Food Inc. / Super Size Me / Fluoride / Aspartame / Operation Slow And Stupid

Watch "FOOD INC." and "SUPER SIZE ME" below on the youtube playlist I've put together for you and enjoy. Don't be a victim any longer of genetically modified frankenfoods. Don't support concentration camps for animals. Stop killing your connection to the awesum with tap water fluoridation and toxic diet drinks. We don't need hospitals or health insurance medical mafia scams if we spread and feel only love for one another.

We don't need anything in this illusion trick. Our powerful minds have been used against us through heavy programming since birth. The veil gets thinner every "day". Time grows more of a silly concept to laugh at. "Working" shows us it's irresponsible, unproductive secrets the more we spend time with what actually works for all, PLAYING!

We've retired from the rat race cause we know god takes care of us like she takes care of the birds and bees and flowers that live and grow all around us in joy and beauty. We enjoy being outside more, inside less. We know everything that was told to us is generally the opposite. Like soap destroying our first line of defense against low frequencies. Or that buying is dying, and that making things for ourselves and our friends is much more fun. We are watching the skies. We are listening within. We see your pain, trying in vain to "make it". We know it's all a scam.

We shed competition in turn with mutual cooperation. We are actually learning to not hate ourselves anymore like the advertisements tell us so to buy their useless shit. We tell our own stories. Make our own music. Create our own myths. We accept everyone as they are, not what they do, but how well they can be and shine that. The more we go the more we grow, not up but out, and in. We are the future now here. We waste nothing. If you don't work for the benefit of all life, we will help recycle you. There is no escape from the awesum. You can choose to ignore it and fight against yourself and work and struggle, but why? Choose the path of least resistance, of productivity, of togetherness, of family, of love. Face those lower emotions now and forever more. Do a water fast. Start eating only fruit. Sleep outside. Stop paying rent. Quit your dead end job. Start a urban camping crew. Get your life together. Stop trying to please them cause you never will. You have intrinsic gifts to SHARE not sell. Don't waste your time here getting old, slow and stupid, cause you don't have to anymore. The information is here for you now. You have no more excuses. It's not worth it anymore to hate your mother gaia and your heavenly body / divine mind.

Planet awesum is here now right behind those storm clouds of manipulation and control. Surrender to the awesum. Retire. Breathe. Release. Don't waste another moment. The orchestra of heaven is waiting for your tune. But everyone deep inside knows it's illusory truth. The best way to see it is to be still and fast the impurities/ low frequencies out of you. It's watermelon season currently here in "virginia". What better way to feel the awesum then through powering out all those demons with delicious watermelon. Blackberries have come out as well. You might even be able to find some mulberries still. Eat wild to stay wild.  If it needs to be it'll be for free. Betrayal of self is the highest betrayal. ...The less we consume the more we are. You already are everything. There is nothing you have to do. We are making it all up, So let's make it awesum!

Download these ebook pdf's and get familiar.
Graham Hancock - Supernatural- Meetings With the Ancient Teachers of Mankind.pdf
Jeffrey M Smith - Seeds of Deception GMO_FOODS.pdf
David Icke - Guide To The Global Conspiracy.pdf
Thank You!! :)
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