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Derrick Jensen: Secret of Sustainability / Endgame Videos / ebook pdfs

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What if you live in the most destructive culture ever to exist? What if that culture refuses to change? What do you do about it?

Derrick Jensen: Endgame

Derrick Jensen named Press Action Person of the Year for 2006

From the Press Action website

"The recipient of this award was never in doubt. Derrick Jensen's Endgame, released in late spring, was the best work of nonfiction in 2006. Given the significance of its subject matter and the urgency of Jensen's message, Endgame is the most important book of the decade and could stand as the must-read book of our lifetimes. But be careful. The book is likely to send you into periods of despondency over the bleak future of the planet. But Jensen explains that if enough of us stand up and work together to fight the fascists, the crash won't be as devastating. And the long struggle will eventually result in an explosive renewal of all forms of life on the planet."

From the website

"Having long laid waste our own sanity, and having long forgotten what it feels like to be free, most of us too have no idea what it's like to live in the real world. Seeing four salmon spawn causes me to burst into tears. I have never seen a river full of fish. I have never seen a sky darkened for days by a single flock of birds. (I have, however, seen skies perpetually darkened by smog.) As with freedom, so too the extraordinary beauty and fecundity of the world itself: It's hard to love something you've never known. It's hard to convince yourself to fight for something you may not believe has ever existed." --from Endgame, Volume I

"Hailed as the philosopher poet of the ecological movement, best-selling author Derrick Jensen returns with a passionate forecast of how industrial civilization, and the persistent and widespread violence it requires, is unsustainable. Jensen's intricate weaving together of history, philosophy, environmentalism, economics, literature and psychology has produced a powerful argument that demands attention in the tradition of such important books as Herbert Marcuse's Eros and Civilization and Brigid Brophy's Black Ship to Hell."

This movie is part of the collection:

Andrew Cauthen HahaHouse Videos. the simple life. less is more bitch

using / having lots of physical things is for dorks i guess. work sux. needing things sux. moving sometimes sux. having to do things when u dont want to, sux. ... loin clothes? jainism? what is extreme? it's all so muddy. all this "stuff" didn't work for long. wish it did. consuming more makes u numb. obviously it takes backbone to go without. and having things for the most part causes suffering on all levels. and all the cool people were like, see ya! nothing is going to save us.. i think we are all just trying to wear ourselves out. does anybody really know anything? can humans really contribute anything of value? don't really think so myself. why do we keep trying? are we just wearing ourselves out? is that the point?

hi world :) i have no idea, sorry. sooo, what's going on here? all i know is that i have been on the floor, all day and i feel a little cracked out cause i ate a bunch of chocolate chips and im going through a coffee phase that's about over with. it's a way beautiful night. full moon. cool breeze but not cold. crickets. hahahouse is fn amazing. so pretty everywhere. i been feeling super overwhelmed. really sick of phones. don't really want to do anything for anybody even more than ever. haven't i done enough? guess i have to draw the line. it's a matter of what i am comfortable with. im not very comfortable at all, almost ever. why?. sleep helps sometimes. another day of nothing. groundhog day. i don't really want to prove anything. i just want to be happy and at peace but not sedated or unconscious or treading on anyone else in any way. why do i keep doing all this stuff. it seems like im just wasting time. don't want to waste any time. i just want out. i am hoping to give up all this useless searching and pushing ideas on people that don't work. nobody cares. why do i? do i even? am i just taking a shit? im just like passing the time. i really wanna just sit and meditate with nothing. but it's tough. one day. then maybe this hell will pass? ambition sux. where does it come from? who does it serve? get me out of here! please! make it easy. make it fun. not traumatic, puleease. no more trauma. i've had enough of that stuff. shit sux.
... .aahhmm well, below is stuff from the videos things..  love without condition, trying to grasp this one.. been important lately. trying to love myself in all ways. even super anxious now form. hey super / supper / slipper / flipper. ..all right. buy bye. nnight :o Zzzz im trying to ease my way into nothing all the time, like literally, i guess? fuck

Hi andrew cauthen here. This is my hahahouse where i live. It's "paid" for. I made it in about a month-ish. I love it. I don't need more space. If i want more I go outside. It's insulated. Super cheap to heat/ cool (windows open in the shade for summer, passive solar heat sun for winter). It has a loft and lots of windows. I especially like the skylights (thanks kramer!). i have solar powered christmas lights that come on at night automatically. I salvaged most of the materials from trash at construction sites or wood I found around. I built this in an alley behind my friends house 98% by myself. I used mostly just a rechargeable drill/ circle saw. borrowed power to use them. I'm trying to graduate to just sleeping outside but this is good for now.

thanks to habitat for humanity "restore" for all the bargains and lowes/ home depot for helping me with the rest. I spent a little under $3000 I think. If I built another one it would be smaller, no loft, less well built (i work too hard, not good, this thing is a beast!). Srsly this thing could roll over many times n still be good. all screws. uhm well some of it was nail gun. super cross braced with metal. 19/32 plywood on outside under metal. tar papered and tyvek'd. corrugated metal w 100 year lifetime. screws siliconed. window bases are recycled signs, aluminum, and sloped. 13feet tall 6feet wide 10feet long. got the trailer for $850.

freedom of information copyright copyleft everything is information SHARE!

freedom of information / copyright / copyleft / everything is information / SHARE!

i'm just writing something here you probably won't agree with but you all know deep down is mostly true. You are looking for a way out of your self destruction and have been your whole life. you have tried to do this by conforming to what people "above" you have told you what works, even though you know most of it doesn't, since it hasn't worked for them.

Everything should be free. Freedom of information makes life happen. Limiting that freedom stifles freedom. All information should be available to all without condition (monetary/ financially especially!). To limit people of information because of financial reasons is theft, is class war, is terrorism, and more than all that, is counterproductive and limiting of your own freedoms. Limiting others limits you because they then do not have something to offer you back. Everyone is continually receiving / giving. There is no way around that. If we limit any process of that. We are missing out.

Don't you want to have the most access to the most possibilites on earth? Well make it available to all!! Support those who do that and do it yourself. Sharing is caring for yourself. Don't let insecurities get in the way of your life. There is enough for all and more where that came from always. When you are stingy, you are being stingy with yourself, limiting your reality, closing yourself down, dying. You've been down that road. You know where it goes.

To copyright something, to make something "property" is to steal from someone. Also it is to support people that support stealing from others. Irresponsible. Counterproductive. People that have "money" shouldn't be the only people that are allowed to play with information. This is true dark age stuff guys. If you don't public domain all your things, then we are all in poverty, homeless, in shambles. Don't make the same mistake your parents made. Don't choose fear. Choose love. Give it all away for free, the wealthiest way to be! :)

This is the answer you have been looking for. It's starts with you. Theft is property. Theft from yourself. Start contributing. Be whole. Grow up. Share. Lets get out of the dark ages!! YEAH!!! Yess!

When u do what u don't really enjoy u are setting a bad example for others and continuing the pain. It's a recipe for disaster and you should know by now that it will never work. Change now for the future. Do your dishes. Be a response able model citizen. Be sustainable. Do what works now and forever more. Stop selling out to dorks that don't care about you. Choose the higher path that works for all instead of just the few. Please, don't waste your or anybody elses precious time. Liberate yourself from the shackles of poverty by living/ sharing the abundance that you have, that you are. Stop being a terrorist coward dork poser crying over the spilt milk trying to get everyone else to do the work for you cause your scared and don't want to face reality. The current culture is based on blame/ displacement. Stop now. You have a choice. Choose again. Trust the universe to provide for you. Relax, Love, and Enjoy yourself. Be nice to yourself. Thanks for ur time :) With much love and respect.  ..cosmic coffer

Fuck Patience. Break The Law For A Higher Ethical Purpose. End Civilization

some things from or

Fuck Patience

The final piece from END:CIV is both a reality check and a call to arms. Can we really expect the power structures to change their destructive ways by asking nicely? Do we have unlimited time to stop the destruction of the planet? The answer to both questions is no. If we are serious about defending the biosphere and abolishing the institutions responsible for the hyper exploitation of the land, we have to become a resistance movement and go beyond “feel good” symbolic actions.
Music by stig inge oy. and Omar Torres

  • Pacifying Resistance

    Some of the most celebrated social justice victories of the 20th century are attributed to the great pacifists of our time, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. This constitutes a historical whitewash, as these “victories” were achieved when the state weighed its options and chose the lesser of two evils: the pacifists. In this segment Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith, Aric Mcbay, Harjap Grewal, Gord Hill and Peter Gelderloos deconstruct the Gandhi myth and show us why militant action plays an important role in movements of resistance.
    Music by stig inge oy. and CJ Boyd

Green is the Color of Money

As environmentalism becomes mainstream, corporations and well funded environmental organizations work hand in hand to divert the public’s efforts into market driven solutions.
With runaway climate change looming in the horizon, we must ask ourselves what are the tactics we are going to use to stop the destruction and take us beyond symbolic gestures.
Music by stig inge oy.


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EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP [2010] ,The story of how an eccentric French shop keeper and amateur film maker attempted to locate and befriend Banksy, only to have the artist turn the camera back on its owner with spectacular results. Billed as ‘the world’s first street art disaster movie’ the film contains exclusive footage of Banksy, Shephard Fairey, Invader and many of the world’s most infamous graffiti artists at work.


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Vincent J. Daczynski


Tat Wale Baba
© Richard A. Cooke III, Photographer

According to Vedic scripture, the mere sight of a yogi saint is sufficient to transform an individual's life from the pursuit of mundane pleasures to the pursuit of wisdom and god-realization. My personal experience bears truth to this statement. I was profoundly influenced by the sight of Sri Tat Wale Baba, and my brief two hours' encounter with him. Sri Tat Wale Baba was the living embodiment of the Vedas. He did not have to speak or preach. He exhibited those qualities about which other yogis only preach. His presence radiated a divine essence that, of itself, communicated the goal of life to all who had the honor to come within his aura.
This book was written out of my deep admiration and respect for Sri Tat Wale Baba. It is a tribute to one of the world's greatest twentieth-century yogis who, because of his reclusive life-style, has received little publicity outside of India. It is the intent of this book to memorialize Sri Tat Wale Baba for the many people who knew and loved him. Of further intent is to introduce the Western world and all seekers of God to Sri Tat Wale Baba so that they might glimpse (albeit in book format) the life of an enlightened yogi.


WarDriving is PeaceDriving - Internet Is Always Free And Available For All / Do Your part Share!!

This is for “realtek 11n usb lan driver and utility”
(Realtek 11n USB MacOS 10.4 10.5 10.6 Driver 1064 UI 1.6.8)

I posted them again here if those links went dead..

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WarDriving is PeaceDriving - Internet Is Always Free And Available For All / Do Your part and Share!! Don't believe what the internet "providers" (thieves) say about "security". First of all your stuff is not that cool, stop locking things dork. If everyone shared, nobody would want your stuff (abundance culture). Stop being irresponsible and locking things or ur gonna get ur shit stolen (law of attraction). The current death cult wants you to hoard everything and creates a manufactured "lack".. check ur dumpsters to see they are just stingy assholes ( or people that just don't know yet). 

Property is theft / theft is property.

 Practice abundance first by abundant thinking "there is more where this came from!!" "I trust the universe" "the universe provides" "less is more" gratitude "thank you"

Give away everything for free the wealthiest way to be. 

Yeah of course if people aren't contributing, tell them to fuck off. but maybe your idea of what is a contribution is wrong? god provides bitch. ur still here aren't u? Unlock your internet. Don't be a terrrorist. You are a role model. Wash ur dishes. Clean up ur messes. Don't leave it for the kids like my parents did for me. Don't live off the future. Do it now. Responsibility is the ability to respond. Sharing is caring. Thank you god for the internet! Thanks for keeping it free and not making it a class war / kill the poor!

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Fruitarian Fitness With Jericho Sunfire. Hate/ Drug Free Lifestyle.

Two new amazing videos from one of the only voices of abundant life culture / planet awesum this planet has today. Death Cults around the world are running scared!!! Thanks again Jericho! :)

He has a disclaimer basically saying to not face your deepest fears and get off death cults unless you are fully ready. Also he says this is a 15 year process. Thank You!!! Planet Awe-sum, Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyone Is Invited!!!

Stan Meyers / Jack Nicholson Water Car

Stan Meyers Water Car

Jack Nicholson Water Car

David Icke Human Race Get Off Your Knees

David Icke Interview for 25th September Prague Presentation 2010

James Fox on the BP Oil Spill

The Veritas Show with Mel Fabregas is a weekly show exploring exopolitics, UFO and paranormal phenomenon, conspiracies and current world events. Here, he speaks with James Fox, a seasoned journalist and documentary film maker, on the ground at the Gulf Oil Spill who tells of his experience since he arrived there, 8 June 2010.

["A few minutes ago, I conducted a short interview with documentary filmmaker, James Fox. He is presently in Grand Isle, Louisiana . The closest location to the Gulf oil spill. Before I spoke to James I received a few unsubstantiated reports that I put on the side.

What I'm about to share with you is extremely important. There is an absolute MEDIA BLACKOUT in the area. People are being arrested everywhere. Hotels in a 70-mile radius are completely sold out, yet, you don't see any vans or reporters filming. It's as if the entire area was under siege.

James Fox has witnessed this and he basically just arrived. He says he saw multiple Chevron helicopters flying. He has not seen any military activity. It's as if the oil companies had taken over. James expected to rent a plane to fly over it and that is not possible. The area above the oil spill is now a NO-FLY-ZONE. He will be there for two weeks.

I am issuing this bulletin because James Fox's name needs to be out in the public, as there is a possibility that he will be arrested. I have plans to talk to the Grand Isle's Police Department to get further clarification regarding these arrests, since James people don't even know who is conducting these arrests.

James had the opportunity to talk to the son of one of the cleanup workers (former fisherman) and he told him no one is talking. He did say that no one is being told the extent of this disaster. It is much bigger than what is being reported. The government is NOT IN CONTROL.

The ones exercising all influence are the oil companies. Where is our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT? ... When I called him I wanted to remain optimistic and felt people were exaggerating or simply fear mongering.

After my conversation with James I can categorically say that my level of concern has risen to unprecedented levels and now I'm putting more credence to the reports I'm receiving.] -- Mel Fabregas

Scientist: BP's Oil Spill Estimates Improbable

Gulf Spill May Far Exceed Official Estimates

BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill

Goldman Sachs Sold 44% of its BP stock three weeks before the Deepwater Horizon explosion

Goldman Sachs knew Gulf oil leak in advance.

Media ignores Goldman Sachs' ties to Corexit dispersant

Deepwater Horizon survivors allege they were kept in seclusion after rig explosion, coerced into signing legal waivers
Abridged Activist Orientation: