Time To Wake Up Slaves! 9th Wave Won't Stop For You! We Are Realizing Our Godhood Once Again!

These videos are fucking efficient at getting straight up your asshole and into what's left of your brain that hasn't been sucked dry by 4d terrorists.

Hey we don't need permission to live on this earth. We don't need a birth certificate, we don't need to "register" anything, we don't need to pay taxes to a bunch of bullies claiming to "serve" you. Oh they serve us all right, into their swollen bellies. we don't need a license to move around on our planet. We don't need to suffer to survive in place ripe with abundance everywhere. It's not that there's no money... there is money everywhere, it's just that a few individuals are hoarding all of it. So what do we do about it? Disobey! Stop participating in the madness of self-destructive death cult-ure. start participating in you. stopped getting fucked in every instance of your life. Have some respect for yourself. Use that pent up anger to actually do something positive for all, instead of just using it to compete and destroy your fellow family members. How about use it to do some research into what's happening here and what has been happening here to the human race. Born and raised as cattle for the slaughter. How about start detoxing all their toxins out of your heavenly body with fasting and fruitarianism. How about meditating and exercising more and spending time in nature. How about choosing your friends more wisely to people that will help you instead of hurt you. How about pray a lot for yourself to see and feel the light of understanding. Pray for the world to come into full awesomeness. Share! Love! Forgive! Breathe! Walk in nature without agenda! Feel Feel Feel! Allow! Grow! Cry! Release! Believe in yourself! You are what the rest of us are looking for! Start Today for the rest of your life! Tomorrow may not happen!

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