Why Meher Baba Observed Silence by Eruch Jessawala


Eruch Jessawala

We would often question Meher Baba about His long silence, asking Him when He intended to break it and one day in 1954 in answer, He just dropped His alphabet board and said, "From now on I will not use the board."

We thought this was a hint that He might be about to break His silence but the days passed without incident except that He then started to communicate by using finger gestures. All He would say, referring to His silence, was, "What a binding it is" but it was a binding with a purpose — for our sake.

However, one lasting benefit which developed out of this, came one day when He asked us this question: "Why do people shout at one another when they are angry?"

We said, "They shout because they are angry and they want to express their anger," and Baba responded, "Yes, they can express their anger that way, but even if someone is seated at their side they will shout at that person. Could they not speak softly?" We volunteered different explanations, saying different things which came to mind at the time, but our answers did not satisfy Baba. So He gave us the answer.

"When a person is angry with another person," He said, "that person is far removed from his heart and distance is created between them. That's why the physical reaction is to shout, and the greater the distance, the greater is the shouting. Love disappears and one goes on shouting at the other who in turn barks back at him. Then he barks and so it goes on and on."

But Baba did not stop there as He doubtlessly wanted us to see the same thing from a different angle. So He continued, "Now take the other case of two people in love. When two individuals are in love with each other, how do they speak?"

"They speak softly," we answered.

"Yes," Baba agreed, "they do speak softly and the greater the love between them, the softer is their tone of speech. And when they are still further in love, no words are needed and they just look at each other, and eventually there is not even the need to look — no need at all."

Well, that is the reason why Meher Baba observed silence. There was no need for an exchange of words. It was very good to hear that, to be reminded that He was so very close to us; as He has said, "I am closer to you than your very breath."

Whether the world accepted His closeness or not was immaterial to Him for whom there was no need to speak, and it was so true that whenever people came in contact with Him, although there was an exchange of signs or words through interpretations, Meher Baba always spoke directly to the hearts of people. There is no doubt at all about that, He simply reached deep into their hearts.

THE ANCIENT ONE, pp. 101-102
1985 © Naosherwan Anzar

Going Without? Try Going Within

Going Without? Try Going Within:

“We don’t see things the way they are, we see things the way we are”

When things aren’t the way in which you prefer them to be, what do you do about it? You fix them, right? You do something about it. You think it over then act on it. You may even call in assistance. You plan, you orchestrate, you audition, you interview. You push it, pull it, probe it, curse it, slam it, bend it, shape it, build it and make it come together.

Now life the way you prefer it is all better, whoops, got broke again. Back to the fix-it-drawing-board.

Did I mention that you sit for a while and meditate on the results you desire before you go slamming life together to fit? Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours? Oh no guess I didn’t mention that, Do you?

Our “Guides” in all their different shapes, styles, sizes and every conceivable way you can imagine are on duty 24/7 trying to “get through” to you. But when you’re entrenched in the “force it to happen” syndrome, they can’t get through, can they?

They have been all over us about meditation, not just a feeling that you may have missed, but written words, over and over. “They” know of the importance and benefit.  

Once you can sit in a room alone or Mother Nature for longer and longer periods of time. The Stillness will begin to grip you, take hold of you. You will eventually get to where you look so forward to your med-time that you will begin to place the importance of it ahead of meal time, work out time, movie time, TV time, etc.

The fix to all of your Earth life is within you and when you begin to seek first going within, you will no longer go without.

There is a time in your history that this was as much a part of your day as is a meal, your work, recreation or making love. And you looked forward to it as much as the above.

Now the most important timeline in our resent history, dating back at least 26,000 years, this is a process that will do you more good than any other known to mankind.  

With the alignment/activation taking place this weekend, this is a most important and excellent time to sit and be still for a while each day. I have studied several styles of Yoga, Zen, Zar, Transcendental meditation, and aikido. With all these I learned to do it my way. Please trust me when I say to you that all you need to do is sit and be still allowing thoughts to be right where they are without resistance and just continue to let go, let go, let go.

During this energy boost over the next two days, Sat & Sunday, set your focus for at least 17 seconds at a time on a beautiful, bright, blue Light entering the top of your head going down your spine into the Goddess that you are sitting upon. You will find that although 17 seconds is not a long period that you may only hold the focus for 6 to 8 seconds at first. Practice makes you better by the second. That’s it.

Please join us all in “making” our gracious and wondrous Planet a better place to reside on, thank you very much.  

David Porter, Author of the series
Remember Who You Are -- The Awakening,

She brings the rain, so your Duncan Hines is irrelevant

She brings the rain, so your Duncan Hines is irrelevant: Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

all knowledge acquired through learning was exposed

As the gracious light of inner realization entered my heart, all knowledge acquired through learning was exposed as merely a creation of the mind and as it fell away, my consciousness – free of attributes, shining in its natural state of attachment to the Self, that shines without attachment to anything – gained its final victory as the consciousness that is absolute and all-embracing.

-- Sri Muruganar

Super-subconscious Mytre and Arcturians

Super-subconscious Mytre and Arcturians
Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Trip to the Mothership Part VIII
Mytre and The Arcturians


Our dear ascending ones,
We will give you a brief introduction into the Loop of Consciousness that travels between the Seventh Dimensional Oversoul and your Super-subconscious mind. Your Oversoul contains information and pattern codes for every expression of form that you have carried in all your incarnations within the Milky Way Galaxy. This means, every incarnation you have ever had on any planets or dimensions within your current galaxy.

On the other hand, your Super-subconscious contains information and pattern codes for every incarnation you have had on the planet Earth, in whatever form that was. Therefore, your Super-subconscious also tells you of your human and non-humanoid forms. In fact, both your Oversoul and your Super-subconscious contain information about all the types of form you have chosen to experience.

You Super-subconscious is limited to all your incarnations on Earth, but your Oversoul has no restrictions at all as it resonates far beyond the frequencies of any concept of limitation. The loop that we speak of is the connection between these two frequencies of consciousness as related to your personal choices of form, your Super-subconscious, and your galactic choices of form, your seventh dimensional Oversoul.

We have found that the most effective introduction any given state of consciousness is to have Mytre share his first conscious experience. We say "conscious" for these states of consciousness exist always, whether or not you are aware of them. Also, your Multidimensional SELF is infinitely aware of you all your expression of SELF from your Super-subconscious to your Oversoul. As you continue you continue your ascension process, you will be ready and able to access information within your own Multidimensional SELF that you never knew existed.

It is this level of awakening and awareness that is necessary to fully assist with planetary ascension. Remember, you are the planet and the planet is you. You represent a creature of Her world. Whenever you clear yourself, you clear Gaia. As you ascend, you will become aware of the many forms within the NOW of the Gaia's ONE.

Greetings again. It is wonderful to connect with all of you within our Unity and Collective Consciousness. As a Pleiadian, I was aware of alternate and parallel realities. However, before our ascension, I never considered that there were so many different expressions of my life force in so many different forms. I will explain this statement by sharing my first experience of the Super-subconscious.

During my initiation in the wilderness of our new, Pleiadian home, which I shared with Mytria, I had my first experience with the Super-subconscious. It was then that I learned to communicate directly with the planet. In fact, personal communication with your planet is one of the primary ways in which you, our Earth Friends, can assist your planet and your self.

Russell Means – Lakota Declares Its Sovereignty

Russell Means – Lakota Declares Its Sovereignty

Source: Zen Gardner, 10/1/12
"We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us," long-time Indian rights activist Russell Means told a handful of reporters and a delegation from the Bolivian embassy, gathered in a church in a run-down neighborhood of Washington for a news conference.

A delegation of Lakota leaders delivered a message to the State Department on Monday, announcing they were unilaterally withdrawing from treaties they signed with the federal government of the United States, some of them more than 150 years old.
They also visited the Bolivian, Chilean, South African and Venezuelan embassies, and will continue on their diplomatic mission and take it overseas in the coming weeks and months, they told the news conference.
Lakota country includes parts of the states of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.
The new country would issue its own passports and driving licences, and living there would be tax-free — provided residents renounce their US citizenship, Means said.
The treaties signed with the United States are merely "worthless words on worthless paper," the Lakota freedom activists say on their website.
The treaties have been "repeatedly violated in order to steal our culture, our land and our ability to maintain our way of life," the reborn freedom movement says.
Withdrawing from the treaties was entirely legal, Means said."

Original Page: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/russell-means-%E2%80%93-lakota-declares-its-sovereignty
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Your Fucked

How The 2012 Consciousness Shift May Be Affecting You

Does life seem to be getting increasingly more challenging? Have your emotions been more intense lately? Does it seem like there are more thoughts racing through your mind? Have you noticed your body tensing up for no apparent reason? Have you been feeling a vague - or not so vague - sense of anxiety? Are you finding it difficult to get a good night's sleep? Do you seem to be compelled to keep busy? Are you feeling a mysterious sense of urgency? Do you have less patience? Do you find yourself obsessing more over things? Have your moods been shifting quickly from optimistic to discouraged - from delighted to downhearted? Does it seem harder than it use to be to enjoy life?

If you are experiencing some - or all - of these things, take heart. Believe it or not, it is a sign that something very positive is happening to you, and to the planet. These symptoms are (in most cases) a "by-product" of an extraordinary spiritual awakening - or "consciousness shift" - that Planet Earth and humanity are currently undergoing. This awakening has been prophesied for ages, and has been called "The Great Shift" — "The Planetary Ascension" — "The Quickening" — "An Evolutionary Leap" — and more recently, "Awakening to the New Consciousness."

Where is this shift taking us?

The essence of it is that we are shifting from our current limited state, to a higher vibration and level of consciousness - a more spiritually evolved state, free from many of the individual and collective problems of our present existence. We are evolving beyond the state in which fear, violence, struggle, and strife can thrive. We are growing into a more enlightened state of being, which will be characterized by unity, peace, cooperation, compassion, harmony and freedom from many of our current limitations.

This shift is being catalyzed by an increase of Divine Evolutionary Light pouring into Earth's atmosphere. This light is the force behind all evolution throughout the universe… the process of every created thing unfolding its full divine potential and moving up the ladder of consciousness. We are currently experiencing a long, sometimes rocky transition into this higher state… a phase that may be likened to cosmic growing pains.

This transition began way back in the 1960s, and has been gradually escalating in intensity ever since, with a few significant leaps thrown in for good measure… For example, during an unusually powerful alignment of planets in May of 1981 this evolutionary light was turned up several notches. Then it was cranked up several more ticks at what was called the "Harmonic Convergence" in August of 1987.
When will this shift culminate?

First, it should be noted that the consciousness shift is a 'process,' - similar to the process of growing up - and there may not be any single point in time when it is suddenly complete. Still, there are a number of teachings predicting the end of the year 2012 as the time when the shift will reach a major culmination point, akin to what science calls 'critical mass.' Critical mass is what occurs when enough parts of a whole reach a certain level, initiating a chain reaction in which all the other parts are automatically raised to that level as well. For example when you are heating water, it is the point at which so many molecules reach boiling temperature, that all the remaining molecules are automatically raised to that temperature and the water reaches a full boil. Hypothetically then, when enough individuals reach a certain level of consciousness, a chain reaction will occur, bringing the rest of humanity up to that level as well.

Wake up to your girl for now, let's call her Cleopatra

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Mildred Ryder ~ The Peace Pilgrim

Mildred Ryder ~ The Peace Pilgrim
Published on The Galactic Free Press - Your Multi-Dimensional Newspaper | shared via feedly mobile
Mildred Ryder ~ The Peace Pilgrim

Mildred Norman Ryder, AKA Peace Pilgrim
July 18, 1908-July 7, 1981
Spiritual Teacher, Non Violence Advocate, Peace Prophet Thank You to Michael Hopkins

We must walk according to the highest light we have, encountering lovingly those who are out of harmony, and trying to inspire them to a better way. Whenever you bring harmony into any unpeaceful situation, you contribute to the cause of peace. When you do something for world peace, peace among groups, peace among individuals, or your own inner peace, you improve the total peace picture. No action is fruitless.

There is within the hearts of people deep desire for peace on earth, and they would speak for peace if they were not bound by apathy, by ignorance, by fear. It is the job of peacemakers to inspire them from their apathy, to dispel their ignorance with truth, to allay their fear with faith that God's laws work - and work for good.... My simple peace message is adequate - really just the message that the way of peace is the way of love. Love is the greatest power on earth. It conquers all things...

Mildred Ryder



All is in Perfect Order

All is in Perfect Order
Compte de Saint Germain's Blog

Are you able to detach your energy from all that you consider "yours?" When you are called to ascend, will these attachments keep you in this continuum or can you deny the obstacles in the way? Are these distractions the only desires, or are there more? Only those who desire the ultimate in consciousness can ascend. When you are called to move out of the world you cannot take the world with you. Friends, family, animals, containers of items and all appearance choices must be left behind. Selling the worldly goods is one thing, many of you have already done that, but walking away without any of the heart's loved companions is another. When the body dies this is done. Can an opportunity to ascend get chosen over death as the means of dropping out of central city? Are you that enlightened?

People who are awake and detached can go to their death without any hesitation. But those still attached to mind/body answers to man's destiny cannot act on their consent alone. Mind must be in consent with the contract the soul chose and be able to detach. ***When the ascension call comes my dear ones won't be able to take anything they love with them. Answer this question now: Am I completely able to walk away? Most who are companions will want to give a managed consent with their "other" being included. What if the "other" is not able? Are you willing to let them remain? Most children will ascend with the ascending ones who are their caregivers. Those children needing a different experience for their next answer in awareness cannot ascend though, and must be given their next directions from others when you ascend. Can you go without them? It isn't going to be the next step for those who cannot demonstrate complete allegiance to their own inner knowing, especially when the mind and their love of others is not aligned. Can you do this?

My dear ones, ascension will make the choice obvious. Those attached cannot ascend. Choosing ascension and then not agreeing to leave is the candidates' option, and we want this choice to be made now. Give this question a mental test. Join the waiting list only when these questions are not in the undecided zone. Make a clear declaration of your intention. We would like a head count. Honesty will bring the awareness to all who need to know. We need you to be totally honest. Can you walk out the door to another dimension without looking back?

Who Am I and What Do I Want?

Who Am I and What Do I Want?

Reposted from Dec.  21, 2010

Whether we know it or not, the two most important questions in life are: "Who am I?" and "What do I want?" Why?

Who am I?

"Who am I?" is important because knowing who we are is the purpose of life. The sages have been telling us this in many different ways since as far back as we have been recording their sayings.
The sufi sage Ibn Arabi expressed this truth when he said: "I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known, and I created the creation so that I be known."

(1) God was a hidden treasure and longed to be known and so he (she or it – God has no gender) created this world full of living creatures to whom he gave the assignment of knowing their true identity – which is God.

And why did God do this? Sri Ramakrishna answers: "It is the Godhead that has become these two [God and devotee] in order to enjoy Its [own] bliss."

(2) God created life to know himself so that God could meet God and thereby experience his own bliss.

Sri Ramakrishna tells us that "the only purpose of life is to realize God." (3) "Without the realization of God everything is futile. This is the great secret." (4)
The Christian mystic Jan Ruusbroec also reveals this to us: "[For] the rational creature to attain the sublime beauty of God and to possess it in [a] supernatural way … is [the] reason that God created heaven and earth and all that is in them." (5)

Sufi Sage Hazrat Inayat Khan explains that:
"The purpose of life … is that the only Being makes his oneness intelligible to Himself. He goes through different planes of evolution … to make clear to Himself His oneness. And as long as this purpose is not accomplished, the one and only Being has not reached His ultimate satisfaction, in which lies His divine perfection." (6)

My own teacher Mata Amaritanandamayi tells us the same fact as well: "God-Realization is our life's aim." (7)

The poet Rumi reminds us that, if we do not know ourselves by the end of our lives, we have accomplished nothing.

"There is one thing in this world which must never be forgotten. If you were to forget everything else, but did not forget that, then there would be no cause for worry; whereas if you performed and remembered and did not forget every single thing, but forgot that one thing, then you would have done nothing whatsoever.

I work for free. Hire meh.

I work for free. Hire meh.
Get lemons. Change diapers.
Trippn over boots of seamen.
Air so crisp. Double Moon ring.
Meow. Close the windows. Let them out. Get off the phone.
Air not move in. Blow out sighs of whee leaf. Let the dogs in.
Fur coats. Dress shirts.
Blow a kiss in da ayuuuh.
Constructional ms.construction.
Functional pair a dice.
Lick tea. Brew it.
Hand in the spooky jar.
Past due aerial bath salt.
Start Christmas traction.
Barney Appleseed.
Breath hot lotta.
Srim cheese. Alphabet.
Sun bathe in the moon.
Black and kite.
Fermenting bode.
Charcoal almanac.
Pent up girlesion.
I can see my shelf.
Mark 2 dye.
Cum penny.
Hair due.
Fast chearts.
Angular qui.
Fart band.
Mass pre-ception.
Phone o graphs.
Light shift.
Possible stereo.
Fact or friction.
Blood raft.
Go outside. Plummit.
Carside galaxy.
Grass gutter.
Leaky faucet. Squeaky clean.
Sports crest. High strife.
Individual sodomy.
I love my tumor.
Carrying flings.
Incast. Path of logical.
Talking stick. Pass it on.