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Bhagavan stated that self-enquiry should be performed with the same intensity as that of a drowning man struggling for air, only then can it succeed.

In reality, all we need do is simply to rest in the naked, pure awareness of the nature of mind, which is always present.

Every thought that leads you away from self-awareness is a trick created by the imposter (false self).

“Not all spiritual paths lead to the Harmonious Oneness.
Indeed, most are detours and distractions, nothing more.”
- Lao Tzu from the Hua Hu Ching
“Only the liberated one can save the world.
The blind cannot guide the blind.”
– Sri Ramana Maharshi

"The ego controls all thinking."
"The ego creates arguments against the Direct Path as a preservation strategy."

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The Reminder Page

Do Your Spiritual Practice Everyday

If you do not do your spiritual practice everyday - eventually, sooner or later, your life will become full of suffering.
If you do not do your spiritual practice everyday - eventually, sooner or later, one or more of the thousands of different types of sorrow and suffering will enter your life.
If you do not do your spiritual practice everyday - you will continue to be caught in the cycle of birth and death, birth again, death again, birth again, death again and in that cycle, eventually, all of the thousands of forms that suffering takes will enter your life.
If you do not do your spiritual practice everyday - you will experience death, diseases, violence, loss of those you love and thousands of other types of suffering, lifetime after lifetime.
If you do your spiritual practice everyday - for the maximum amount of time you can create by dropping unnecessary activities - eventually all forms of suffering will end and you will live in Infinite-Eternal-Being-Awareness-Love-Bliss.
The purpose of spiritual practice is to experience Infinite-Eternal-Being-Awareness-Love-Bliss in this lifetime, not in the afterlife or some future lifetime.
All delays are tricks of the ego.
All detours are tricks of the imposter self.
All distractions are tricks of the false pretend self.
Every thought that leads you away from spiritual practice, is a trick created by the imposter.
So look at your daily activities, and drop all those activities that are not necessary, to create the most time you can create for spiritual practice, and practice everyday.
Taking a shower everyday is necessary. For most people, working to earn a living everyday is necessary.
Entertainment is not necessary.
Make sure that the spiritual practice you are doing IS the most rapid means to:

Human Race Get Off Your Knees PDF - David Icke

Download "Human Race Get Off Your Knees by David Icke" book here (along with some of his other enlightening books). If you like it support david icke by telling everyone!!
David Icke - Human Race Get Off Your Knees Pt.1

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Stoked 2010.11.23


Grandfather Tom brown jr. Get this book on
Not wearing shoes. And $5-$12 faded glory, vans era looking shoes if I have to wear them, from wal mart.
Black clothes, anything black, as usual.
Being in the woods. Primitive shelters. Being warm and cozy like a squirrel and for free
Not spending money ever since money is debt. Dumpstering and happily going without
No shave November
Riding my bike long distances listening to talks by Jericho sunfire and eckhart tolle and bashar , as usual
Fasting and meditation as usual
Seeing everyone as the same age
Fruitarian w the occasional slip up
My new mini ramp. Just got skatelite for it. Stoked
Sleeping weird hours
Sleeping in cars is fun. It's quality of life to the max. Think about it. 360 skylights. Mobile. Locks. Listen to music. Maybe get on the Internet if u have ur puter or iPod touch and around wifi. Fun when it rains. Nice when windows r tinted. Installed a power inverter so I can plug in and charge shit. Fuck paying for gas, taxes, and car insurance. Won't do it so fuck off USA Inc.
Food stamps. Fuck u haters. We should t have to pay to live on our planet. This is our home. Fuck banksters.
Not eating.
Not ever "working" or any other form of non productive laziness.
Uhmm, sold my MacBook pro for an air. Stoked
Clothes suk it
Hot baths r rad
Sex rules. Lots of it, as much as possible
Sheldon nidle and the galactic federation. First contact. Ascended masters. Look up "galactic productions" on YouTube.

Planet Awesum! Giant Party, Everything Is Free, And Everyones Invited!

Wilderness School Tom Brown Jr. and the Greatest Freedom You've Ever Felt

Read/ download tom brown jr.s book "grandfather" here It's excellent!!

Interview of Tom Brown Jr.. Click the video twice to see other 2 parts.

Tom Brown Jr.s

About Tracker School
The Tracker School was founded in 1978 by Tom Brown Jr, Americas most renowned Tracker, and Wilderness Survival expert. Based on the teachings of Stalking Wolf, the Apache elder from whom Tom began teaching, when he was seven years old, the school has expanded to include over 75 classes, divided into eight course tracks, of the teachings that Grandfather passed to tom.

Stalking Wolf was raised free of the reservations in the mountains of northern Mexico. Born in the 1870's during a time of great warfare and violence, he was part of a band of Lipan Apache that never surrendered. He was taught the traditional ways of his people and became a shaman and a scout. When he was twenty a vision sent him away from his people, and for the next sixty-three years he wandered, seeking teachers and learning the old ways of many native peoples, and others who lived close to the earth. Stalking Wolf traveled the length and breadth of the Americas, following the Creators call. He never held a job, drove a car, paid taxes, or participated in modern society. When he was eighty-three years old, he encountered a small boy gathering fossils in a stream bed. He recognized that boy as the person with whom he would spend his final years, and to whom he would teach all that he knew. That boy was Tom Brown, Jr. Tom became the recipient of not only all that Stalking Wolf had learned during his travels, but the distillation of hundreds of years of Apache culture as well. These are the teachings that Tom passes on at his famous Tracking, Nature, and Wilderness Survival School.

The Awesome Channel - Every Death on Earth Is a Suicide

Here is part two of ten of "Tuning In" with Bashar, Pleiadian Collective, Kryon, and others

Watch Full "Tuning In" movie on youtube here
and/ or download the audio (70mb) here

"TUNING IN is a truly unique feature-length spiritual documentary, the result of 10 years of inquiry into the phenomenon of spirit channeling by filmmaker David Thomas. Channeling is a practice dating back to antiquity wherein an individual, usually in a trance state, makes a psychic connection with a spirit being. The "channeler" is then able to act as a dimensional go-between in bringing other humans in contact with the entity, as well as interpreting messages from the entity."

Enjoy! Love Yall!

Prostitution, Tricknology, Money, Sovereign Beings

  my free eBooks shared with you

In a talk on journeys with rebecca, plaiedian "misses P" talks about everything on the outside of us, in our consciousness, is in the inside of us, and if we rely on the external things we will not only neglect where it really exists, but also will retard the growth of the internal true reality. And neglecting our inner reality, where it all comes from, we become a slave of second hand realities. Like our reptilian masters have trained us.

We are slave to the internet, to this bohemian technology, to money, to indentured servitude, to suffering. That we don't need this crap tricknology anymore. That we are gods and just need to go within and remember/ develop it there, like jesus. The so called powers that be pry their lowly power from our enslavement/ entrapment to their primitive tools, slowing us down, lowering our frequency, keeping us busy beta frequency, negativity, keeping us in fear, making us their bitches. We are in their box when we buy/ die. That we are prostitutes for the "necessity" we call money which is actually the key enslavement device. We are all that and then some.

I am talking here on this blog about different tools that can help us all out of this prison we feel all around us. The journey is being positive amidst all the sell outs / prostitutes around us. Hu-mans who have sold their majesty for rags. We are here to hold the light/ this information that we are gods. We already contain all that we need in the here/now. It's a perspective thing. Our only "job" is to be the source of this. We are the goal. It is right now. To be comfortable and accepting in this now moment. To not continue looking external, running around the wheel, to end the suffering, jump out of the matrix of death. Peace Of Mind. To not believe in this nightmare any longer. To not give it any more of our attention/ energy/ power. "you've been down that road, you know where it goes". The beings who run this frequency we currently call home are stealing our attention/ energy and want to keep us as primitive as they are. The way out is to see the perfection in all things. To feel compassion for these dark overlords and "forgive them for they know not what they do". If we don't go within we go without. Cut the ties to your fears. Win Win Begin Within. Face your fears. Buying is dying. Detox TPD death culture so we can all go back home to planet awesum. Our kingdom. We are royalty. Lets all claim it back.

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