If I were mayor

If I were mayor
Wifi would be everywhere, broadcast through radio or satellite
signals, and free
Medical would be free with more focus on cause instead of symptoms
Fruit trees would be planted everywhere. all local or close to local
fruits in stores would be free to encourage ppl to quit death culture
diet. There would be heavy taxes on cooked foods/drugs, like
cigarretes r taxed.
If u donated ur car to the community u would get mass benefits
I would build bike paths everywhere, through the woods
I would close down most roads, turn them into small bikeways/ walkways.
No fluoride in water
Most food in stores would be local and mostly organic
All homeless would be given rooms in community houses, if wanted.
I'd make high speed trains everywhere, elevated, and free.
Everone would have a nice place to live and substantial income just
for being born, not occupation.
Most investments would go into imagination based developments, but
first sustainable development. All money would be taken out of
defense, police, prisons, mental asylums... And be put into putting
lots of love into kids. And hug centers for ppl that need it.
No more hunting animals
No more eating animals
Rewilding forests and cities
All businesses that didn't work for the good of all, kicked out.
Housing would be free, but if u wanted something exstravagent it would
cost u
All products would be made to last forever and easily fixable
Ppl wouldn't have to wear shoes or clothes if they didn't want to
Their would be no more schools, Instead there would be mentoring, and
ppl would choose, also it would go on all ages and be free
There'd be detox centers everywhere to help ppl transition
Nightly entertainment would be mostly funded by taxes
Ppl that faced their fears to bring all life up to the next level of
awesum would be most revered in society
Standard bikes (highest quality ment to last forever) would be free
and everywhere. Bike paths could take u anywhere.
There would be no more working, just doing what u feel, when u felt
like doing it. Everyone would be sponsored, just for living.
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