How to Detach from the Collective Unconscious

How to Detach from the Collective Unconscious
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I've received a myriad of emails about the changes to come, 2012, comets, chaos, and actions to take. Most of what I read pulls me more into fear and further away from the stillness and presence I have come to cherish with an awakened path. I decided to go deep into meditation and receive any insights I could from the Spirit Guides I connect to. The following is what I received. I hope it serves you on your path in whatever way is right for you…

Eden: What is important to know with all the changes happening on Earth?
So much of your world and the current projection of reality is simply collective Shadow.
There is much disruption occurring and many untruths that you are continually surrounded by [shown images of the media, fears, wounds] that are simply a projected reality of the Collective Unconscious. This Collective Unconscious is being shifted now, this is part of the current changes happening to your planet and cultural systems, and those who have become conscious are fighting their way to see the Truth. It takes continual vigilance to seek the Truth, to recognize the Shadow for what it is, then consciously choose differently.

The key is to recognize TRUTH from UNTRUTH.

In the coming change of times, those who are conscious and can recognize Truth from Untruth will have a beautiful, even graceful, transition, as the untruths will not scare them.

Those holding on to the untruths, to the collective shadow and collective unconscious, will fall deeply into fear because that is all they know. It will perpetuate itself like a ball rolling down a hill, gaining speed as it goes. This has already been occurring as you can see in the current state of many cultural, political, and economic systems.

But for those who have made the choice to awaken and step-in to conscious co-creation with the Divine, they will see the beauty all around them and be able to manifest the world in which they choose to live. You can do so by continually acknowledging and co-creating your life, your own Truth, everyday.

Eden:  What actions can we take to co-create our own Truth?

The simple act of choosing what you want, and letting go of what you don't. It is about continually reinforcing those aspects of your life that you wish to call in, such as Love, Abundance, Joy, Friendship, Laughter, Community, Stillness, or sitting with the Divine.

As for the aspects of the collective unconscious that still find their way in to your consciousness, make a concerted effort to say "NO, I DO NOT CHOOSE THIS FOR MY REALITY" as they occur.
When situations, emotions, or circumstances happen that you do desire, clearly state "YES, I CHOOSE THIS FOR MY LIFE". Reinforce these aspects when they happen.

It is matter of separating YOUR consciousness from that of the collective UNCONSCIOUS. Be clear that YOUR TRUTH is not that of the Collective Unconscious.

Be ok with separating from the collective unconscious, and do not have fear for those who are choosing to be a part of the unconscious. It is free will. But also be wary of those who wish to judge or bring down your own Truth out of fear, abuse, or confusion. Offer them guidance, love, and support, but also the free will to choose their own reality. Respect their boundaries as you ask yours to be respected, too.
Boundaries such as this will play a big role in the time to come.

Eden: How do boundaries play an important role in the time to come?

Boundaries are provided to you as a way to define your Free Will. Free will and boundaries go hand-in-hand.

To have boundaries is to exert influence and power within your own domain. It is honoring of your own Truth, your own connection to the Divine, and your desire or ability to be influenced from outside forces that have a different intention, a different Truth. So you see, your boundaries affect your free will.

If you have given up or weakened your boundaries, you have given someone else free will to influence your own Truth. Free will is the ability for you, as a sentient Being connected to Source, to CHOOSE YOUR OWN REALITY in each and every moment.

Humans have forgotten that they truly are creating their own reality, and so in choosing to be unconscious it has fed the planet with a lack of respect for the personal boundaries – the personal Truth – of others. When you do not respect the Truth of another, you are not respecting their free will or their boundaries.

So in the coming times, in order to dream the new collective consciousness in to an awakened state, its critical you KNOW your own Truth, you RESPECT your own Truth, and that you also respect the Truth of others. This is part of why if someone is choosing the unconscious collective, you must respect his or her free will to do so, too.

 Eden:  How can someone detach from the collective unconscious? What actions can we take?
Do not listen to news of tragedy, politics, fear, or wounds.
Do not listen to those things that are meant to keep you in fear or panic or scarcity. It is ok to ignore them.
If you choose to listen, do so from a place of observation, as an outsider looking in observing upon the collective unconscious vehicles that are influencing society.

But if you feel yourself being pulled into to the fear of the collective, STOP. Find time in stillness to reconnect to the Higher Path of your own Truth. Give yourself permission to disconnect and remember love, abundance, and the infinite Being that you are, and that you do not need to choose or believe in that reality.

See yourself detached from that downward spiral and hold the vision for what it is you are choosing to bring in to your life. You have free will, so use it. Use it to focus on the new Collective Dream, in whatever way that dream may be for you.

Eden:  How do we dream and create a new world if everyone's dream is different?

There are many interpretations for the new collective, the new awakened conscious dream. It is ok if your dream for the future is slightly different from another's. There is room in the Universe for all realities, and when you are in line with your own Truth, thus in line with the Divine, all Truths are welcome and will work harmoniously together to create the new world.

This is the beauty of incarnating on Earth, as it was meant to be.

You are meant to have free will, to dream a beautiful world into being around you and co-create the paradise in which you live — with tremendous support from mother Earth, the guides, the ascended masters, and all Beings in support of the energies in this dimension.

The original intention for this planet was to be a place of vivid co-creation with the Divine.

Eden:  Is there anything else to know at this time?

Know that the Time to Come is not one of fear and past mistakes, but in looking forward to what is possible and returning all awakened Souls to the original intention of beauty, co-creation, and harmonious living with the Divine. You are blessed to be here at this time and be witness to the return of the true paradise in which you were meant to live. It is of benefit to ask yourself:

What do you see as a beautiful world?
Who will be a part of it?
What type of things will you do?
What calls you into Being?
What opens your heart and has you contribute to the new collective dream?
Those are the things to support and seek.

Do this often — through meditation, dreaming, journeying, painting, drawing, talking, or gathering with like-Souls. Envision these new dreams for yourself and your own Truth. Then source your power in the Trust that your vision is your own reality that you are co-creating with the Divine.

There is no wrongdoing when you are in co-creation with Divine from an awakened state of consciousness.

Learn to know the difference of when you are holding the collective unconscious, or when you are truly holding your own dream and your own Truth, which comes from that deep place of stillness where you know, without a doubt, that your Being is safely guided into the new ways of Being.

Eden: Thank you.  It is with much love that I receive this guidance for myself and others.
It is with honor that we communicate these messages to you, as we are with others. Dream the new collective consciousness into Being so that we may join you hand-in-hand in the awakening of the New Earth.

We are with you always.
Love & light,

How to Detach from the Collective Unconscious | EDEN
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