Why Do We Eat? with Jericho Sunfire. We Are All Crack Babies. Death Culture

Update Sept 9th!!! Unfortunately, this video on youtube has been taken down since it's so FUCKING AWESOME!!!! Luckily I turned it into an mp3/aac you can download here

Jericho Sunfire - Why Do We Eat?!! MP3/AAC  
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 (also read his books there and listen to all his other talks!)

and I uploaded it to vimeo so you can watch it here! :) Enjoy this you beautiful people!!! Love Yall!!

Jericho Sunfire - Why Do We Eat?! Death Cult-ure. Drugs. Medical Mafia. Dark Ages. from Andrew Cauthen on Vimeo.

Jericho Sunfire Youtube Page. We have no idea what we are doing. We are unconscious drones. Marketed to death. We are slaves. A culture of death. We have no choices and never did. All our thoughts aren't ours. The thoughts that are ours are love and freedom thoughts. We have been programmed to feel uncomfortable with actual freedom. To even make fun of it as weak. It's cool and tough to suffer, get old, die,..they say. It's normal to depend on doctors and society and experts they say. It's normal to need and buy buy bye. But this is all a sick joke that you can wake from now when you take control over your life. You can wake up out of this nightmare. Out of all the withdrawal symptoms of this junky hell. We are all junky crack babies. Our moms gave it to us at birth. Just about everyone around the world does it. Our whole race and planet is dying, yet we can't even see it. We are in the most amazing denial everrrr. Take Pills Die Death Culture in full effect. Accept this. We eat mush. Toxic waste in ur mouth that we wash down with mucous and saliva, that's just waste. Useless eaters. Food is what shit is made of. Food is a recreational drug. Whatever we put in our bodies is destructive. We kill over food. We riot over food. Steal food. Do wrong things over food. Cause it's a drug. Like a crack addict. Like a heroin addict.

Love you guys! You can do it! Believe to receive! We are so much more amazing than the take pills die death culture tells you! All it takes is you getting tired of dying! Choose life!!
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