freedom of information copyright copyleft everything is information SHARE!

freedom of information / copyright / copyleft / everything is information / SHARE!

i'm just writing something here you probably won't agree with but you all know deep down is mostly true. You are looking for a way out of your self destruction and have been your whole life. you have tried to do this by conforming to what people "above" you have told you what works, even though you know most of it doesn't, since it hasn't worked for them.

Everything should be free. Freedom of information makes life happen. Limiting that freedom stifles freedom. All information should be available to all without condition (monetary/ financially especially!). To limit people of information because of financial reasons is theft, is class war, is terrorism, and more than all that, is counterproductive and limiting of your own freedoms. Limiting others limits you because they then do not have something to offer you back. Everyone is continually receiving / giving. There is no way around that. If we limit any process of that. We are missing out.

Don't you want to have the most access to the most possibilites on earth? Well make it available to all!! Support those who do that and do it yourself. Sharing is caring for yourself. Don't let insecurities get in the way of your life. There is enough for all and more where that came from always. When you are stingy, you are being stingy with yourself, limiting your reality, closing yourself down, dying. You've been down that road. You know where it goes.

To copyright something, to make something "property" is to steal from someone. Also it is to support people that support stealing from others. Irresponsible. Counterproductive. People that have "money" shouldn't be the only people that are allowed to play with information. This is true dark age stuff guys. If you don't public domain all your things, then we are all in poverty, homeless, in shambles. Don't make the same mistake your parents made. Don't choose fear. Choose love. Give it all away for free, the wealthiest way to be! :)

This is the answer you have been looking for. It's starts with you. Theft is property. Theft from yourself. Start contributing. Be whole. Grow up. Share. Lets get out of the dark ages!! YEAH!!! Yess!

When u do what u don't really enjoy u are setting a bad example for others and continuing the pain. It's a recipe for disaster and you should know by now that it will never work. Change now for the future. Do your dishes. Be a response able model citizen. Be sustainable. Do what works now and forever more. Stop selling out to dorks that don't care about you. Choose the higher path that works for all instead of just the few. Please, don't waste your or anybody elses precious time. Liberate yourself from the shackles of poverty by living/ sharing the abundance that you have, that you are. Stop being a terrorist coward dork poser crying over the spilt milk trying to get everyone else to do the work for you cause your scared and don't want to face reality. The current culture is based on blame/ displacement. Stop now. You have a choice. Choose again. Trust the universe to provide for you. Relax, Love, and Enjoy yourself. Be nice to yourself. Thanks for ur time :) With much love and respect.  ..cosmic coffer
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