Konstantinos: My Astral meeting with Athos and a message from him

Konstantinos: My Astral meeting with Athos and a message from him
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[Today, I had a very significant for me experience on the Astral Plane. The duration of this experience was for one and a half hour, from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. I remember that, because I woke up at 9:30 am from a previous dream which I don't recal very well and I felt it wasn't something important. I'll describe now my experience from 9:30 am and then.

I found myself  with others, that I know from my social life, in a dim house that had many floors. I was in that house in my previous dream on the same day. This time, I and my friends were asking from the people of the house, fat men with malevolent intentions, to explain to us about how we got in their house and where was the exit. These men didn't seem to be in the mood for dialogue and they started pushing us away. When they saw that we were resisting, they started attacking us. I remember that I was knocking them out very fast and professionally. One of them, who wasn't fat but very muscular, appeared. He had long oily hair, he seemed that he hadn't shaved for days and he was dirty.
He attacked to me like a wild animal. I remember that while we were fighting, we had smashed many things around us. At that time, I noticed a very sharp piece of glass  and I thought that he was a very hard opponent and that I would may be forced  to kill him, but I didn't want that. But unfortunately, because of his murderous intentions, I decided to stab him on his belly and then I cut his throat. I managed to get up and instantly, I went towards to a door which I opened. It was the exit. I didn't like what I saw.

A threatening and dark landscape was in front of me. Dilapidated houses, black-red sky with smokes and I think it was night-time. Around me, the residents had been dehumanized and they were looking and acting like the cinematic zombies. Then, in front of me a very cute and short chinese man appeared.

He looked like this:

He was smiling all the time. He made a demonstration to show me how I can be saved from these 'monsters'. I saw him forming a sphere of golden light around him. He described to me via telepathy the stages of this process. 1) You imagine a cocoon of golden light surrounding you 2) The cocoon takes the shape of an egg. At that point I thought of the chicken's eggs and he told me via telepathy that this 'egg' is formed and arised from the front side of  my body and he put his hand on his chest, meaning his Heart. To the third stage, the egg is formed into a perfect sphere that surrounds you completely. Then, to the fourth stage, you curl up , you are embodied to the sphere and finally, you are teleported to a place you would like to be, which is the fifth and final stage.

Then instantly, he ran and climbed with an amazing speed on the walls of the buildings, jumping from the one building to the other. He landed on a roof and he gracefully jumped ...the 'zombies were waiting for his landing, ready to get him. While he was falling, he accomplished into seconds the process that I described previously and he disappeared. He continued having this smile during this demonstration. Then I heard in my head 'your turn'.

Then, I found myself on a rooftop and behind me, I saw the man who I thought I had killed. There was blood on him and he was totally naked. He started running in order to get me and consequently,  I  started running to escape. At that time, it started to rain. I noticed that I was able to jump with a great easiness from the one rooftop to the other, the man had the same ability. I started feeling afraid. Then, I heard the 'little buddha' telling me via telepathy 'do as I saw you'. So, I jumped and in seconds, I accomplished the process of teleportation. I can say that I totally felt the teleportation of my molecules.
I found myself some feet away from the point I was teleported, but the man, who had also jumped, was got by the 'zombies' who ripped him into pieces and started eating him. I heard them saying 'we are gonna eat him 'we are gonna eat him'. Then I heard the 'little buddha' saying 'it was simple, wasn't it?' and then, I woke up. Later, I connected with the 'little buddha' who acknowledged to me that he was a person whose existence I am aware of, for some time now and I got his name and picture yesterday.
He is Athos, a being between 5D and  6D vibrational frequency, and he told me that this dream of mine was a kind of 'training programme' that represents the facing of the Dark from the Lightworker and the triumph of the Light. He told me that he took the form of the 'little buddha' to make me feel better. Then, he told me that he would be introduced to the readers through the following message.]

I am saluting you from the Light of Love that is represented from the Enlightened Cities of the Agartha system. My name is Athos. I am Lemurian and son of the guardian of the great library of Porthologos, Mikos. As you know, this library exists in the city of Catharia under the Aegean Sea. In this city, I reside too. Agnes is my mother and Moraine, who is her mother, is currently found on the mothership Athabantian. My partner is Ariadnei, princess of the kingdom of the Shasans, who are descendants of the race that origins from the star that you know as Tau Ceti.

Members of this family, agreed to set themselves as volunteers for incarnation on the surface of Gaia, in order to help from the specific field too, to the Transition of Gaia and of those that are and will be ready to follow. As you already know, all and everything have a multidimensional nature, which means among other things, that all have many 'countries' and families.

Mikos, Agnes, me and some others agreed to help by acting on the surface, too.   Agnes and Mikos chose to 'leave' first. Of course, no one left. What happened was just a temporary energetic separation. This process was accomplished in the Golden Temple of Melchizedek, after permission was taken from the Council of 12, with the help of the priests and priestesses.

Agnes chose to be in stasis, like your snow-white, and part of her Essence was incarnated as Leslee Hare, who met this channel  on the appropriate time and of course, not randomly. I chose to stay here and a part of my Essence, identified as a specific thought form, was incarnated, not incidentally, to Greece. I am referring to this channel. Mikos chose to be here too and his part, as well as the parts of the rest of the volunteers, are currently incarnated on the surface of Gaia in different locations. You could say that these parts of us, are 'scattered'.

I will not get into more details about the cases of each one of the volunteers, regarding the thoughts and motivations that led them to this specific choice, because these are lied to the personal remembrance of each one of these incarnated individuals. Many of you, who live on the surface, have also families  in Agartha. But even without the biologic bond factor, all of you consist a great family to us and to our eyes, you are our Beloved brothers and sisters.

Our fleets, with their exquisite one colored categories, are along with the ships, motherships and scout ships, of the rest of  the Galactic Forces and contribute to the energetic assistance of the planet, in order for a smooth and without delays Transmission. The High Vibrational Energies and the Love that you accept from so many beings and places, including Inner Earth, Angels and Masters, you could say that they are 'filtered' through the energy fields of  the ships, in order for the accomplishment of an as possible smooth adjustment of your physical bodies to the high vibrations. All are fine. You have assistance from everywhere. This also includes the God inside you, your Higher Self as you call it and also, your Guides.

The Reunion between you and us was/ is never needed to the Astral Plane, because there, we were/are never away from each other. But in the physical level, this feeling is different for you. Ambassadors will come from us, too, to help you remember and offer you among other things, training for the 'reset' of your psychic abilities. These will be done through special centers that will be manifested in your reality through mutual co-creation that will reflect the Divine Template of Love and Harmony.
When it will be appropriate, I will be embodied with this part of mine that is transferring my thoughts through the method of  channneling. As all of you, he and I will continue our path, a path that will be result of the Divine compass of the Heart, of the Divine Guidance. Our collective future is so wonderful that only if we experience it, we will be able to comprehend it and describe it.
I am sending you my Love through the Collective Consciousness of Agartha and all of us here, wait with Happiness for our physical meeting.  I am saying to you farewell for now, my sweet family.

As received by Konstantinos.


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