How To Quit Eating Food :-)

How to quit eating food. "I quit consuming food and water." Not eating or drinking is our natural state. We just have to face our fears and past programming. Save money and time. Breatharianism has always been an option if your interested and have a warrior spirit. Genesis Sunfire normal human.

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Freeganism is not about taking, shortcutting, and being greedy (like current poverty thinc 3d take pills die Death Culture).    ...It's about sharing, abundance, mutual care, non-judgement (we all belong here on earth), best life everrr! It works on universal laws that have been in-act-ed since space time began. INFINITE!

Planet Awesum takes backbone. It's not for lazy people like so-called "work". You actually have to do/ be/ I AM something instead of just a mindless drone zombie obeying your orders from insecure goobers, hiding from the light. Stand Up Grand Up And Be Heard!! You Are One Of A Kind By Design And The World Is Waiting For Your Voice!!!!


Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyone's Invited!
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IDM, Ambient, Avant Garde, Experimental Electronic Music. Take Pills Die Records. Quit Your Job And Get A Life!

World Without Money. UBUNTU Contributionism - Unimaginable abundance

Michael Tellinger puts it pretty well here...

UBUNTU Contributionism - MANIFESTO - A World Without Money

by Michael Tellinger on Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 4:51am

Please read and THINK for yourself. Stop sitting on the fence and act now. Humanity cannot continue to survive and evolve consciously, with any kind of money system - only the complete removal of money will liberate humanity and restore the natural order of things. BUT - how do we implement it? It is actually a lot easier than most of us realise - but first we have to lose all fear, and doubt, and be prepared to accept a complete paradigm shift in every aspect of our lives and our society.

I urge you to read the manifesto below and realise that you all have the answers to how the new system will work. It took me more than 6 years to figure out most of the basics - but not everything. Just enough to realise that the rest will fall into place once communities have adopted this principle and work together as a unified community for the benefit of all.

In the next few weeks, I will be outlining how the various sectors will function, from farming, housings, energy, law, education, science, arts, communication, development, engineering and more.

But you can begin to figure out all this stuff for yourself - I have done this with hundres of people already - you all have the answers inside you - just ask yourself the questions - how will Farming work... how will education work... etc.

But keep reminding yourself of the following crucial fundamentals that often cause people to get confused and stuck. There is NO MONEY, NO BARTER, NO TRADE, nothing has more value than anything else and everyone's contribution is seen as equally valuable by the community. An UBUNTY style Kgotla OR Council of elders make decisions for the community on a daily basis - on crucial issues for the immediate benefit of the entire community. No invisible town councils and government that ignores its people. I have faith in everyone's deeper conscious ability to find the same answers I have found. I have already seen this on many occasions. So - please read the Manifesto below and share it AND explain it to others. Next I will load the NEW FREEDON CHARTER - it is a interim document as we move through the process, the charter will have to adapt to the needs of the people, by the people - this time for real - by the people. Love and universal light to you all.

Freetopia. Erection Pills

This pretty much explains everything with the current scam, fraud, extortion death cult-ure world thug ring. SHARE!