WarDriving is PeaceDriving - Internet Is Always Free And Available For All / Do Your part Share!!

This is for “realtek 11n usb lan driver and utility”
(Realtek 11n USB MacOS 10.4 10.5 10.6 Driver 1064 UI 1.6.8)

I posted them again here if those links went dead..

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WarDriving is PeaceDriving - Internet Is Always Free And Available For All / Do Your part and Share!! Don't believe what the internet "providers" (thieves) say about "security". First of all your stuff is not that cool, stop locking things dork. If everyone shared, nobody would want your stuff (abundance culture). Stop being irresponsible and locking things or ur gonna get ur shit stolen (law of attraction). The current death cult wants you to hoard everything and creates a manufactured "lack".. check ur dumpsters to see they are just stingy assholes ( or people that just don't know yet). 

Property is theft / theft is property.

 Practice abundance first by abundant thinking "there is more where this came from!!" "I trust the universe" "the universe provides" "less is more" gratitude "thank you"

Give away everything for free the wealthiest way to be. 

Yeah of course if people aren't contributing, tell them to fuck off. but maybe your idea of what is a contribution is wrong? god provides bitch. ur still here aren't u? Unlock your internet. Don't be a terrrorist. You are a role model. Wash ur dishes. Clean up ur messes. Don't leave it for the kids like my parents did for me. Don't live off the future. Do it now. Responsibility is the ability to respond. Sharing is caring. Thank you god for the internet! Thanks for keeping it free and not making it a class war / kill the poor!

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Hello awesum people!
I started this post because I bought a "300m usb wifi wireless-n 802.11n/g adapter + 5dbi antenna" (it has a detachable antenna) off of ebay for $17 and couldn't find the drivers for it for my macbook pro (10.6 snow leopard). Drivers posted below. But then I thought I'd carry on talking about free internet, and the innernet, and doing what works, bashar, jasmuheen, rad freegan homeless monks (or u could just call them people that had their priorities straight/ planet awesum/ best life ever / play all day / have fun u won / all one or none). ok on with it..
300m usb wifi wireless-n 802.11n/g adapter + 5dbi antenna

This helps boost the wifi signal from my macbook pro in my hahahouse and while driving around in my car / car camping. I also bought a usb cord extender (15 feet usb 2.0 A to A male / female extension cable) so I could maybe put it on top of my house or a tree.  Plus I ordered off ebay an extra 7dbi hi gain booster antenna  w a magnet on it as well  but i haven't gotten it yet. 
7dbi hi gain booster antenna  w a magnet on it
like everything else that you "need" of course. This is how it will be in the world im helping to create. A world that's actually productive, works, doesn't waste anyone time etc.  Don't change your world, change your perspective. If it's not free, you probably don't need it. The future of the internet is the "innernet" (thanks JASMUHEEN!). The innernet is free and your always connected. Just close your eyes, focus on your breath, relax, and say thank you / i love you a bunch. 
About being a slave whore drone dork,  give all that frustration/ wage slave/ perfection attitude over to your higher self/ angels.. This is they're job. it's not your job to "work" everything out (thank you BASHAR!). It's your job to enjoy everything and have the best life ever. Give it over to your angels/ universe / radder self with the higher perspective. Don't waste any more time trying to do something. Give it to the "awesum". Get awesum now. Stop working. Stop trying. You weren't designed for it. Don't worry about the haters. Change your perspective to see things as perfect. It will all iron itself out.

"You can't solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it." ..be still and whoa!

Dont waste anymore of your life worrying about surviving. Spend your time getting STOKED and doing what you LOVE (with integrity)!! Don't feel bad for it! Try not to hurt anyone in the process. So yeah get these things and have free internet always. Or better yet go for the innernet if you want to upgrade even faster.

Mahavatar Hariakhan Babaji Maharaj - Deathless Saint Of the Himalayas

I've posted more talks from bashar at http://www.mediafire.com/planetawesum

I've been listening to this song a lot http://www.transparentblog.com/blog/802/in-and-out "weekend - coma summer" and "weekend - end times" WOO HOOO!!! :)

quit ur job and get a life!
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