Car Camping, Cause Houses are Bloated Tombstones of Filth and Poverty.

Car Camping, Cause Houses are Bloated Tombstones of Filth and Poverty. (not that cars are much better but it's the dark ages sooo...)

I love sleeping in my car! In fact I like it much better than a huge ugly bloated house. i sleep in the front seats most of the time, but park on a hill. i sometimes bunch a blanket in the middle of the seat making it more flat. and if you want you could put your bag or some things where your feet go.

I also have a house that i made mostly out of things people have thrown away. it has a loft.

What has EXTREMELY HELPED ME WITH CAR CAMPING IS TINTING YOUR WINDOWS!!!! PRIVACY! make sure the back ones are darker than the front ones and no terrorists (they call themselves police nowadays) will bother you. If someone does harras you about it, you can take it off instantly with your hand if it's the new kind (might leave residue)

Make sure your car looks average, clean, inside and out. No stickers.

Other suggestions would be a popup sunscreen for the front and try to park under trees or near shade so that you can sleep longer..

Walmart parking lots are great places, so are apartment parking lots, hotels, rest stops, quiet streets on blocked neighborhoods near cities. Be respectful. Clean up after yourself always.

Go to bed by 12 if you can help it. but you can always take naps whenever you want now that you actually have time to do things you want!

Get a power adapter $30. hook it up to your cig lighter or battery and now you have a charger for your electronics/ batteries!

Invest in a HEADLAMP, or tiny light. omg do this tomorrow.

Ipod touch's are incredibly useful. buy an older model off ebay for fairly cheap (nothing older than third gen), even cheaper if the glass is cracked. Get near wifi/ internet and Set up google voice and talkatone and you have a free unlimited phone and sms text machine with your own personal lifetime number, as well as maps, note taking, put all your books on there (ebook reader), music, note taking, pictures, video (if it's a 4th gen), you can surf the internet... you can even make music on it. (or any ipad or tiny computer will do)

dress simple. (black or dark colors cause it doesn't get dirty)

buy some lavender/ tea tree oil for staying fresh. you can clean yourself at friends houses or bathrooms that lock. or swimming if it's warm, or ymca, or bird bath (sink), wet wash cloth... be creative.. soap makes you dirty, showers are for gross people that don't have any discipline w what they eat. ..Fasting is the cure for everything. Get out of the way and let nature do what it does best, heal/ nurture!

have a plastic, not glass gallon water bottle with you, refill it.

Purchase/ steal a stainless steal bottle for tea. so when ur out at coffee shops hanging with friends/ or friends on computers, you can get hot water, use your own tea bags, and put cream/sugar in it. or just skip the tea and get hot water with cream and sugar. all tea does is make it darker anyhow for the most part.

If you smoke, get bulk.. kentucky select makes a good organic tobacco in bulk for cheap.

Get a couple black hankees $0.99. stash them under your seat.. these can be useful for anything from wiping up spills, giz, wiping your butt, a towel. keeping around your neck when your cold. putting over your face if it's too bright out. sweat. have two or more. clean them in any sink or on wet grass. they dry in minutes. so useful! paper napkins are messy and unsanitary.

get food stamps. takes one day. say your homeless. lasts 6 months till you have to reinstate it. $200 a month. the so called government doesn't care about you so don't feel bad.. it's set up to rob you and your kids and your kids kids till infiniti of your life force. to keep us all slaves to a few dorky insecure immature families. don't be lazy, go get food stamps now. you can trade them for things. remember to tell them that you don't share cause they hate sharers.

keep most of your things in the trunk/ out of sight. Again keep your car clean.
This is not about poverty or being lazy, it's about getting OUT of laziness, learning true responsibility (ability to respond), quality of life, setting a good respectable example in the midst of so much self disrespect/ self destruction/ self prostitution, not running away and staying in denial but facing your fears, standing up for what you believe in, freedom, and having the  best life everrrr!

BE HAPPY :) your now way better off than most! (other than you have to pay for gas and insurance and all the bs dmv stuff.) No more 500 year mortgage bs. its a perspective thing. Its growing now that your not wasting your life paying just for a place to live!!!

Make it look good! Houses are for homeless people. Smile and talk to people and be friendly. You are doing a really good thing and you should be proud! Everything is made by slaves/ exploitation nowadays, so the less you consume the more we all are. Invest in yourself, not goobers who hate life and don't know how to tie their own shoes. Using specialists and servants to do everything they should be doing themselves. After the ashes of this death cult-ure clear comes true community with real love and respect for each other.

Earth is my home and we shouldn't have to pay to live on the planet we were born on.

Your car a beautiful solarium/ minimalist mobile home!! even when im staying at other peoples houses, i prefer to sleep in my car. Less mess. Imagine a world where we all did this? how awesome would that be!!! It's like preparation for UFO's where you'll be soon traveling galaxies :) we are on spaceship earth presently. wooo!

Housing and food is a right not a privilege. But because I'm outnumbered presently by suicidal robot sheeple asleep at the wheel, i practice active non participation and common sense. Most things nowadays (death culture) dont make any sense, cause everyones too busy trying to survive and not living.

PLANET AWESUM!! :D (it takes backbone, but we were made for this)

YAY :)

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