What if nothing mattered except what we say did?

Can I "fail" harder?

How do we know we're not already dead, having a dream of ourselves?

What if we saw things how they truly were without distortions?


"Wealth" isn't earned, it was stolen, from us. By not paying us our true value at "work" or selling products at higher cost to us. Check the rich to poor ratio. It's not cause we're lazy. It's cause they are.

Which is why we should never ever feel bad for "stealing" from these criminals. It isn't stealing, it's reclaiming what's ours. Property is theft. Theft is property.

..On the other hand true wealth can't be earned or stolen. This comes from the perspective that there is a "higher employer" (higher self) w all our interests/ true needs in mind. And that we are fully qualified, capable, and ready for that real wealth.

Claim it now by writing down exactly what you really would like to experience. Not the material items but the feelings associated w them (ex: contentment, peace, fuck yeah stoke!, respect, maturity, play, creativity, boldness, security). Declaring out loud it's your birth right and responsibility to experience them now!. Use the terms "I AM" instead of "could would should cant". Might as well!

If u really observe, All so called luxuries in death culture are entrapment. They bring no real long term gain and never will. They're just tools. Carrot on a stick economics. Since we're not grounded in who we are. Do it now! Don't be a tool. Cut out the middle man, Be happy, content, peaceful, rich, patient, kind for nothing = you won!

If you really get down to it, what do they have on us, a fake future? A place to live (fancy cardboard box)? Food (genetically modified toxic addictive puss sandwich)? Allowing us to be alive (anxiety, worry, pain, frustration, exhaustion, guilt trips, resentment, quiet desperation...)?

Might as well face our fears of fake security, survival, and "making it" and just be it now. Retire! If we die in a week, at least we did it for a week. We will be surprised how far we can take this. And if we do, it will benefit everyone else too. So please do! ;)

Maybe Ask ourself "ridiculous" questions like, "do I really need death culture or am I just addicted and scared? How far can i take this?How long can I go without Dying for real?" "is this what I came here for? To do this? To think this? Do I really have to do this/ be this way?" "what if I just did this for fun for awhile. As an experiment?"

What more do we have to lose?.. What is failure? Who says and why? ..We are free, now, not tomorrow! And it isn't dependent on anything or anyone. Celebrate your new perspective freedom ! How would you like to celebrate? Fuck it. Start slow if need be. A little bit Of "fuck this shit" at a time.

Recognize simple free beauty. Breathe. Wiggle and let go of body. Lay on the ground. Go for a walk. Camp in the woods near your house. Get naked. Listen to music. Play w a dog, kitty, or kid. Impersonate. Give away stuff u don't need. Stare at a wall. Fast on just liquid. Learn a trick. Practice dance moves. Learn some jokes. Go swimming. Bike ride. Conversation w stranger. Alone time. Write things out and post them to Facebook ;) draw on things. sit there and do nothing. Question what's wrong and right.

We are all going to die. We can't bring any of these things w us. We all die alone. How would u like others to be to you, to inspire you, try being that to others. How much of what we do say think is really us? Who are you/ Who am I? ..How do we really know anything until we challenge it? Embrace Failure = success?