[tpd095] 11.09.28 Turtle

Freeganism is not about taking, shortcutting, and being greedy (like current poverty thinc 3d take pills die Death Culture).    ...It's about sharing, abundance, mutual care, non-judgement (we all belong here on earth), best life everrr! It works on universal laws that have been in-act-ed since space time began. INFINITE!

Planet Awesum takes backbone. It's not for lazy people like so-called "work". You actually have to do/ be/ I AM something instead of just a mindless drone zombie obeying your orders from insecure goobers, hiding from the light. Stand Up Grand Up And Be Heard!! You Are One Of A Kind By Design And The World Is Waiting For Your Voice!!!!


Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyone's Invited!
Enjoy :)

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[tpd095] Planet Awesum! - 11.09.28 Turtle (mp3)
[tpd095] Planet Awesum! - 11.09.28 Turtle (lossless)

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