An End to Suffering

Remain in awareness / presence/ the Now at all times


It is the earnestness that liberates and not the theory. Your sincerity will guide you. Devotion to the goal of freedom and perfection will make you abandon all theories and systems and live by wisdom, intelligence and active love. Theories may be good as starting points, but must be abandoned, the sooner – the better. (Today is Sri Muruganar Day). The enduring attainment is to become established in the Heart, abiding as the pure 'I', unruffled by the fierce gale whipped up by all the various branches of knowledge that are apprehended through the mind and senses, and cause us agitation. -- Sri Muruganar 


Every thought that leads you away from self-awareness is a trick created by the imposter (false self). - Langford


"Know and always hold onto the Now.
Disregard the body and the mind.
To identify with them is misery.
Dive deep into the Heart,
the source of being and peace,
and establish yourself there." Do not limit Bhagavan (Parabrahman) to the body, but find Him in your heart, because He is already there waiting for you.

Sri Ramana

Bhagavan stated that self-enquiry should be performed with the same intensity as that of a drowning man struggling for air, only then can it succeed.


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