New Album! Planet Awesum! - 11.09.28 Turtle [tpd095]

We are currently in 9th wave, on our swift way to unity consciousness. Surfing the last phase of duality. 0ctober 28th is graduation for humanity! I'm here on earth to spread the word sonically as well as on other more subtle levels. Going through all the challenges with you in earth school. Feeling all of it in every way. There is no escape. We were all born for this. Best life everr!! Might as well! :)

Thank you for buying this album to support us all growing up out of "take pills die" death culture. A little goes a long way for me. Can't wage slave anymore. I've been on strike my whole life. Saw how things worked young. Always felt wrong. Doing my best to be happy with less. But I can't do this all alone! We need community! Our peoples! This is community outreach!

Active non participation/ participation in what we really love all the time is the only way out. "Go within or go without!" Art/ creation is what we came here for!! Don't waste anymore time babysitting death culture/ the sinking ship. Get busy living!! Get stoked!! :D We live on such a beautiful place and it's just begun. Woo!

Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyone's Invited!
released 28 September 2011
Andrew Cauthen

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