Stoked 2010.11.23


Grandfather Tom brown jr. Get this book on
Not wearing shoes. And $5-$12 faded glory, vans era looking shoes if I have to wear them, from wal mart.
Black clothes, anything black, as usual.
Being in the woods. Primitive shelters. Being warm and cozy like a squirrel and for free
Not spending money ever since money is debt. Dumpstering and happily going without
No shave November
Riding my bike long distances listening to talks by Jericho sunfire and eckhart tolle and bashar , as usual
Fasting and meditation as usual
Seeing everyone as the same age
Fruitarian w the occasional slip up
My new mini ramp. Just got skatelite for it. Stoked
Sleeping weird hours
Sleeping in cars is fun. It's quality of life to the max. Think about it. 360 skylights. Mobile. Locks. Listen to music. Maybe get on the Internet if u have ur puter or iPod touch and around wifi. Fun when it rains. Nice when windows r tinted. Installed a power inverter so I can plug in and charge shit. Fuck paying for gas, taxes, and car insurance. Won't do it so fuck off USA Inc.
Food stamps. Fuck u haters. We should t have to pay to live on our planet. This is our home. Fuck banksters.
Not eating.
Not ever "working" or any other form of non productive laziness.
Uhmm, sold my MacBook pro for an air. Stoked
Clothes suk it
Hot baths r rad
Sex rules. Lots of it, as much as possible
Sheldon nidle and the galactic federation. First contact. Ascended masters. Look up "galactic productions" on YouTube.

Planet Awesum! Giant Party, Everything Is Free, And Everyones Invited!

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