I work for free. Hire meh.

I work for free. Hire meh.
Get lemons. Change diapers.
Trippn over boots of seamen.
Air so crisp. Double Moon ring.
Meow. Close the windows. Let them out. Get off the phone.
Air not move in. Blow out sighs of whee leaf. Let the dogs in.
Fur coats. Dress shirts.
Blow a kiss in da ayuuuh.
Constructional ms.construction.
Functional pair a dice.
Lick tea. Brew it.
Hand in the spooky jar.
Past due aerial bath salt.
Start Christmas traction.
Barney Appleseed.
Breath hot lotta.
Srim cheese. Alphabet.
Sun bathe in the moon.
Black and kite.
Fermenting bode.
Charcoal almanac.
Pent up girlesion.
I can see my shelf.
Mark 2 dye.
Cum penny.
Hair due.
Fast chearts.
Angular qui.
Fart band.
Mass pre-ception.
Phone o graphs.
Light shift.
Possible stereo.
Fact or friction.
Blood raft.
Go outside. Plummit.
Carside galaxy.
Grass gutter.
Leaky faucet. Squeaky clean.
Sports crest. High strife.
Individual sodomy.
I love my tumor.
Carrying flings.
Incast. Path of logical.
Talking stick. Pass it on.
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