products are dirt cheap.
agricultural cooperatives
day care center.
communal open spaces
emotional freedom. respect and celebration for diversity. understanding of change
sexual freedom
people living in tribes based on personal interest
open communication and trust
leaders mostly women since they are more designed for this (kids).

"My guess is, that an awful lot of people, if they were given the chance to live an ecotopian life, which is more emotionally secure, and more convivial, and less stressed, less pressure, and also poorer. They would say, you know it's gonna be worth it. This is my bet with the future." - Ernest Callenbach

Ecotopia. Sharing this with my reader friends. Please re-share to your friends. Thank You :)

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