Being a nowhere loser just feels right :)

whatever more I have to go through to not contribute to a backwards, suicidal, sociopathic disease known as current culture, I'm down with it. It's all worth it. I don't care what it does or says to me for threats, violence. I don't care about money, girlfriends, things, popularity.

I know that by respecting who I am and how I feel, I'm doing the right thing for all life everywhere. And that I'll be taken care of. If not, I'll die. No big loss. We die everyday when we hate ourselves. I know what "cool" is. It's us as we are. Simple and easy. No pressure. Can't lose it. Even though it's still super unpopular/ "terrorist" to feeeeel and be sensitive. I know the real "terrorists". They are just associating w insecure things, and afraid of losing what little they've "earned". I'm not scared of them. I know there's nothing to gain through suffering. I know that everyone will eventually start contributing as well to life for all when they more understand the value of believing in themselves, and tuning into intuition. It's nothing complicated. It feels good and right. Doesn't take anything but what we already have. Which is nothing. Accepting how things actually are. It's not that bad. We're good. Youre good. or bad. It doesn't matter. What really matters is not our "job". We were just put here to feel the earth experience. It sucks right? so what can we do about it? nothing except our perspective :)

When the suffering of survival in a fake economy death cult gets too hard, everyone will intrinsically turn within. And breathe life into themselves/ everyone around them. Obeying insecure thug bully energy vampires like it has been for eons, is over, for the masses. I mean, it's always been over. People forgot. It's easy. Let go or be dragged. duuuhhh no doyeee. Everything is ok. Stop worrying. There's nothing you can do anyway. You'll be dead. Nobody survives. Be happy for nothing. It's not our job to understand why. You are here right now. That's it. Done

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