Trees Don't Argue

w.w.t.d. what would trees do?

Medical Mafia. It's Ok, Im A Doctor.

Society is Suicide.

Evolution of Self-ishness

The more u give, the more u get. Since we're all the same person,
giving to others is just giving to urself. The evolution of self-
ishness. We're here on earth to serve ourselves all the way to zero
point. Gathering, funneling, accepting, forgiving, loving, shedding
the use for fear. Mastery. The awesome. Fun. Creation. Mystery.
Ongoing. Simple. Process. Ease-ee. We're making it all up, everything,
is u, me, us. Storms come, they go, ur still here, unchanged, just
broadened perspective that nurtures. Understands. Excitement.
Compassion. No worries. We've been there or We'll go there. It's ok.
Beyond time. Yo yo. Forwards backwards doesn't matter. There's no
escape. Nowhere really to run. Nowhere to hide. Wide open to the
smallest, densist point. Feel it. It's u and not u. It's change, life.
Upgrade downgrade. Who really cares. Make it again, better, or don't.
Let go let go. Cool breeze. Lighten up. Breathe. Ahhhh. Freeeee.
Oooohhh. Retire into awesome. It's all good. Surf the crowd. Totally
relaxed and aware. Warrior. I am there. Expanded nothing. How do u
feel now. How do u feel now. Everything is a meditation when ur
PreSENT for what's happening. Mind is a hamster wheel. Let it be. It's
ok. No problems. Ull still be fine. There's time. Flow means go, stuck
means chuck. Intuit. Divine timing. Non judgement. Allowing. The work
is no work. Just being present with love, open arms. Like a puppy.
Cute. Innocent. Nothing to it unless u want it to be. Goes on forever
until u stop it. Ur just exausting urself. Conserve ur energy. Invest
it in what works, the awesome, urself. Ur all u got. Free. Un-Limited.
Everything. Nothing special. Spontaneous stream of awesome. Chill out.
Play. Play all day. Have fun u won. Ambition stops. Collective. Hole
to whoooole. Feel it n let it go. Be on time for u which is here now.
Concentrated. Tight! Ease. Singing embrace, caressed. Warm gaze.
Gentle sunset. Star shower. Ride the wave of awesome. U really have no
control. Trust. Forgive. We're all little kids. No-age. Zero. We
haven't really gone anywhere. We've always been home. Lay down.
Gravity. Outer space. So many things. Tidal waves of gratitude. It's a
frequency. Tune in. Planet awesome. Bright lights. Stoke.


Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyones Invited!

Lighten-ing Up Ur Life! Raising Ur Freqency to Planet Awesome! How To Drop Out, Quit Ur Job, And Get A Life! Go Pro-Awesome!

Learning to live w less. lighten-ing up ur life. U gotta draw the line somewhere right? remember we shouldn't have to pay to live on the planet we were born on. these are some low cost simple steps to free urself from what i call the "take pills die" death cult-ure. so we can focus all our time and energy on "planet awesome. giant party everything is free and everyone's invited". All useful things in the world came from ppl choosing to make a "life" rather than a "living".

1. First things first, go get an ebt food card at ur local social services spot. Tell them u make $0 dollars and that u won't share ur food w anyone. u'll get up to $200 a month within the month but prolly earlier. u can buy groceries for ur friends then they can give u money back. After u get ur ebt food "stamp" card u can then get a free cell phone and service through safelink sign up for it on the website and u'll get it in 5 days. it's kind of a scam cause u only get 70 minutes a month but it accumulates from month to month and it's "free". its a good back up phone. i think we're all telepathic and that anything tricknology can do, we can do better, since we have way more advanced technology (the brain/dna). but first u gotta believe in urself, love urself, trust urself, ..u are all u got. tension is death.

2. go vegetarian/vegan, or none of this will work. srsly this will give u the ability to feel and be aware, which is the most important thing. frutarians better (no more trash! since most trash comes from food packaging) interviews with fruitarians and breatharian is even better than that. supposedly breatharian is our natural state and all food is a drug. How To Quit Eating Physical Food Videos Pt.1 How To Quit Eating Physical Food Videos Pt.2

3. learn to dumpster dive, it's great fun and u never know what u'll find. everything i am writing here and everything i do with my life benefits all ppl regardless of "occupation". cause on planet awesome, everyone's sponsored no matter what they do or how many times they change their mind about it. in other words, u don't have to suck satans cock to survive anymore since we finally figured out as a whole that it'a "unproductive" and irresponsible to live off the suffering of others, which is the basis of the current cult-ure.

4. enjoy sleeping more outside or in small spaces, like cars, forts, floors, or with other pple. housing costs are a rediculous, sick joke. it's what keeps most ppl stuck in wage slavery/ prostitution. here's my house that i built out of mostly scraps i found and scavenged parts from habitat for humanity restore for $2800 ..I'm a homeowner! (not really, we are all just camping on earth, nobody "owns" anything) ha!! also u can use couch surfing for a free place to stay anywhere in the world give to recieve. sharing is caring. we have to learn to communicate and get along with others if we are to survive this current regime with it's motto "one nation, alienation".

5. break down ur gear to stuff that u can just wear on ur back, like stop wearing underwear, two pairs of socks only, wear mostly only BLACK cause it doesn't show dirt as much and always looks sharp. wear tight clothes so u always look good. only have two shirts, one hoody, one jacket. and get some black hankies/ skarf things for cleaning up

Believe In Yourself! BE - ON - LEAVE - IN - YOUR - SELF!!

Believe In Yourself
Be - On - Leave - In - Your - Self.
take a leave of absecnce from the outer world ..
and go within.. or go without
permeate your being
in your self
in your soul
be possessed by the soul
how do u get posessed by the soul?
go within..
then keep going within
further and further
until you find the source
the light.
the life force.
is light.
we are light beings
our hearts beat peace
its the forgotten rhythm
remember it.
i will re-member it!
dream yourself away.
create anew.
stoked to do it now! so stoked thanks. thats all i want to do. just to be in love anew in all that is
Be Love.
Be Life.
be lieve
Be on leave. your divine self.
be live.. be on leave.. haha
you better believe I'm on leave...
In myself.
hmmm, on leave in myself. that rules
a leave of absence from the outer world
if we do not go within...
we go without.
this is the truth of truths.
the kingdom of heaven is within.
the creative force is within.

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