What I'm Seeing

We all have the power to create. Everything around us was created in the minds of others. Some of it good, most of it horribly bad and outdated. Spend some time here with me creating / visualizing how you would like to see the future. It will come true so see it thoroughly in detail. Smell it, feel it, walk around in it, how does it feel to be in it? Exhilerating!!? Does it make you ease up your shoulders and make you smile? Does it make you excited? Good? Keep it up! Do it as much as possible everyday all day if you want it to happen quicker.  This is our god given power. We are creator gods. Don't give your power away to things that aren't worthy if you can help it. You have the power and always have. Start now here today. Forgive the past. The future is now here. Nothing is too ridiculous. Make it work for everyone. Helping others helps us. Don't give em fish teach em how to fish. Show by example. YEAH!!! Planet Awe-sum! :) We are making it all up. Lets make it fun, free, and happy!

Everyone ripping up their bills
Going to their "jobs" only when they feel like it. And leaving
whenever too.
Spending more time in parks, nature, traveling, socializing,
volunteering, walking, riding bikes, exploring, creating, having sex,
fixing broke things, feeling contentment and gtatefulness of being
alive on such a beautiful planet.
Streets way more silent now that all cars are powered by free silent
energy. Most ppl don't even have cars anymore since everyone shares
and wants too (to show off their new free energy car mods)

All technology is open source and easily fixable (thank u ecotopia!)
Endless amounts of personal physical energy as well since pollution is gone and not poisoning
self w toxic junk food any longer.
Internet is free and 1million times faster and everywhere on earth.
Ppl don't die anymore, they just change realities or "leave" on purpose.
Ppl spending their time creating great works of art, to skateboard on :)
Bike paths through the woods trans continental.
Teleportation normal but walking still awesome
Inter planetary and multi-dimensional travel easy and free of course

Loving everyone.
Everyone different and amazing in their own way.
Underwater houses
Underground houses
Inner earth hollow and beautiful ancient enlightened beings inside
waiting. Plus exotic friendly animals and gorgious fauna
Nobody ages above 25 unless they want to
Doctors no longer needed
Corporations extinct
Government extinct
Money extinct
5000 year old trees 2 miles tall
Two sons and lots more moons
Galactic federation of light enlightened beings run by ascended
masters like beloved Jesus and st germain
Beautiful animals abound and friendly everywhere, now that we no
longer squish them with cars or eat them, or look down on them. Oh we
can talk to every plant, tree, animal, rock, person, body of water,
cloud, planet, blade of grass,...telepathically and at the same time
but with calmness of mind and heart
Everyone glowing beautiful in their own way
Ppl have the power to change any negative, self destructive behavior
with the drop of a thought

Ppl make their own clothes or choose to wear no clothes at all since
temp of atmosphere no longer matters to human / spiritual bodies. Ppl
will paint/ decorate their bodies.
Celestial sex!
Dis-ease gone!
Doing things u don't like, never ever again. Cause why would u want to
do that? Every sentient beings desires now go to benefitting oneself
which benefits the whole. Escalating on infinitly and exponentially
Free and happy and in love with all the magic of creation that
surrounds us. Smiling familiar faces embracing laughter excitement
wonder peace contentment moon stars glowing waterfalls mystical wise
creatures lightness ease of heart almost anti gravity floating sweet
scent love. Not having to prove anything or teach anyone or do
anything, totally complete in oneself

Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyones Invited!
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