Best Life Everrr! W Jericho Genesis Sunfire :D

thank you genesis!! much love :D

Sunyogi Umasankar - (1/3) Becoming Food-free through Sun Yoga

improved eyesight, greater concentration, better health, not needing to eat as much and or complete cessation of appetite, not needing air condition or heat, mind more peaceful... convenient, easy, free! THE motto of planet awesum

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YouTube - Sunyogi Umasankar - (1/3) Becoming Food-free through Sun Yoga (PL): ""

New Genesis Sunfire Video! pt 1 Fruitarian, Liquidarian, Breatharian

Probably one of my most favorite people on the earth today! So good to see him again on youtube. Thank You "Genesis". Sorry I'm so ignorant, but i really appreciate what your doing here on earth : )

I freaking love this dude. rings so deep in my being. I will be w you soon. Waiting for my window. U r a constant inspiration. Love ur message. Keep being you. Thanks for digging the trenches for us. I can't imagine all you put up w from this ignorant death cult. Fuck wow thanks

download "Genesis Sunfire The Visionary Part 1" audio of the vid here or here or here or here or here
alternative video link can be seen here

Mony Vital - Culture Of Death!!! Ageless Living. Immortality. Breatharian

Download Mony Vital - Ageless Living" EBOOK (PDF, Mobi, RTF) here

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Breatharian is our true nature. Question Everything. Money is for poor people.

Choose Life!

I love yall!!! : )

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Mony Vital
A Breatharian Speaks Out
Conference Call synopsis for Saturday, February 12, 2005. Part II. Mony Vital on Immortality. Written by Cara McKennon
Mony Vital is one of about 1,000 people on earth who lives totally on prana, Light energy. He does not eat food of any kind, nor drink liquids of any kind, including water, yet he is in perfect health.

His comments were done in first person, so I will write it that way. These quotes come from notes taken during the conference call.

Quoting. Mony Vital on immortality.

"I don’t eat, I live on Light. I don’t drink water even. I live on pranic nourishment If you think you are getting anything from food, you are totally mistaken. Food is poison, it takes from your health. You actually get your energy from air."

"Physical things, not living physically immortal, I reject it. I don’t have to accept the culture of death. Human beings are only a number."

"You receive two certificates in your life: birth certificate and a death certificate. From the moment you are born, you buy into the death culture. You don’t see yourself in the death culture. From the moment you are born, you start to die."