"Zen" Extreme Pilgrim - Part 1 China. Pete Owen-Jones BBC

Pete Owen-Jones, a vicar in a Sussex parish, is dissatisfied with some aspects of his faith and sets off on three extreme pilgrimages to China, India and Egypt to explore Zen Buddhism, Hinduism and ascetic Christianity. Pete feels that the Church of England is too much a faith of the head, and not enough a faith of the soul, the heart or even the body. He now sets off on a quest in search of a more physical and mystical path to enlightment. Pete says: "What I'm looking for is a spirituality that is absent from western Christianity. A spirituality I know exists in the extremes of world religions. "I hope to enter worlds where rule book and doctrine are replaced by an individual relationship with God and where the attainment of enlightenment is won by hardship, privation and pain. I have to become an extreme pilgrim." Episodes * Shaolin Monastery Pete arrives at the famous Shaolin Temple, a seven-hour train journey from Beijing in the Hevan Province, right in the centre of China. The Shaolin Monastery occupies a central place in Chinese cultural history, as it is the ancestral home of all martial arts. Pete says "The Church of England in particular is incredibly intellectual. You know, huge libraries full of books and theological bookshops. But we don't do anything physical. It's going to be very challenging indeed." Pete is thrown straight into a gruelling routine of Kung Fu, the central technique in Chan Buddhism (also known as Zen Buddhism in Japan). Pete Owen-Jones, a vicar in a Sussex parish, is dissatisfied with some aspects of his faith and sets off on three extreme pilgrimages to China, India and Egypt to explore Zen Buddhism, Hinduism and ascetic Christianity. Pete feels that the Church of England is too much a faith of the head, and not enough a faith of the soul, the heart or even the body. He now sets off on a quest in search of a more physical and mystical path to enlightment. Pete says: "What I'm looking for is a spirituality that is absent from western Christianity. A spirituality I know exists in the extremes of world religions. "I hope to enter worlds where rule book and doctrine are replaced by an individual relationship with God and where the attainment of enlightenment is won by hardship, privation and pain. I have to become an extreme pilgrim." Episodes * Shaolin Monastery Pete arrives at the famous Shaolin Temple, a seven-hour train journey from Beijing in the Hevan Province, right in the centre of...all » Pete Owen-Jones, a vicar in a Sussex parish, is dissatisfied with some aspects of his faith and sets off on three extreme pilgrimages to China, India and Egypt to explore Zen Buddhism, Hinduism and ascetic Christianity. Pete feels that the Church of England is too much a faith of the head, and not enough a faith of the soul, the heart or even the body. He now sets off on a quest in search of a more physical and mystical path to enlightment. Pete says: "What I'm looking for is a spirituality that is absent from western Christianity. A spirituality I know exists in the extremes of world religions. "I hope to enter worlds where rule book and doctrine are replaced by an individual relationship with God and where the attainment of enlightenment is won by hardship, privation and pain. I have to become an extreme pilgrim." Episodes * Shaolin Monastery Pete arrives at the famous Shaolin Temple, a seven-hour train journey from Beijing in the Hevan Province, right in the centre of China. The Shaolin Monastery occupies a central place in Chinese cultural history, as it is the ancestral home of all martial arts. Pete says "The Church of England in particular is incredibly intellectual. You know, huge libraries full of books and theological bookshops. But we don't do anything physical. It's going to be very challenging indeed." Pete is thrown straight into a gruelling routine of Kung Fu, the central technique in Chan Buddhism (also known as Zen Buddhism in Japan).

We are what we eat. Eat god. God is love. U r god. Eat urself. Die.

We are what we eat. Eat god. God is love. U r god. Eat urself. Die.
My house moves
The world moves
The world is my house

"I have to retox!" no u don't bitch. Stfu. Pass it through ur ass. P-
Ass. #1 and #2. Now get back to what u came here to do. NOT BEING A
MIND SLUT. Sit down n shutup. Only the Nothing will save u. Everything
else is made up in ur fucking head! ...Sssstop!

The only way out is in. We aren't any of this, cause we are all of it!
Breathe to receive. Ride the fire till it extinguishes itself. Or
don't start it to begin with u SLUT! "Nothing" is the best ever. It
never changes cause it is change. See now or see later. Love is the
answer. It "works" on every level.

Remember when we used to have to brush our teeth! Hahahaa! Back in the
old take pills die death cult-ure. We even made ppl PAY w money/
sufferage to enjoy what we enjoyed. Imagine that! We were totally

Is there anything more akward than "popular" cult-ure?

Don't just do something, sit there. It's working itself out WAY better
wout u. In fact there's nothing u can do and allways was.

Problems are assets! (:Gratitude:)
Love never ceases!

No matter where u go or what u do, ur wasting ur time. U will never
get anywhere but back to here. Allways back to here. Ur just jerking
urselves off. Read all u want. Ur just wearing urself out. Passing the
time. Bouncy balls. Everything gets old and dies. Soon u'll b dead.
Kicking and screaming won't help. Sea what's in front of u and know
that we r nothing. Everything is a bunch of nothing. Nobody cares or
ever will.

"They Live, We Sleep" By John Carpenter. Obey. Consume. Marry And Reproduce. $ This Is Your God $. No Independent Thought. Watch Tv. Stay Asleep. Do Not Question Authority. Submit

Nada (Roddy Piper), a down-on-his-luck construction worker, discovers a pair of special sunglasses. Wearing them, he is able to see the world as it really is: people are being bombarded by media and government with messages like "Stay Asleep", "No Imagination", "Submit to Authority". Even scarier is that he is able to see that some usually normal-looking people are in fact ugly aliens in charge of the massive campaign to keep humans subdued. http://babbazeesbrain.blogspot.com/

Watch "They Live" By John Carpenter Now Here


wolves chasing you up a tree. they catch one of your shoes. rip it off. eat your socks. and lick your toes. it tickles. your in bed. there is a slug crawling on your foot. your bed has been moved outside without your knowing. you awake. it's 3:14am the moon is half full. you wipe the dribble off your face and step off. into nothing. you are falling. it's dark and there is absolutely nothing. no light. no wind. no temperature. are you falling? you start to relax. stretching. weightless. fingers and toes out. you see a star coming. it's growing. it's coming toward you. growing. light. bright as fuck. you can barely open your eyes. so big. holy shit. stop. growing out. surrounding you. you are in it. it is penetrating your every cell structure. you expand. expanding. dissolving. gone.

Wonder Showzen!!! Watch All Episodes. plus update Sheldan Nidle February 16 2010 Galactic Federation Of Light. DISCLOSURE. ABUNDANCE

prolly my favorite show ever. to see all WONDER SHOWZEN FULL EPISODES click here

Wonder Showzen Clips from booknutdc on Vimeo.

More Slave Cult-ure Ending (videos). Archangel Metatron/ SaLuSa/ Master Hilarion/ Mira Pleiadian High Council From The Galactic Federation Of Light Feb 15th 2010

Videos from http://www.youtube.com/user/Komurosan Keep Up the Good Work Friends! Everything Is Awe-Sum! :)

Working together to benefit all. Ending Competition. Sharing All. Planet Awesum is Abundance for all. The end of manufactured lack. Money going buy bye.  Take Pills Die Death Cult-ure fleeing from the light now blasting spaceship earth from ME! :) I am destroying the current nightmare. ..Wish u'd please join me! Spreading awesum/ destroying cults obsessed with death and denial like the current one, is what we came here to do. We don't die. Drop out, Tap In.  GET STOKED!  U don't need to waste anyones time anymore, especially ur own! Retire into the awe-sum! How? Just ask the awe-sum NOW! Follow ur STOKE!


How To Not Want To Die. Drop Out Of The Take Pills Die Death Cult-Ure. Out Of Denial, Into Acceptance, Into Life, Into Reality.

So u feel pretty bad and are thinking about ways to kill urself. JOIN THE CROWD! Im not talking about the "take pills die" death cult-ure's idea of killing urself (which is just doing it real fast). If u look around u and really see what suicide is, it happens over a period of time, day to day, moment by moment. We kill ourselves with our thoughts and our actions from these thoughts. We've incorporated slow suicide into an acceptable everyday practice. My definition of suicide is doing pretty much anything the current death cult tells us to do. EXAMPLES: school, work, eating, dating, shopping, driving, thinking, reading, watching tv, talking, sleeping. all forms of suicide. how is this u might ask? cause they are all based on an idea that we can only express ourselves via the current death cult, by it's rules, rules that are based on taking advantage of someone or something else to survive. Its based on a system of ideas that don't work. To follow the rules of the current death cult is to kill urself. To do what actually works for all in a suicidal death cult is to be a terrorist.

Actual Take Pills Die Death Cult-ure Scenario:
1. Hi honey, it's ur birthday, ohhhh, lets go stuff genetically modified plastic fed debeaked gang green chickens on drugs who never have seen daylight nor walked due to enormous inbred size. We can smother it in bloody, puss filled cow rape juice (cheese). Cows on drugs that had were fist fucked and then robbed of their kids. Kids that were put immediately into cages to be starved to death, on drugs, so to be a luxury "food" (veil). Then lets put more chemicals on it to make it "taste good" and drink pints and pints of poison to feel "good" and "express ourselves". We can feel numb and dead and want to fuck to continue the instinctual obligations to the dis-eased species. Fucking and Sucking. Violence. Death. Disease. Just what the doctor ordered. All this prep work can be done with forced indentured servant slave labor on drugs prescribed by the medical mafia. Serfs on drugs who work just to survive (all of america). They can put all they're hate and frustration and wrecked relationship history into our "foods" that we are now eating, so we can shit in ten minutes. We can waste water that has been treated with industrial waste products that make us docile and infertile by flushing down a million shits a second. We can talk about how smart we are from all the tv stations that are owned by the corporations (our masters) we buy our products from, that tell us we have a choice.

Don't Cut Any Of Ur Hairs Ever Again

Hair is Power. Cutting it Cuts U From Ur Power. Shaving is ugly and makes u look old/ weird. Put Ur hair in a bundle or let it hang down. Or Let it dreadlock. Ur hairs are ur antennas to heaven. Shaving it is like shaving out ur brain. Plus it hurts and costs money, which makes u have to be a wage slave and suck it. Hair protects ur sensitive parts from temperature and wicks away moisture which causes disease. If u shave ur hair ur more likely to turn into coffin filler, faster, and uglier. Ur hairs are there for a reason, don't let the current death cult deform/ retard ur thinking like it has done to itself. Let ur hairs do their thing and focus on what really matters. Which is eating ur own shit. (see post below about eating shit)

Grow A Beard.

Save Money. Eat Ur Own Shit.

Don't be scared, poop tastes just like food, has all the minerals and nutrients of food, and is good for the earth (it's green). Why do u think dogs do it, duhhhh??!!! U ever licked an asshole? Of course u have! What do u think honey is bitch! Assholes/ honey are the same word. Assholes are honey dispensers. All food is just future shit and vice versa. U might as well smarten up, start making sense, and just get to the point. Eat shit now or die a bitch. Or u could cut all this out and just stop eating all together. But i know how everyone likes their ass cancers. And i cant take that away from u, because i love u.

Ok, some maybe Im having some fun u dumb cunts. ..Just Kidding, Food is grown out of shit. Food is shit. Shit is food. We are made of shit when we eat food. We are literally full of shit. Do u really think it's natural to be full of food/ shit? Do we like to pay so much to suck satans cock, get our titties cut off by butcher drug dealers, and be full of shit 24/7. How about having mushroom fungus grow from our intestines through up to our skin as blowholes. How about being nothing more than a vessel for satan to suck and fuck dry and throw away. U dirty sluts. Have some respect for ur meatsuits. Sit in one place and do absolutely nothing with nothing since everything is nothing anyhow. We r smelly compost when we do what we are told. Humans are a mold on the earth. Unless we're not of course.

This is what we came on earth to do. U will feel the ring of truth in this video and will finally know ur hearts now undeniable calling.

Wear Shorts All Year Round. Pants Make U Cold And Give U Cancer.

Pants make u cold. Also They block u from the sun which keeps u from dying of fucking AIDS!! or any other dis-eases u get from being a terrorist dork wage slave fear-mongering loser! oh, and Lock ur doors if u want to get ur shit stolen pussy. hahaaahhhaaaa!!

Wearing clothes makes u act like a crazy person. Be normal, wear as little clothes as possible, stay outside, and soak up as much sun as possible. Smile and say hello to strangers wearing shorts with no shoes in winter. Ask strangers how their cancers and/ or diabetes is developing. But talk slow cause they might not understand u since not walking barefoot lowers iq. ..Remember to forgive them for they know not what they do.

Ditch Ur Shoes! Shoes Deform Ur Feet! Go Barefoot All Year Round! Especially Winter!

Shoes desensitize u from reality, are expensive, make u have to be a wage slave, deform ur feet, make u weak, destroy ur back, cut u off from natural abundant energy in the ground,  are ugly, generally made from murdered animals, make u smell bad, make u have to buy ugly socks, make u walk weird, ruin ur knees, give u shinsplints, cut u off from intuition and spirit, make u have to eat more food which makes u ugly and stupid and makes u shit more, make u avoid jumping in puddles, make u more prone to infection/ cuts/ scrapes, shoes are unsanitary, make u look and act like a terrorist. Shoes are products of an outdated cult I call the "Take Pills Die" death cult-ure. I haven't learned how to skateboard or ride bikes without shoes yet. maybe soon :) Remember like all things awesum, it's a process and takes time. The more people come back to actual reality of life the better. Actual reality happens when u stop spending/ using money. "going freegan" Freegan is the future now when we all stop acting like sissy bitch terrorist dorks.


When you run barefoot in the cold, your muscles are forced to do the work to support your feet that shoes or over-supportive boots used to do. Before, when you ran in the cold, your body shunted blood AWAY from your feet and to warmer parts of the body because the feet didn’t need the bloodflow. But when you’re barefoot, your feet NEED the bloodflow to stay warm…so, instead of shunting blood AWAY from your feet, the body pumps more of the hot stuff TO your feet.
AKA, your feet stay warm in the cold. Yes, warm enough to run in the snow. And while I love running in the snow in my shorts (my legs get beat red and my feet sweat for hours,  keeping a good layer or two on the legs helps the feet stay even warmer. Just watch your stride, it can be thrown way off by the clothes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ways in Which Our Feet are Weak

1.) Our Arches are Asleep

With ‘great arch support’ found in traditional running shoes, our strong and springy arches haven’t had to work.  Moreover, by relying on arch support, we’ve locked out one of nature’s greatest shock absorbers and stabilizers, and reduced our arches to mush. They can be rebuilt and raised up stronger than ever; however, you have to start slow. Wisely, the Five Fingers are built with minimum arch support. That’s great for letting your foot do the work. But, if you do too much too fast, your muscles won’t be able to handle the new workload. Instead, you’ll force the job onto your plantar fascia, the band of easily-upset connective tissue running the length of the bottom of your foot. It was never meant to handle such force, and can quickly lead to Plantar Fasciitis.

2.) We’ve Lost Flexibility

Sharpening Any Knife with Cinder Block/ Cardboard (or Coffee Cup) To a Razors Edge For Shaving Ur Face/ Head/ MeatSuit

Since we are living in the dark ages, learning skills like knife sharpening  from trash laying around is quite useful I'd say. Plus u'll never have to buy lame disposable razors which test on animals and clog up holes in the ground. U only need one knife to do everything girls and boys. And this is pretty much all u need as well for ur adventures. Seriously, u don't need to bring anything else if ur well informed, creative, and trust ur intuition. U really don't even need a knife, but anyhoo...

The Lemurians: Play Is Pay


Nancy Note: I first met these entities in August 2005, right after we had moved to NW Montana. Within a few days of arriving they came through very powerfully. I was reeling from disorientation & grief associated with this move, and could not understand why I chose to come here.

Who are the Lemurians? Well, this gets a little weird. The Lemurians live in another dimension, a hair-breadth away from us. As they are fond of saying, "We live inwards from you!"

Did the Lemurians ever live on this Earth, as many psychics think? Probably, but you could say that they live (and have always lived) on a deeper frequency Earth. Are we ready to go inward far enough and into our own Divinity to meet them?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Nancy: One of the surprises in this whole Life shift is the meeting of a new group of entities. The explanation of who they are and what our purpose is together…is a little “out-there” even for me. But I will share with you some of the personal missives I have been receiving. Not sure why, but I feel drawn to share with you all the concept of this contact. These particular entities wish a place on my website. I have taken different days of contact and combined them so you will find them introducing themselves a few times...I felt it best to leave most of the missives unedited....And so, here they are.

The Lemurians: Many people ask us where we live…we say we live inside, at the core. That is the answer. To contact Self, and thus to have more communion with us, you must go to your inner core. Go inside to the Divine. Clear your inner pathways to see/feel what the core of your true self is, and grant that to yourself.

What I'm thankful for 2010.02.12

What I'm thankful for 2010.02.12
Sleeping bags
The color black
Take pills die death cult-ure
Quiet time
Shoes that are barely shoes. Helping me to my next level, Bare Feet!
MacBook pro 13'
Nag champa and morning star incense
John Maus
iTunes store for showing me music and podcasts so I can download them
from filestube/ thepiratebay.org
My tiny house
Dickies work coat
Reload bags
Sleeping bags
Nice Mom who's more like a friend
Jericho Sunfire
Food card (stamps) / ebt
Huge dumpstered bag of coffee I've had in the freezer for two years
Coffe grinder and bodum filter
Bamboo spoon/ fork that I got in sf last year
99.99999% of the population for showing me how not to be
This notes app
Air speed shoes from walmart
X-gfriend Virginia for sponsoring my life so I could make so much
music to share w the world
Channeled talks from ascended masters
5gallon water bottle and $0.30 a gallon reverse osmosis refill machines
Green tea
Stretchy pants
All the time I have to do things like write this stuff to u or sleep
whenever I want :)
The barn ramp
Touch screens
Smiles like this :) w what I'm writing
Being thankful


Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyones Invited!

Gratitude. Contentment. Collapsing Time.

Gratitude. Contentment. Collapsing Time.

All "problems" happen for the exact perfect reason down to the finest
detail so that u can use the knowledge of ur "situation" to help
others. There are no accidents. Knowing this, what used to be problems
will now be insights. Ur ascension process (nothing fancy, just real-ization of what actually is) will quickly evolve, life
will be way more fun and spontaneous, and a trust will grow between u
and intuition (who u really r) that nothing can stop. Listen now or listen later. It's just a matter a time. It's all in time and is already done. U r out of time already. Sync to that. Our new understanding is out of time, into now here.

Keyword: gratitude is the attitude.

U can look back now on ur life and see for urself :) Ur in the perfect
place for ultimate awesum now. True understanding collapses time since there's no longer a need for it. Everything happening now. Choose ur adventure. Know that u chose all of it and always have, always will. So now what? What do u choose now?

...Thanks archangel gabrial and metatron for the insight! And thanks
great mother earth and father sun for providing all for my current
journey! Love love love!


Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyones Invited!

Skateboarding (Rail) Tricks brainstorms again:

Skateboarding (Rail) Tricks brainstorms again:
Wasting time cause we're all going to die.

Rs to feeble
Bs hurricane
Ng shuv
N180 sw k pop over
Fakie rs 270
N180 sw k 180
Feeble rs feeble
Sw shuv k 180
Bs ts bs bigspin
Hc k 180
N180 sw feeb 180 / shuv
Sm g kf
Ng sw stance
Sw/Hc rs 270 body spin
Fs bs 270 bs
Ba Fg bs 180
Fg 5-0 fs shuv/ sw stance
Sw bs feeb
Kg back lip
Bs Feeb to bs


Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyones Invited!

Collapse of the current fraudulant federal reserve bankster scam. New multi-dimensional free energy technologies.

Collapse of the current fraudulant federal reserve bankster scam. New multi-dimensional free energy technologies. Launching of the new planet awesum system. Moving beyond the need for "money". Annunaki schemes put in the light. House cleaning. Critical Mass. Rising of consciousness releases our burdening of mother earths resources. First Contact/ disclosure.

-Galactic Federation Of Light Sheldan Nidle February 10 2010 (youtube)

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

8 Men, 18 Yax, 5 Caban

Selamat Balik! We return with more to discuss with you. Right now, our Earth allies are finishing what has been a very protracted roller-coaster ride with the dark, full of sudden dips and surprises at every turn. Despite these challenges the allies rallied, determined to ensure that the endless dark "tricks" did not derail their objectives. Their dark adversaries are getting quite agitated and panicky over the fact that their usual round of games has not worked, and that the control they have been accustomed to wielding for millennia is slipping from their grasp. Agreement upon agreement signed by our Earth allies and their new partners continues to make it increasingly difficult for the dark cabal to maintain its age-old pattern of fear-mongering and ever-tightening manipulation. Indeed, these tactics are falling flat, and the sole remaining tool of any consequence is control of the mass corporate media, which continues to paint a picture of reality using lies and none-too-subtle innuendo. While this adds further to the public's level of frustration, it also indicates to our Earth allies that the dark old bag of tricks is almost empty.

This increasing constriction of the dark's dominion means that the allies can implement some key agreements that have been signed with several nations, enabling them to move a large amount of gold into place to back up the new hard currency system. Concurrently, a number of banking reforms have been executed in many nations, which can prevent the casino-trading and money-laundering that plagues the current banking regulations and that almost brought down the world economy some months back. As these new banking accords come on line, the pressure upon the USA Corporation to relinquish its stranglehold builds relentlessly. The Federal Reserve System is the crux of the matter. The Fed Main Bank needs to be collapsed in order to allow the execution of those critical reforms whose first task is to dismantle what remains of this entity. This sets the stage for global debt forgiveness which is essential to the successful launching of the new system, as presently there is enough fraud-based debt to rapidly sink any new financial system!

Ethics. Consciousness. Ascension. Banking Systems With Kryon And The Galactic Federation

It's all a flow of energy. Raise ur Personal Light Quotiant/ Energize Kundalini/ Raise Ur Frequencies! (ongoing galactic federation youtube playlist) Connecting to the heart of mother earth/ great sun invocation. Channeling for current earth peoples moving out of 3d. Creating a loving kinding world for all.

click part 2 in the video window at end of this part 1 if ur awesum

(transcript) http://lightworkers.org/channeling/99039/kryon-true-love
Tuesday, 26 January, 2010 (posted 6 February, 2010)

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be with you once again, for much has changed since we last did a channelling for you and there are a great many more changes in the air; for love and the planet earth now is a serious proposition. There are many changes coming and many new energies coming, and you will be releasing many energies that no longer serve you. You will be stepping closer and closer with each day that goes by in South Africa, not to 2010 and the World cup soccer, but to a new age beginning in 2012. A new age that is based in the energies of love.

There will be powerful hierarchies that begin, and have already begun, to collapse. You can see that in the global banking system, ethics are being called for and ethics will begin to happen. The bankers are here to serve the population by allowing money to flow to where it should flow, and their pockets are partly included in this equation but not to the degree that they think it should. Slowly but surely the governments of the world will begin to contain these men that are living this path of high adventure and not allowing the money and the love from flowing to those who generate it. Where energy is put into some-one's life then that energy must be received. If for some reason this energy is flowing to where it should not be, things will change and this will cause suffering, pain and hardship.

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa February 10 2010

Pack ur bags. Let go of all 3d baggage. Forgive all. Let Go Let Flow. Planet Awesum!

from the ongoing galactic federatino of light youtube playlist here from Komurosan

(transcript) http://lightworkers.org/channeling/99312/salusa-10-february-2010
SaLuSa 10-February-2010

Your ability to rise above the chaotic conditions around you is within your power. You are supreme Beings just discovering how well you can block the negative energies, through your power of thought. At all times lower energies swirl around you, but providing you centre your energies within self you are safe. You become that proverbial beacon of Light, that wards off assaults aimed at penetrating your defense. The dark ones deliberately create discord and fear, hoping to bring you down and take your attention off your goal. Keep concentrating on your immediate tasks to carry you on to Ascension. That way your mindset will be undisturbed by what is going on around you. When physical changes cause disruption and destruction, know that they will have no effect in the long term on your destiny to ascend. The old Earth has to be cleansed but will not be your home, as already the new Earth is taking form.

You have been through many unsettling times, and periods of utter despair yet here you are at the door of a New Age ready to put all of that behind you. It no longer has any bearing on your future, as you already tread the new path to glory and fulfillment. You will not be surprised to learn that the new experiences will soon consign the past to history, where it can no longer harm you. It is fortunate that you cannot recall all of your previous lives, as they would distract you from the far more important task of successfully completing this cycle. Dear Ones, as fascinating as it maybe to learn about who you were, the important point is that you carry the value of the experiences with you. These will help you overcome similar problems, and your evolution goes marching on.

Freegan Ambient Drone-ish Albums That Have Inspired Me Lately

HELLO HAPPY PPLS! here are some links to what i have been listening to lately in the ambient / drone or near there category.. this doesn't change much, but please leave comments to albums you've been listening to lately. I don't support banksters, pyramid schemes, haters as much as possible, since it doesn't work. if an album that u have isn't freegan, put it up on http://www.mediafire.com/ and post it here or on ur blog and link it here (in comments, please don't email me). I know most ppl aren't freegan yet so it's  inevitable to pirate in the current take pills die death cult-ure. When the laws are wrong, everyone is a criminal. but pirating is a positive, healthy start. steal it back! This helps us all. thank u :)

First i want u all to know that i am out of the loop and don't read so much about other artists, mainly so i can inspire myself. There are so many AMAZING ambient drone artists out there so please let me know who they are in the comments below (not by emailing me), especially let us all know if they are u! My only prerequisite is that it be freegan and stay that way forever, since it's the future now and everything else is deeeaaad. PLANET AWESUM IS FREEGAN!

if ur just using freegan-ism to promote "ooh first ones free but the second will cost u" go somewhere else cause i try not to support terrorism. money is terrorism. thanks! :) all business is the death business. I only now promote life, which if is sold, becomes dead. there is no equal exchange with monetary units and no excuses, I'd say. but yeah im from outer space.

stars of the lid (favorite ever) - or all SOTL albums here mediafire or all here plus some piratebay.org or go here filestube for a few of them

eluder - drift on archive.org and warm warming (mediafire)

milieu/ brian grainger - archive.org milieu brother ambient tapes gunkajima slow lid close  a warm wooden hollow (quosp) grassland melodies (david tagg) sawdust aromatics

take pills die
[tpd090] 09.10.28 Abolish Money
[tpdm083] 07.04.23 Dead Sea Partyng
[tpdm082] 07.04.16 Everyone Here Is Me
[tpdm071] 05.12.25 Country
[tpdm069] 05.12.02 There Are Better Ways To Kill Yourself You Know
[tpdm063] 05.08.26 Standing Stone
[tpdm041] 04.04.29 The New You
[tpdm008] 02.10.08 Sweater Kittens

herzog - first summer and the running dream

washed out - high times and life of leisure on mediafire

john maus - Love is Real 2007 and Songs 2006 on mediafire 

celer - on the archive.org arill belsslsssl and filestube here

ian hagwood (oops i mean ian hawgood) - soundtrack to a film multiple albums on archive.org

some others that got me into this:
aphex twin selected ambient works volume 1
aphex twin selected ambient works volume 2 part 1 part 2

ok, random shit i just found and haven't really listened to but have the names im talkn bout in them:
Podcast from Framework Radio phonography/field recording here

i just want to take this space to say QUIT SCHOOL BEFORE U GET TOO STUPID! and also, IF IT'S NOT FREEGAN, U PROLLY DON'T NEED IT!


My TIny "Tumbleweed" House That I Made Out Of Mostly "Trash" 2009

Another link to the photos here
I've been trying to keep it electricity free. I get Passive Solar Heat in the winter from the skylights. Also I have some good 0 degree feather sleeping bags zipped together! More pictures coming soon. If u have any questions ask in comments. I built this pretty much all myself. Got some of the materials from the habitat for humanity restore and home depot/ lowes, the rest from trash piles. It's built on a converted boat trailer that i found off craigslist for $850. I spent about 2800 total i think, maybe less and it took me about 2 months to build 95% by myself with just a rechargable drill, saw, hammer, and other random shit. So yeah im a homeowner and i can bring it w me everywhere. But Im trying to downsize. This place is too big. Maybe totally urban camping. Then planet awesum where i won't need any of this bullshit. Freegan is the future now. Oh if u wanna stay w me ever hit me up on http://www.couchsurfing.org/profile.html?id=BNWWGFK It's currently in Richmond, Va. YEAH!!!

Breatharianism, Inedia, Pranic Nourishment, Sun Gazing, Bigu. Free Jericho Sunfire Ebooks!

Some new traits of ur planet awesum (plan-it awe-sum) birthright, when u embrace it, are not having to need anything material anymore to "survive".  FUCK YEAH!!!!!

What's the most common thing people tell you when u say ur going "PRO-AWESUM"? ...It's "Well U Gotta Eat?!".. Now you can tell them:
to go fuck themselves,
that all food is a drug, 
kills u, 
kills the planet, 
is not necessary, 
that not eating is our natural state, 
they are being selfish using what they don't need and they are missing out on themselves (the party), 
eating makes u "slow and stupid", 
eating wastes resources, 
eating makes us shit all over urself, 
eating makes u have to whore ur beautiful body out to terrorist dorks, 
eating makes u old and ugly and have to shit all over urself, 
eating wastes almost 80 or 90 % of ur energy for nothing for digestion, 
eating makes u less creative, 
eating makes u smell bad, 
eating makes u need doctors and other demons of low frequency death cult-ure,
eating is violent, 
eating is no fun for anyone. 

To quit eating is nothing special and yes it's ur natural state. U CAN DO THIS NOW (and it's free-gan)! Yeah it will be a process, just like getting off any drug, but the links below offer u some support. Im not completely there yet either as of now. But I am fasting/ detoxing the "take pills die" death cult-ure out of me as u read this.

Get with the program! We as a species don't have to be irresponsible, lazy, terrorists anymore!

Here are two youtube playlists to help u on ur path/initiation. This will help us all manifest plan-it awe-sum much faster:

Jericho Sunfire Breatharian Warrior Jericho Sunfire! 1. A day in the life 2. The fruitarian/ liquidarian/ breatharian process 3. 5 minute workout YOUTUBE PLAYLIST -55 videos
here is Mr. Jericho Sunfire's new website. ..Can't thank u enough!! :)
http://www.jerichosunfire.com/ download and read his ebooks! 

  • Jericho's Free E-Books

    Breatharianism, Inedia, Pranic Nourishment, Bigu, Sun Gazing, Solar Gazing, HRM, Jasmuheen, Phan Tấn Lộc, Akahi, Master Fu Hui, Camila Castillos, Jericho Sunfire, Supreme Master Television, Planet Awesome, YOUTUBE PLAYLIST - 78 videos
  • Meet Our Friend Devin. He Knows U Already

    galactic federation of light feb 6, 2010 pt.1 - youtube
    galactic federation of light feb 6, 2010 pt.2 - youtube 
    or here is a current as of today 65 video galactic federation of light youtube playlist

    David Wilcock/ Benjamin Fulford talking about human sacrifice, bush clone, titanic being an inside job, the end of the federal reserve, obama not a legal citizen, ww1/2 being an inside job, black dragon crew
    take pills die death cult-ure crashing hard! - transcript
    or http://divinecosmos.com/podcasts/Fulford-Wilcock_1-10_final.mp3

    I love you guys! Thanks for coming here, being interested in, and spreading planet awesum! I'd say there isn't anything better or more responsible u could do with ur time. Much thanks :)

    Galactic Federation Of Light. What to do with "Slow and Stupid" Death Cult-ure. GET STOKED!

    Galactic Federation of Light. Kryon Youtube Video Playlist

    Make It Fun. Spark Ur Joy. U all have a mission. This mission revolves around selfless service to others. It is the reason u r on earth now. It will no longer be about surviving. It will be about loving. There will be no more fighting over things. There is enough abundance for everyone. There are absolutely no limits now. Be in-joy.

    What if u had one million dollars now to give away in the next hour. who would u give it to? Dream big dreams cause there are none that are impossible now.

    Trust that their is a higher intelligence in charge on the earth and in ur life. Trust that. It will get u through whatever is going on in ur life. Worry is wasted thought. Practice living in faith. Keep ur freqs high. U r never alone even if u feel that way at times. Practice allowing the awe-sum to show u. Surrender to what ur really feeling. U know it's all bullshit and you know u r being kept slow and stupid. U know ur money is going to feed war machines in ur name. U know what u need to do. U have to let go and allow. It is always a matter of choice that u need to make in every moment every time u re-member. The future is freegan. Try to let go of any fear u have in the future, since u are creating it. Everyone is looking to you. U r going to see radical changes that are beneficial to all when u let go and allow the awesome. Stop manipulating. U didn't come here to struggle. U came here to have the best life ever. U r a creation machine. U can do it! Ur way more awesome than u can imagine. If ur tired, take a nap. There is nothing u have to do ever. U don't owe anybody anything. What ur feeling is the flushing away of old world low freq energy. Celebrate it. Don't rebuke or judge anything since u don't really know what's good or bad. It's a passing parade. Watch it go. Just look up and notice that WE ARE ON A BIG ROCK IN FUCKING OUTER SPACE THAT GOES ON FOREVER HOLY SHIT!!!

    Eat less/ live more! Simplify ur life. Lessen ur load on others by using less. Soon u'll realize u don't need anything at all! No srsly! We are making up all the limited thinking. Use ur power to create. Don't misuse it if u can help it. We all move at our own pace. But if u want to be light-er, live light-er. Be flexible and not rigid in ur beliefs. Life is dynamic so u must constantly reassess ur position with it. We will get whatever we are ready for. Be ready for the most amazing things ever and don't waste any more time w low freq beings. There is nothing u can say to help them understand what u r doing so don't bother. There is also nothing they can do to stop u from doing what u r doing. Just make sure it benefits all on all levels and shine the awesum, the stoke, keep it HIGH! U will come back to this more and more. Less and less will u need heavy low freq in-formation as u allow things to pass.

    Train ur mind to see the message in all things. All things and people that come into ur wild. U r being given gifts in every moment. But u have to be open to it. The miracle is not that the message has been sent, but that u got it. Be open to recieve these messages. Change the channel to awe-sum. Trust Urself. Trust Others. Trust those around u. It's all in perfect order. Living in fear only makes more fear. Don't lock ur doors. Don't worry about tomorrow. Don't worry about yesterday. Only now. I know it's easy to say. U just have to keep re-minding urself. Repitition. love love love.

    The m$m symbol kind of looks like snake eyes

    The m$m symbol kind of looks like snake eyes
    Ur quantum and already know everything. Just be w that part of u
    that's at peace and in love. Uve already done everything. Surrender to
    the awe-sum. It's already been there dine that. Don't waste any more
    time w the details. Feel the sun on ur face. See the beauty of the
    moment. It's there. It's here. Always was. It's just u that weren't.
    Be here for that and everything else will be worked out. Srsly shut
    the fuck up and stop being a bitch. Ur awesome. Realize it and stop
    complaining. Be the force that ud look back on and say "dam I'm fn
    awesome!" make it count. U r all u need. Be the source. Everyone is
    lookin to u, waiting for u to relax in the moment. Stop fucking around
    slut. U r complete now. Shut down the whorehouse of u mind. U r the
    source of the awe-sum. Nobody can give it to u but they can inspire u
    to find it in urself. Get stoked! All time is now! Oh also, everything
    u put in ur body is just debri. Stop it and let ur beautiful bod get
    back to it's original state. U can't add or take away. U can only b


    Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyones Invited!

    Not eat. Not spend money. Not get cold. Not have to sleep. Not get old. Not die. Not hurt. Planet awesome all day everyday.

    Not eat.
    Not spend money.
    Not get cold.
    Not have to sleep.
    Not get old.
    Not die.
    Not hurt.
    Planet awesome all day everyday.

    Reasons to sit here and do nothing

    Reasons to sit here and do nothing

    Traveling uses energy which costs money which means u have to work which means u have to suffer which means someone else has to suffer.

    Going somewhere else doesn't solve anything it never has it never will.No matter where u go ur always in the same place anyhow kind of so u might as well just stay where u r.

    Nobody really has anything to offer more than u can give urself.

    Moving is just an excuse and really gets u nowhere ever.

    Whatever u do, say, or be doesn't matter cause ur still always going to come back to this.

    Don't get up and get food cause where did that food come from? It came from somewhere far away, so why do u need it. All u need is right here. Ur just feeding ur addictions by going anywhere and it doesn't help anyone especially not urself.

    It's not warmer or better it's just different over there, but soon it will just be the same so just stay here.

    Everything gets old. Might as well just let it get old here, ur not missing out on anything. Right here what do u see? If say u didn't leave where u were or manipulate external forces. U would see day changes weather changes ppl exchanges and ud prolly feel some of them in ur body. U would feel hunger thirst desire urges regrets contentment happiness sadness loneliness anger frustration contemplation.. So what who cares. Nobody but u. Why do u care? Nobody really owes u anything and u don't owe anyone else either.

    All products are the products of failure

    All products are the products of failure
    To live is to fail. And that's ok

    Thoughts go on forever. Arguments go on forever. Don't pay it any mind.
    Where are all the enlightened pple? The ppl that had all the answers?
    Did they die? ..maybe ;)

    So if everone dies does that mean everyones enlightened? ..Now ur just wearing urself out. Go ahead and do that and see where it takes u. All goes to the same place. Right here with nothing.

    If it's not within Arms reach of u u don't need it.

    If it's not within Arms reach of u u don't need it. U might think u do but ur just fooling urself. Yeah u could get up and make things within arms reach of u or use technology to make everything seem witin arms reach. But ur just wasting ur time. U were born w everything u need. Ur only living cause ur scared of dying.

    Being Popular

    Being Popular

    Does getting more ppl into what ur creating or doing say anything
    about the necessity of ur act?

    How do u know these ppl really care about any of the energy that went
    behind what ur doing? Maybe they're just doing what they're told. 
    Following the present hype. And soon they'll move on wout even really
    getting any of it or being any of it.
    What r u doing?
    Isn't it more dependent on the quality and perspective of ur message?
    And what is that. Doesn't that message change all the time? How r u
    going to convey that to ur "followers"? Won't that make them angry.
    Won't they get burnt out. Won't u.
    Why do u need followers. Why do u need confirmation that ur doin the
    right thing? Don't u already know it?
    Do u think ppl that "do" anything of real value r value-able to a cult-
    ure that doesn't have much of a perspective in the first place? What
    is value? Doesn't value change all the time? Why do u gotta do all
    this bullshit. Think bout all this crap. What r u trying to prove?
    They'll never get it and neither will u. So give up.
    Giving up is the real popular thing to do from the broadest
    perspective. There is nothing to get, be, or do and ur just going
    through the motions pussy. Ur not getting anywhere, never have gotten
    anywhere. This is how u get somewhere. This is being popular.

    Permanent vacation the only vocation

    Permanent vacation the only vocation

    Let's say u have a job. Let's say u make music. U have to distribute that music. U have to hype that music. What does that music stand for.What r the goals of it. What do u want to see it do. What do u want it
    to do for u. For the world. Where do u want it to take u. Where do u want to go. How would u like it to take u there. What will accomplishing the goals of this music do for u. What is it doing for others. So uve accomplished the goals of the music. U done? No of course not so now what. Set more goals. New goals new from a new perspective. A new frequency. Repeat.

    Innernet Peace Corps

    these are notes i took from "jasmuheens madonna frequency planetary peace program youtube videos" http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=11A4648FB505B995
    they are about freeing people from dorks, posers, prostitution, ..stuff of the take pills die death cult-ure (low-freq).

    as far as ive seen there is nobody more punk rock.. other than my recent finding of jericho sunfire. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=6B04DD150A53D285&search_query=jericho+sunfire but yeah jasmuheen is from a different generation which might make some of the things she says "corny", even though on planet awe-sum eveyone's zero (no-age). I don't believe in age-ism. I salute anyone battling the current "slow and stupid" regime.

    - - - - - - - -- - --- - - -- -- - - -- --- - -- - - - -

    I am an ascended being of infinite light and infinite love
    We accept peace now and we love it.
    We accept peace now and we honor it.
    We accept peace now an we respect it.
    I Andrew Cauthen accept the invitation of the innernet peace corps to
    reclaim my right to love on earth in harmony and peace now
    As a citizen on planet earth, I now reclaim my right to live in peace.
    Chant 3 times!
    So it is! So it is! So it is!
    Love breath... Breathe in "I am love" breathe out "I love"
    I am plugged into a neverending source of pure love, divine love,
    divine wisdom, and power. As I morph through this world it moves
    through me, it nourishes me, it flows out into the world and tranforms
    this world.
    I do not absorbe energy from this world. I radiate infinite energy
    into this world.
    I surrender every cell, every atom of my being to the divine force
    within. U make me the weight that u want me to be.

    Innernet. Future Internet. The Future is Freegan. The Future is Now.

    On planet awe-sum their is no more internet, there's the innernet. Which isn't bound in time or space. U can travel infinite universes forwards/ backwards in time. And be all it's in-formation, it's media, all at the same time.

    There is no regulation of the innernet other than ur self. U have to develop ur ability to respond (response-ability) to hang on the innernet. Since it's all potentials at once.

    What's good what's bad?

    What's good what's bad?
    Do we have to read it in a book. Over there?
    In a something else. Over s care. Look out not inn. Home is shoveling
    shit. That's what the say. It's farcing me to perceive in symbols.
    Filters. Ditch. Gutter. But u gotta be happy so interact but don't
    contract. No real contact. Max out ur credit cards!! Max out ur
    lifestyle!! Get it over with. Come back to the awesome. Come back to
    sunshine. To ease and grace and space. Innerspace breads outerspace.
    Illegal immigrant. Stale party. Dead farts.

    U know u don't really agree and it's not going to make it easier for
    anyone acting like u do!!! WTF just stop! We are making it all up so
    why not make it awesome. Make it real. Make it count. We don't want
    another hero. We r the hero and it starts and ends w zero. Blame all u
    can can. We c in circles. Fun and play and homo ludens. How do I talk
    walk chalk about it? Start at the beginning. Finish when ur done.

    Its just silly going to bed when ur not sleepy.

    Its just silly going to bed when ur not sleepy.

    Arf arf arf
    Arf arf arf arf
    Arf arf arf arf arf arf
    Arf arf arf arf
    Arf arf
    Arf arf arf

    Give people the sun and they fine u for not having a license.
    Compromise urself and u get compromised.
    Act and u shall receive.
    Actors pair a dice. Throw them out.
    Mister sister. Keeping it all in.
    Blow it on a game show.
    Be out like a light.

    I attract the mostest awesomest people today and everyday.

    I attract the mostest awesomest people today and everyday. Setting
    me certain on the path to continued free and happy. Radiating rad.
    Unsurping blap with a warm hug. We all just babies. We're all just
    babies. With rabies. Shed light and love and compassion. Never ration.
    Keep it really real meal. Airwalk. The people that would help us r
    hiding in their homes. Cause if they shined it full blast ur pretty
    marbles would all sink back to stink and the smell would swell. Fully
    pulley all gralph to surface mouth. To see w eyes unpampered. Raw.
    Thank u. No more do do.

    I keep breathing. Forever believing.

    I keep breathing. Forever believing.
    Continue continue continue.
    Big inn next venue.
    Masters calling u. Bring it in
    No work.


    Power chakra on top of head
    Pituitary gland
    No need to rest
    No sweating
    No water
    No pee or poop
    Meditate forever
    Toungue to back of throat


    Smooth ground
    Different sized Ledges/ rails
    Manny pad
    Maury box
    Fruit Trees. Persimmon. Apple
    Large mellow hip
    Up down ledge rail bank
    No transitions at all
    Plant a bunch of different types of trees (oak, maple, persimmon.
    Apple, mulberry, pear, walnut, evergreen.. Perennials) and put
    something different around each one. Banks. Rails. Ledges of different
    shapes, sizes, colors. More murals and blackboards
    Chimborazo 3pm. Meetn skatepark lady at 4 there. Get everyone u can so
    we can get it started. I'm thinking, a bunch of dif food trees planted
    (apple, persimon, walnut, pear..) with ledges/ rails/ banks around
    them. Shade, food, skate, chillin.. Oh and more lights. Open till 11

    Born ugly

    Born ugly
    Ramp tricks brain storm:
    Bs flip off extension over small part
    Fs ts Ollie to wall
    Fs 270 Ollie to bs/fs 270 out/ sw bs 270 out
    Fs 180 sw krook kf out
    Hc blunt bs nb bs 180 out
    Fs 5-0 mute grab pull in
    Fs 5-0 fs shuv
    Sw bs 5-0 shuv
    Bl fs disaster to bs revert
    Bl bs bigspin
    540 Ollie impossible off extension
    Bl on extension to 5050 lower deck to fakie
    Bl ext to bs disaster low deck
    Kf crook/ shuv
    Kf bs lip/ bs 180
    Sw f smith
    Sw fs 360 disaster / revert
    Sw fs 360 tail stall / revert
    Bs 270 nose pick/ 270 in
    Bs 360 nose stall/ revert
    Sw fs flip nstall / revert
    Sw fs flip disaster
    Sq bs flip disaster
    N 270 shuv np / 270 revert
    Fs 5-0 kf
    Fa ts fs shuv
    Kf bs nb
    Fakie pop kf disaster to nb
    Fakie pop kf to nb to fakie to nb
    Kf bl to fakie to bl to kf
    Fs pop shuv bl/ bs 180
    Fakie fs 180 bl fs 180 in
    N bs nblunt to bs 180 in

    Spring. What to grow

    Spring. What to grow
    First idea: absolutly nothing except what's growing on the within an
    bringing that more into the without
    Second idea:
    Peppermint/ spearmint
    Apple tree
    Wheat for beer
    Large glass containers
    Honeybees? Mead?
    Stainless steel continers?
    Huge pots?
    More tobacco
    Curing place
    Thick growth. Diverse, everywhere, anarchy! Free. Birds, animals
    Meditation, creation
    Planet awesome beer tobacco kombucha ramp
    Filtered water
    More Ideas:
    If u want something u have to give something. U have to host couch
    surfing. Plant lavendar mint Rosemary sage in ur yard. Offer it if u
    come. U have to try my beer kombucha tobacco. U have to sit with me
    before u skate for 5 mins and focus on ur breath. Must be free for all
    regardless of what they do. Money should never be a problem. If u have
    money give it. The gift that keeps on giving. Practice loving kindness.

    On Planet awesome.. (plan-it awe-sum)

    On Planet awesome.. (awe-sum)
    Everyones sponsored
    Everyones zero (no age)
    Powered off stoke
    U don't "live" anywhere, ur "camping"
    There's no waste
    There's no crime cause there's no lack
    We're all already on planet awesome and always have been
    Consequences aren't harsher, just more obvious
    Nobody needs to take out the trash cause there is none
    Doing what ur stoked on naturally sponsors everyone else to do what
    they're stoked on. Win win
    Ur in exactly the right place for planet awesome
    Planet awesome has NO FUTURE, just OMFG!
    Planet awesome is not for sale and never can be.
    The currency on planet awesome is stoke and everyones a generator.
    Share stoke to amplify ur stoke account. There is no middleman.
    There is no escape from planet awesome.
    Planet awesome is exactly where u r.
    There is no time, past or future, just constantly expanding awesome
    Planet awesome is pure potential
    The only god on planet awesome is everything that's happening right now.
    There is no heaven or hell, just planet awesome.
    Planet awesome is the biggest terrorist ever.
    There are no stores on planet awesome, there's cores. Planet awesome
    is multi-core.
    There is no score on planet awesome.
    The first rule of planer awesome, is talk about planet awesome
    Planet awesome happens when u shut the fuck up.
    Happens when u give up and start up.
    Happens when u scream, cry, lay down to die.
    Happens when u sleep all day, stay up all night.
    Happens when u STOP where u r
    Happens when u go to bed/ get up early
    Happens when u stop trying to please others
    Is appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance
    Planet awesome is everything
    Planet awesome is pure potential, complete genius. There's no waste.
    Everythings utilized in perfect order with no time. It's totally
    spontaneous and does without doing anything. Exponentially expanding
    stoke wildfires. High freq fractal infinite awesome cute puppy. Begins
    within now here. Needs nothing. Total terror. No escape. Parachute
    free. The highest mountain. Peek. Torrential. Calm

    The nothing grows stronger everyday

    The nothing grows stronger everyday
    If u move more, u groove more
    To bear a ring of power, u will b alone
    Zinc makes u come more
    Welcome to the shire!
    Always follow ur knose