how to quit food / the most abused recreational drug ever

how to quit food / the most abused recreational drug ever

Sorry I'm detoxing death culture like seriously hard and kinda frustrated but hey it's part of the process. just warning ya :) we are living in the dark ages. ok…

look up jericho sunfire on youtube and watch / listen over and over and over again until it sets in.

watch this playlist on people who have successfully quit and finally started their lives over and over and over again until it sets in.

Read about food additives. especially msg, aspartame, cooked/ packaged foods, bpa, brain/ body/ reproductive/ poisons/ traps etc. sign up for this newsletter here and go over this information and over and over again until it sets in. You have been programmed by low freq dorks who hate life. It runs deep. We all have a lot of deprogramming/ reprogramming to do. Like constantly now do it.

Learn about the medical mafia, vaccines, drug lords, fluoridation of ur water, money politics, "schools" as indoctrination centers into slow and stupid, property as theft, and how you are a junky slave bitch cunt whore who lives on the blood of the innocent/ skull fucks babies for a living, i mean, a dying. And how you need to grow a backbone, quit ur job and get a life so you can stop being a soul sucking, irresponsible, counterproductive, bad example on others. Of course, jesus would say forgive them for they know not what they do, but you pretty much know exactly what you are doing and have drawn to you everything that is happening to you right now and fully deserve it in every way. When u get to know urself a little better you will see the perfection in all of it. But for now since the current death cult survives off displacement/ passing the blame/ not taking any responsibility/ treating the symptoms and not the causes, u will most likely exhibit "anger/ frustration/ denial".

watch "1984"
watch "they live"
I've posted for you on my Facebook page or watch my favorites on my youtube BUYING IS DYING

We live in a death culture because you will not stick up for urself and do what u really feel instead of what you've been told to feel. You are a whore. All business is the business of turning out sluts, raping god, skull fucking babies, denying reality. The reality that we are fucking amazing, unlimited, perfect beings in a beautiful, unconditional loving, compassionate universe.

"Those who know the least obey the best."--George Farquhar
"Authentic journalism is telling people something that the government doesn't want them to know."--Gary Webb
"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." ----Buddha

Now learn how to relax/ breathe/ meditate. Sit and do nothing. Forgive urself. Practice contentment. Simplify ur life. Go through old things. Organize. Give things away. Set new goals. Browse through these ebooks/ audio talks/ music 

Learn to be happy with yourself. Practice healthy detachment so your not so co-dependent

Listen to Bashar to start ur stoke on in a way the heals all

To stay updated on how much of a bitch you are, visit here often or check my Facebook page posted above. I probably won't write you back if you try to contact me cause you most probably suck at life and want to kill me for it. But i'm not your problem my friend. You are. Now here are some tools for you cause you can't do it for yourself. Hurry up bitch.

Awesum! Now Fuck Off You Terrorist Coward!

Why Do We Eat? with Jericho Sunfire. We Are All Crack Babies. Death Culture

Update Sept 9th!!! Unfortunately, this video on youtube has been taken down since it's so FUCKING AWESOME!!!! Luckily I turned it into an mp3/aac you can download here

Jericho Sunfire - Why Do We Eat?!! MP3/AAC  
Download Now 39mb mediafire mirror
 (also read his books there and listen to all his other talks!)

and I uploaded it to vimeo so you can watch it here! :) Enjoy this you beautiful people!!! Love Yall!!

Jericho Sunfire - Why Do We Eat?! Death Cult-ure. Drugs. Medical Mafia. Dark Ages. from Andrew Cauthen on Vimeo.

Jericho Sunfire Youtube Page. We have no idea what we are doing. We are unconscious drones. Marketed to death. We are slaves. A culture of death. We have no choices and never did. All our thoughts aren't ours. The thoughts that are ours are love and freedom thoughts. We have been programmed to feel uncomfortable with actual freedom. To even make fun of it as weak. It's cool and tough to suffer, get old, die,..they say. It's normal to depend on doctors and society and experts they say. It's normal to need and buy buy bye. But this is all a sick joke that you can wake from now when you take control over your life. You can wake up out of this nightmare. Out of all the withdrawal symptoms of this junky hell. We are all junky crack babies. Our moms gave it to us at birth. Just about everyone around the world does it. Our whole race and planet is dying, yet we can't even see it. We are in the most amazing denial everrrr. Take Pills Die Death Culture in full effect. Accept this. We eat mush. Toxic waste in ur mouth that we wash down with mucous and saliva, that's just waste. Useless eaters. Food is what shit is made of. Food is a recreational drug. Whatever we put in our bodies is destructive. We kill over food. We riot over food. Steal food. Do wrong things over food. Cause it's a drug. Like a crack addict. Like a heroin addict.

Love you guys! You can do it! Believe to receive! We are so much more amazing than the take pills die death culture tells you! All it takes is you getting tired of dying! Choose life!!

If I were mayor

If I were mayor
Wifi would be everywhere, broadcast through radio or satellite
signals, and free
Medical would be free with more focus on cause instead of symptoms
Fruit trees would be planted everywhere. all local or close to local
fruits in stores would be free to encourage ppl to quit death culture
diet. There would be heavy taxes on cooked foods/drugs, like
cigarretes r taxed.
If u donated ur car to the community u would get mass benefits
I would build bike paths everywhere, through the woods
I would close down most roads, turn them into small bikeways/ walkways.
No fluoride in water
Most food in stores would be local and mostly organic
All homeless would be given rooms in community houses, if wanted.
I'd make high speed trains everywhere, elevated, and free.
Everone would have a nice place to live and substantial income just
for being born, not occupation.
Most investments would go into imagination based developments, but
first sustainable development. All money would be taken out of
defense, police, prisons, mental asylums... And be put into putting
lots of love into kids. And hug centers for ppl that need it.
No more hunting animals
No more eating animals
Rewilding forests and cities
All businesses that didn't work for the good of all, kicked out.
Housing would be free, but if u wanted something exstravagent it would
cost u
All products would be made to last forever and easily fixable
Ppl wouldn't have to wear shoes or clothes if they didn't want to
Their would be no more schools, Instead there would be mentoring, and
ppl would choose, also it would go on all ages and be free
There'd be detox centers everywhere to help ppl transition
Nightly entertainment would be mostly funded by taxes
Ppl that faced their fears to bring all life up to the next level of
awesum would be most revered in society
Standard bikes (highest quality ment to last forever) would be free
and everywhere. Bike paths could take u anywhere.
There would be no more working, just doing what u feel, when u felt
like doing it. Everyone would be sponsored, just for living.

Will dreams

Will dreams

i had a dream these guys were tryin to chase me you travis chris and
todd because of that internet thing they got at the mall and you kept
tellin me to use my awesum so i started flying and that was the only
way we could escape them and we did. then i got in a battle with the
leader of there gang which was a girl and beat her ass! haha so many
more details but it was crazy

Don't get lost in space, be it.

Don't get lost in space, be it.

Get urself a good bike and learn how to fix it urself. We r here, on
What's going on around u? WTF?!
Are u going insane?
What can u do about it, that works?
What works is knowing that there's nothing to work. Everything to be.
Nothing to criminalize. Everything to see.
I am this space. Do I like it?
I'm always talking, to myself. Listen.
Listening is glistening.
Believe to receive.
When feeling good isn't piecing out.
Cause I never left. Feel it.
No gain is pain.
being by urself is fessing up.
Can u be ableresponse?
Do u love it let it go.
Thank u! Thank u! Thank u! We have the best life ever!!
Feel good :) Ur doing good!
Feeling good is knowing that u did the right thing to the best of ur
Now know that that's what everybody else does too. Forgive them.
Forgive urself. We're just babies.
Take ur shoes off as much as possible Andrew. Take ur hat off as much
as possible. Take ur clothes off as much as fn possible.

The noise just covers everything up and it's not fun

The noise just covers everything up and it's not fun

Remember who u were meant to be. Why u came. Why ur gonna leave, ever
Feeling is reeling.
To be still is to stop, without ever leaving.
To be kind is to rewind haha!
Knowing is growing.
I - am - amazing!
We live with this. We live here!
We're doing it. In high gear!
The tv says u suck. Who u gonna believe?!
We r here to receive.
Abundance culture.
It's not a dream, Everything is.

I like to keep things organized so I can focus on the good stuff.

I like to keep things organized so I can focus on the good stuff.

I made this.

If something works do it. If it works for everyone else too ur fucking

Who communicates for us?

Silence, it's free.
Breathing, it helps.
Sun, fuck yeah!

In darkness, the lights r brighter.

I live in this!
It's fucking awesum!!


It feels good. U let go. U remember.

I'm making this all up!

U can settle into what feels right, or just be it. U don't waste
anyones time when there is none.

Did u see that? What did it feel like? How does it feel now?

Attentive w stoke.

Don't waste anything.

Appreciate it!

Love it!!

Tag, Ur it!

Gaim over

U won!

Nobody here pays rent anymore.

Nobody here pays rent anymore.
It's too expensive.
They've decided to stop doing things that were too expensive.