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Of itself, nature or beast cannot produce diseases such as Aids, Mad Cow, and Nile Virus. Only man(or higher) has the conciousness with which to produce these artificial poisons, whether for money, hatred, or simple experimentation. In fact, all of our problems are either of our own making or of someone who hates us as a species. Let's not put the blame on some harmless animal who was probably injected with the disease in the first place.


SARS(severe acute respiratory syndrome) is the latest viral concoction let loose upon an unsuspecting humanity by the hidden rulers of this planet to keep our population growth down. We are apparently reproducing too quickly for them so drastic measures must be taken. In the 1300's AD it was the bubonic plague, and in the 1900's it was World War, and today its pollution and diseases like cancer, aids, sars, and chemtrail spraying. Plans are in the works to reduce our world population back into the millions so that we can be better controlled. The reason we've been allowed to grow into the billions is so the reptiles can soon have their biggest blood fest ever. Didn't the bible say in Revelation that blood would flow to the height of a horses's bridle?

4000 Years of Population Growth
2000 BC
1000 BC
1000 AD
2000 AD
108 mil
120 mil
138 mil
275 mil
6.2 bil

The Population Explosion

1650 AD
1830 AD
1930 AD
1960 AD
1974 AD
1987 AD
1999 AD
500 mil
1 billion
2 billion
3 billion
4 billion
5 billion
6 billion
7 billion


All gas-powered vehicles emit poisonous fumes, but none more so than your automobile or truck. If you use your vehicle daily, car maintenance is a must. Don't wait for your oil to turn pitch black and check your air filter, and your exhaust and ventilation systems for odors, leaks, and stange noises. Burning oil or carbon monoxide escaping from beneath your car can make you sick, giving you chest pains, headaches, rashes, itching, or breathing problems. All fluids should be checked and replaced if necessary, whether it pertains to your battery, radiator, steering, or transmission. It's enough that we have to breathe all the carbon monoxide being spewed on a daily basis without other problems creeping in. Gasoline is a dangerous and unnecessary fuel, but for the controlling elite it is just what the doctor ordered as a means of weakening or crippling our health. And as if the chemtrails weren't bad enough, every year more lethal chemicles are added to this fuel in an effort to render us even more docile and deranged.


The key to good health is to stay clean, both externally and internally. Cleanliness allows maximum oxygen flow which destroys any harmful bacteria or viruses. You need at least 15% oxygen in the air to stay healthy. Oxygen is at 20% near large bodies of water but only at 10% in polluted cities, and according to Pleaidean advocate Billy Meiers, in ages past it may have been as high as 35% planet-wide. Internal oxygenation is increased by eating raw foods and fasting and staying outdoors a lot(aereate your room regularly if you are an "innie"). Ozone and hydrogen peroxide are rich in oxygen, and when infused into the blood in low concentrations can heal most diseases. Oxygen is actually the scientific term for the life force itself, going by other names such as prana, chi, or spirit. It is not the air itself, but a kind of fire or solar energy within the air which burns away whatever dross and dirt it comes into contact with. Ninety percent or more of the body's needs come from oxygen alone, so stay clean, and let the vital force be with you.


Blood is truly the life of the individual. In its presently polluted state, blood is a thick and often dark-red liquid which courses through our arteries, veins, and capillaries, still bringing life and nourishment to all parts of the body. Blood gets its own nourishment from the air we breathe which carries light energy or the universal life force. So air builds blood, and blood builds bone and tissue. The quality of your blood will determine the quality of your body and health. Clean air, water, and food, will make your blood a bright red color whereas the opposite will give it a dark red color. A prolonged water fast in a clean-air environment will further lighten and refine your blood but it will still be in a liquid state. Only a prolonged total fast or breatharian state will change your blood into its original state -white light, but this can only be done in a pure environment, and in a pure state of mind, otherwise death may result. Adam was covered in a bright white light which flowed throughout his body before he lost it by eating and polluting his lightstream.


How you smell is directly influenced by what you eat and drink(and smoke). Yes, the body does have its own fragrance which is particular to every individual(dogs know this), and is paticularly noticeable on an infant, child, or teenager, but by the time we're adults this fragrance is often overpowered by our diet. Meat and dairy products decompose quickly and make unpleasant body odors. Cooked vegetables, especially spinach, give off a particularly offensive smell when eliminated through the bowels. Worst of all are products high in sugar which give off a terrible stench. Best of all are fruits which are quickly and readily absorbed by the body(usually within an hour or two) and which give off a pleasant fragrance both when eaten and when eliminated(unless they are contaminated. Fruitarians(people who eat only fruit) do not need deodorants or perfumes; they are always smelling "fruity". Breatharians(those who don't eat at all) emit their own unique and identifying fragrance which is usually pleasant. Different zodiac signs emit different fragrances. Tight fitting shoes and clothes also cause unpleasant body odors -your skin is constantly eliminating and needs to breathe. Tropical natives smell better than city folk as their diets and environments are less polluted or chemicalized.


All vaccines are dangerous and evil and are more likely to spread disease rather than curtail it. Once the poisons are injected, your body either overcomes the noxious substance along with whatever is ailing you, or is overwhelmed and becomes diseased. The sad part is that most children have no say in the matter, while parents sheepishly endorse their doctor's opinion. There is a grand conspiracy to weaken humanity so that it is subject to the will of our ruling powers, and one of the ways to do this is through vaccination programs, and the earlier in life the better. Certain groups are targeted more than others, such as blacks, homosexuals, and hispanics, or whatever other group or race is considered inferior or a threat. The only real way to prevent disease is to live a clean lifestyle, and not by introducing some dangerous foreign substance into your body.


Nearly everything we eat has added sugar or salt in it, the kind that is refined and is absolutely deadly for you over the long run. Only fresh fruits and vegetables are free from these two ingredients but are of course tainted with other chemicals. We add artificial salt and sugar to products which would otherwise be unpalatable. Breads or pastries, for example, without either salt or sugar, would taste like paper or cardboard. Salt and sugar also hide other chemicals which we would otherwise pick up and question. Both salt and sugar are crystalline in nature and dissolve slowly causing damage in the process. What is not dissolved is temporarily stored in fat or joint hollows untill it can be dealt with(and where it also causes damage). Table salt is the prime cause of arthritis and table sugar -diabetes. We're paying a lot(healthwise) for enhanced flavour. The only people who benefit are the salt and sugar manufacturers and the food vendors.


Cow's milk(or any other animal's milk) was not intended for human consumption. It is responsible for an alarming number of diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, various cancers, blood disorders, hardened arteries, ear and eye infections, stones and parasites, and the list goes on! Rather than build or fortify bones, milk is a major cause of osteoporosis! Most humans(especially the black population) are allergic to milk, yet the medics and milk producers extoll the virtues or "benefits" of this white poison. Why? Profit for one thing. But is there an even more insidious reason? Of course there is. Humans must be poisoned, weakened, and dummed down so they can be controlled, and one nice way to do this is to make us drink milk, and the sooner the better(most of the damage occurs during childhood). Let me emphasize that cow's milk is only fit for calves, not humans. There is no substitute for mother's milk during infancy. ALL dairy products are bad for you. The best sources of calcium are fresh fruits and vegetables. Cows are fed all sorts of drugs or stimulants to increase or speed up their milk production. You ingest these dangerous chemicals when you drink milk. Pasteurizing milk robs it of all of its nutrients and changes its chemical structure into a "glue" that causes all kinds of havoc in the body. Organic milk is not much better. Even raw milk, while decidely better, is still not for human consumption. The health benefits of milk are a myth, and the sooner we stop drinking it, the better.


That bodily fluid thay you roll around in your mouth and swallow every so often is more important than you think. There are three main salivary glands and various minor ones located beneath the ears, nose, and mouth. Saliva's most commonly kmown function is to aid or initiate the digestion of food. The slippery coating prevents the food from damaging sensitive tissue as it travels through the digestive canal. Saliva also kills or neutralizes harmful bacteria both in the mouth and in the food. Another function is that it coats all the important cavities in the head protecting them from germs, viruses, gases, or chemicals that we bring in through our mouth, nose, and ears. These substances are often expelled through sneezing, blowing your nose, coughing, or throwing up. Saliva not only protects the gum and teeth but can actually repair them. During a fast, the saliva that is often wasted on excess food goes into repairing and fully reactivating the five cavities in the head related to one's five senses so that they now become one's "super senses". Salt and sugar and other refined chemicals are highly detrimental to the full working power of our saliva and should be minimized or eliminated whenever possible. Salty or sugary saliva actually corrodes the teeth causing cavities and the pain related to it and should be spit out(it usually takes about an hour) untill it(the taste or pain) is no longer there.


All dental fillings are toxic or poisonous -its simply a matter of degree. Metal or silver fillings, which have been around since about 1830, as a cheaper substitute for gold, are by far the most toxic. They contain 50% mercury and other alloys and metals such as tin and nickel, all of which are poisonous or toxic to the brain and body. Salt, saliva, and heat slowly release traces of these metals in the form of vapor or tiny particles which find their way to the blood and tissues of the body causing disease, discomfort, or impairment. Alzheimer, memory loss, schizophrenia, chronic fatigue, cramps, and visual impairment can all be symptoms of mercury or metal poisoning. Substitutes for metal fillings can include resin, ceramic, or plastic, which are less toxic and more aesthetic. The point is ALL non-organic or foreign materials in the body are toxic and will surely if slowly be resisted or rejected by your body, and if unable to rid of them may even cause immune disorders. It is better to have dentures or no teeth at all, than to have fillings, crowns, root canals, or false teeth. The pulling of teeth is a barbarous act. Dead teeth will loosen untill they can be picked out with your fingers. What remains will either stay protruding or be covered over by gum or gingiva. Avoiding salt, sugar, and other chemicals and pollutants, and keeping the mouth clean, will prevent cavities, and not irritate the ones you already have. Dentists simply extend your license to eat the wrong foods, while at the same time filling your mouth with dangerous chemicals. The real solution is to drastically change the way we eat(and live). It is possible to grow a third or even fourth set of teeth, but only if your are long-lived and in exceptional health.


Ever since the Watcher/Nefilim angels came down to Earth and taught humanity how to use fire to heat metal ores and make metal instruments to hunt, cook and make war, death and bloodshed have become a constant occurence on the planet. Swords, knives, arrows, spears, guns, and cannons, are all instruments of death. Metal forks, spoons, pots, pans, ovens, and stoves, when heated release fumes and compounds that get into our air, water, and food and which are deleterious to our health. Metal dental fillings are absolutely poisonous to your health, as are metal joints, valves, body parts, or other metallic gadgets placed within your body; they erode and release a steady amount of chemicals and vapors into your bloodstream which can fatigue and eventually destroy your immune system. Plastic replacements are only slightly better. Fridges, metal pipes, beams, bridges, transportation vehicles, and everything else moulded by heat and fire must eventually corrode and return to its natural state for the simple reason that they are unnatural and inorganic. Only organic elements and substances(those infused with a certain amount of the life force) will withstand the test of time. Once the life force has been released through heating or cooking, death and decomposition follow. Metal, is cold and heavy because it has little if any life force in it. Metal actually ABSORBS the life force, and can make you feel tired(beware those bed springs!).Normally, the more life force something has, the lighter and brighter it will be. In summary, humans are better off without any metal(or any other artificially produced substance) in their lives.


In a warm and natural climate, there is nothing more healthful and delicious than fruit. Fruit, which is the only true and natural food of man, grows on trees, above ground, where it can easily be picked by human hands. Grasses and vegetables, on the other hand, which grow beneath and just above ground, are more suited to the animals. Fruit grows easily and abundantly, whereas vegetables and grains must be cultivated and prepared and are actually harmful to us. Cooking is a modern-day curse, and the kitchen is little more than a drug factory. Real food should be eaten raw or not at all. The orange is sunshine in a liquid state and is often referred to as the "king of fruits" and the "food of the gods". Grapes, which are mostly flavourable distilled water, are considered the queen of fruits and also choice food for the gods. Certain ancient greek olympian atheletes, who ate nothing but red apples all day, became renowned for their great achievements. Children who are weaned on only fruit after mother's milk grow up to be exceptionally strong and bright. Unfortunately our present day fruit is not what it used to be, but if you can grow your own and without chemicals, and subsist on them for six months or longer in a warm and natural environment, you will see a tremendous improvement in your health.


We were born naked and should stay that way. There is nothing shameful or dirty about the human body. In fact it is clothing which causes sexual perversion; humans are always tempted by that which is hidden. Clothing also suffocates and weakens the body which needs to breathe and absorb sunlight. Unfortunately, our weather or climate can be very extreme or unstable, hence the need for clothing. Clothing is also a decoration or indicator of status in our world and the clothing industry is one of the most lucrative of all buisnesses. Another, perhaps more unconcious reason we wear clothes, is to hide some kind of collective guilt or inferiority complex we all share which was given to us by our creators and/or caretakers. Or our rulers simply have a thing for clothing and we are simply imitating them. Whatever the reasons, we appear to be obliged or programmed to wear clothes despite the health and moral drawbacks. The chemicals and detergents used to make and clean our clothes are detrimental to our health, and whoever invented lingerie created an obsession. Clothing is both a pollution and perversity, and nakedness is natural. The first humans were clothed in a bright light or shekinahwhich they lost after sinning. In our divine or regenerated state we will be clothed in this light once more. Is clothing a subconcious attempt to replace or substitute our lost shekinah?


Also called the R complex, the reptillian brain is the innermost stem-like part of the brain(see image) which controls the basic survival functions of the body and self(breathing, body temperature, blood pressure, etc.). It is the oldest and simplest part of our brain and receives imformation in the form of dreamlike symbols and images. Above it are the mammalian and human brains which were later added on or developed as we progressed in our evolution. The reptillian brain originated from a mammal-like reptile which became extinct during the Triassic period serving as a link between the dinosaurs and mammals.

Its nature is territorial, ritualistic, and sexual, and is the part of us the illuminati-reptoids try to encourage for it is at this level that they basically function(the need to eat, consume, mate, reproduce, sleep, fight, kill, compete, worship, etc.) All backboned animals have the reptillian brain as their base. In the mammalian brain(light grey in image) there is more control over bodytemperature, digestion, and blood pressure, and feeling or emotion, memory, and partial conciousness are developed. In the human brain(dark grey in image) which comprises some 85% of the total brain mass, conciousness and contol over bodily functions can be partial or total depending on individual development. Our brain continues to grow and develop as we do.


The chromosones in your cells are packets of imformation in the form of genes which tell your body what to do in order to function. They are like programmed imformation chips in a computer. All apes have 48 chromosones(or 24 sets) and ideally all humans should have at least this number as well. Unfortunately we have only 46(or 23 sets) and in males, the 46th is a Y instead of an X(like a piece has been snipped off). What happened to the other two(or more) chromosones? Also, only 3% of the genes in each chromosone appear to be in tact. The other 97% appear to be mangled and undecipherable. Obviously humans have been the victims or products of genetic tampering, and it is no wonder we are in such a pathetically dependant state. Fortunately, the original genetic blueprint is still stored in our astral or spiritual bodies even though it cannot find any expression in our physical. By strengthening these finer bodies through purification rites it may be possible to repair or restore our missing chromosones and the genes within them.


A cursory glance at a karyotype(orderly arrangement of an individual's 23 sets of chromozones) one can immediately intuit some astonishing possibilities; that we have undergone 23 different stages or time periods in our history as a species, each of these the result of some major upheaval or modification by our creators(or manipulators); that the continuous decrease in size of the chromozones from set 1 to set 23 reflects a progressive degeneration of our species; and that only in the 23rd or last set does a "Y"(male) chromozone appear indicating that the male sex is a recent development. A more graphic recapitulation of our entire personal and/or collective evolution can be seen in the foetal or embryonic stages within the womb; the earliest stages occur inside a zodiac-like blastocyst which then develops into the reptillian and mammalian phases and finally a human/alien form or fetus after 56 days -which may represent millions of years in our actual history. Birth, after nine solar months(or ten lunar months) in the womb, is the point at which the evolution is to be continued or yet to be determined. When we are born at twelve months pregnancy our evolution as a species will be complete.


It appears most of us have a surplus of energy up untill around the age of thirty that keeps us young and healthy despite our bad habits. When that surplus runs out our sins or bad habits catch up with us and our body begins to deteriorate and we call this aging. Aging is not natural. It is an accumulation of wrong habits, thoughts, and feelings, most of which we are ignorant of. It is also the polluted and negative environment we're living in, which is in part caused by these wrong habits. By becoming aware of our error ways and eliminating them we can reverse the aging process. Your body is self-repairing and maintaining, but it needs your co-operation. Stop stuffing it with poisons in your food, water, and air. Practice fasting at least one day a week and try to live in a healthy and positive environment. Read the Your Divine Potential section in this website.


You're body is constantly regenerating itself, so why does it age or break down? At some point, the overload becomes too much and your body can't handle it anymore; too much food, too much drink, too much work, etc. Everythimg has its limits and your body is no exception, unfortunately, your mind and spirit do not see it that way. We think and feel we are immortal and indestructible, and in a way we are, but our bad habits catch up with us, and by the time we are in our thirties and forties their is a noticeable decline in our energy and health. This is because every day of every year we are accumulating and storing more and more toxins in our bodies through improper eating and living habits and polluted environments. Every now and then your body needs to clean house, and rest and recuperate, but most of us just keep on abusing it -untill it's too late and we get sick or die. Aging is the slow but certain accumulation of toxins in the body as well as the wear and tear of overwork or activity. Eliminate these toxins through regular fasting and get enough rest and you can practically keep on going forever. There are many cases of old people who have become young again by changing their diets and environments. Immortality is within reach for those who are willing to make the necessary sacrifices.


Set aside one day a week, preferably when you're not working, as a day of fasting, and experience first hand the many benefits that it has to offer which no other discipline can give you. No matter what your ailment, abstaining from food and water for a twenty-four to thirty-six hour hour period, will give your body the opportunity it needs to marshall all of its forces and focus on the areas of disease or stress that need the most attention. First-timers can take the twenty-four hour fast and drink water if need be, whereas experienceed fasters can go the full thirty-six with or without(better results) water. Alternate day fasting(one day yes, one day no) is also a very effective way of fasting. This author had shoulder arthritis pains which would not subside or go away untill after a full day's fast. Repeated fasts and a basically salt-free diet has ensured full recovery. Increased body heat and constriction during the fast work to burn, dislodge, and push out all of the impurities in your system(including stones). Fasting is the natural way to heal your body and doesn't cost you anything(except a little willpower). Longer fasts of a week or more are required for more serious health conditions, but I do not recommend these unless you are supervised by experts or are first fully aquainted with the shorter fasts. Never fast in a polluted or stressful environment or if you are pregnant, medicated, or in a precarious physical or mental state. A good time to fast is Friday sunset to Saturday sunset; this is traditionally known to Jews and others as the sabbath(Saturday) or Saturn's day. Capricorn/Saturn is the sign of fasting, while its opposite-Cancer/Moon/Monday is the sign of eating. This schedule is only a suggestion. The important thing is that you occassionally give your body a rest(vacation) and there is no better way to do this than through fasting.


Surgeon Robert O. Becker outraged the scientific community when in his experiments he was able to regrow a severed limb on a mouse by stimulating its bio-electical field(etheric body double). Spiders and salamanders are able to do this by themselves, but it was never thought possible for mammals. If it can be done with a mouse, why not humans. The answer is it can, but as Becker soon found out, there is still major resistance from the scientific community. Cloning injured or severed limbs and organs and then grafting them is being looked at more seriously. While scientists may scoff at the idea, partial or even total limb regrowth is a real possibility. The key is to realize that we all have an etheric or ghost-like body double which serves as the blueprint for our physical body. This etheric or plasmic double actualy creates, maintains, and modifies our physical, and to the psychic eye extends an inch or so from the skin. It is in turn maintained or energized by the subtler energy bodies which make up the auric self. The purer the aura, the stronger the etheric, and the faster and easier it is to repair any damage done to the physical. If you cut yourself after a long fast there will be little if any bleeding and healing will be almost immediate. Spiritual masters have carried this much further and can regrow any or all parts of their bodies at will, and all humans will eventually learn to do the same.


A breatharian is someone who gets all of their nourishment from air and light(love). A few thousand strong, worldwide, they are forerunners of what all of us will one day become -an immortal and self-sustaining humanity. When you stop polluting your body with food and drink a cleansing and healing process takes place restoring you from the animal state(anything that eats or has sex) to your original divine or angelic state(non-eating/non-copulating). In this pristine and higher vibratory state, all of your powers are augmented tenfold, and you become a superhumam; your thought processes become computer-like, your psychic senses unfold, and you will have enough strength to lift ten times your own weight. You will require little or no sleep and will easily resist extremes in temperature. You will never get sick and will have stopped or even reversed the aging process. Perhaps best of all, you will always be happy and confident and clear as to who you are or where you are going in life. While not everyone can become a breatharian just yet, it will become an increasing trend in this 21st century. Breatharians can do it all! Important note: Never try to become a breatharian in a cold, polluted, or negative environment, or if you are on medication, or are seriously handicapped or limited in some way.


We were not meant to sleep or get tired. In its original and untampered state the human body is a ceaseless dynamo of energy and activity. Only when we began eating, and eating badly, did we become slow and lethargic. This in turn led to the polluting of our environment. Much of our energy is spent eliminating all of the poisons we eat, drink, breathe, or absorb on a daily basis, and the best way for the body to do this is to put you to sleep so it can do its work uninterrupted. We're not even supposed to be in the sitting position or touching the ground with our feet. At full power, your aura or energy field lifts you a foot or two off the ground and you hover about as Adam did before his fall. When he began to pollute his body with food, this light or energy field almost shut down and he fell into a sleep. Sleep allows us to recover from our daily sins or indulgences and saves us from certain death. Sleep is in fact a temporary form of death. The fact that we recover at all is testimony to the body's remarkable resiliency.


All healing occurs when there is an abundance of the life force flowing within us which is generally quick-moving, bright and hot. The less physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual impediments there are in the person, the faster the flow and the brighter or hotter the life force will be, burning all the dross or excess in the being which can develop into disease or give discomfort. If the heat is strong enough, it can actually meld broken bones or damaged tissue back into place almost immediately. Natural healers do this by concentrating their heat or energy in their hands, and then passing them over the blocked or afflicted areas. All blockages, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, slow down the life force which condenses itself as our blood. Sin is a cold force which contracts and stifles, as water does when it turns into ice. Living a simple, clean, natural, and ethical lifestyle is the key to generating enough heat and energy to heal you or keep you free of almost any disease or imfirmity. The two most powerful methods of self-healing or empowerment are fasting and prayer/meditation.


Sex is the natural result of an intoxicated state. A diet rich in meats and delicacies and wine and liquor and sweets will go a long way in bringing the sensual beast out of any teen or adult. This is because all of these foods are highly stimulating and intoxicating, as well as highly chemicalized, lowering the mental and spiritual vibrations and giving way to base or carnal desires. Of course, some of us are more naturally susceptible to sensuality than others(Capricorn and Scorpio rising signs are the champs), but in general, rich(chemicalized)foods=sex. Fruit, on the other hand, is the highest vibration food there is, and tests have shown that an exclusive diet of fruit will greatly diminish or even fully negate your desire for sex.


Any mutilation of the human body is unnatural and that is exactly what circumcision is. The supposed benefits are better hygeine and easier sexual expression. The disadvantage is the desensitization of one's higher neural faculties. Exactly where and why circumsision began is difficult to discover although it no doubt has a religious foundation. Infant male circumcision probably has reptillian origins; the male penis or phallus, which is actually an overgrown or developed clitoris, is serpent-like in form and is our open treaty or pact with the humanoid reptillian race, which probably practices this rite as well. Circumcision makes full show of this our reptillian heritage. The pituitary and the penis or clitoris are two ends of the same pole, and to desensitize or decapitate one is to do the same to the other. An uncircumcized penis retains the original sensitivity and allows or is conductive to greater psychic development and sensitivity, whereas a circumcized penis detracts from this. It is possible to regrow the severed foreskin by continually stretching it(sometimes with small weights attached to it) but this takes much time and patience.


A majority of successful planetary positions at your birth will greatly help you to succeed in the goal of regeneration. Most of us have a mixed bag of good and bad planets. There are 72 good or successful planetary positions and 72 bad ones. The good ones are the masculine planets(Sun, Mercury, Ascendant, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus) in the masculine signs(Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius), and the feminine planets(Moon, Venus, Midheaven, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto) in the feminine signs(Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces). The other positions are bad and represent everything that is wrong with ourselves and our world. While it is possible to regenerate with a majority of bad planets, this is like swimming against the tide. If this was to be your last life then you would no doubt have carefully chosen your planetary configurations to secure that goal. This is done by your guides or higher self on the astral before being born. Planets in their home sign(Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Taurus, Earth/Ascendant in Libra, Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Aquarius, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Scorpio, and an as yet undetermined planet in Virgo are especially powerful, and can dominate or drive the entire chart. They are definite plusses on the road to complete physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual regeneration.


Regeneration or return to godhood all starts with changing your diet and environment. Moving to a semi-tropical clime and returning to an all-fruit diet are the first two steps. This will do wonders for both your health and the environment. Most diseases come from what we eat or drink or breathe, and most pollution is food or technology-related. By eating only fruit in warm climes we do not have to kill, or grow crops, or use appliances or artificial heating, or tamper in any way with our natural environment. A fruit diet will make you stronger and smarter with little need for sleep or even sex. Women will stop menstruating and men will become less aggressive and more sensitive. The animals will follow our lead and stop killing each other for food and the planet as a whole will become a paradise again.


After becoming fruitarians, the next step will be to become breatharian(living on air and light alone). This will totally get rid of disease and pollution, and will in fact make us immortal. Differences between the sexes will dissapear and self-reproduction or parthogenesis will become the norm. Aging will cease or reverse itself and death will be a choice. All of our presently dormant psychic abilities or higher powers will fully unfold so that things like telepathy and teleportation will be commonplace. As we become more and more in tune with our god-selves, we will be ready for the next step -ascension. This is the angelic or god state where your body, because it is so clean and pure and high-vibrating, dissapears from view into the 4th, 5th, and higher dimensions. Here we create our own realities through our emotions and thoughts. At the highest level, there is no form, or sex, or race, or language, or species -all is one. So long as we have something to learn we will redescend to the lower levels and then back up again.


The secret of regeneration lies in your body's ability to digest the finest particles of matter possible; the finer the particles, the greater the regeneration. It is your spirit or life force and not your body which is actually doing the digesting. Ideally, spirit was meant to digest only light or air particles; this means that originally we were solarian or breatharian in nature. The ingestion of liquid or solid foods is what dramatically changed our physiological and psychological natures; from immortal gods we were stepped down to mortal humans. It's all in the vibratory rate or frequency. Food and drink congealed our lightstream into blood and dramatically lowered our electrical vibratrion or frequency. We became "polluted" or "congested" and the result is what we are today -a lost and dying humanity. This trend can be reversed, but it is like trying to rehabilitate a drug addict. We are much too addicted to the pleasures of food and its derivative -sex- to give them up, and yet this is exactly what we must do if we are to reclaim our spiritual heritage, We must learn to fast and continually refine our diet untill we are digesting nothing but air(truth) or light(love). This is the key to regeneration and the only real way to salvation.


Also called the "third eye" the pituitary or master gland acts like a queen regulating the other major glands of the body. She works in conjunction with her king, the pineal gland. The pituitary is located roughly in the lower center of the brain; it is a reddish grey bean-like bony encasing wrapped in flesh and muscle. Inside the bony encasement are fine sand-like crystals which act as receivers and transmitters of high frequency light. When active, images are projected onto the inner forehead which acts as a tv or movie screen for the individual, in conjunction with the other higher senses of sound, touch, smell, etc. This is the basis for clairvoyance, clairsentience,telepathy, all the other higher functions of man/woman. Because of our degenerative environment and lifestyles the pituitary gland in most humans has greatly shrunk from the size of a walnut to that of a pea and remains largely dormant.


In her gem of a book 'Fasting for Regeneration: The Shortcut" Julia Seton M.D. spells out a 10-day fasting program guaranteed to turn back the clock ten, twenty, or more years. It involves eating one meal a day for ten days between the hours of 11am and 2pm, drinking only water the rest of the time. During this meal you can eat anything and in any amount so long as it is within the time frame. Try to eat your meal within one hour. This one meal will come just in time to provide your body with the stimulus it needs to rebuild or regenerate your body. Stay busy and active to keep your mind off food the rest of the time. Stifle the hunger and craving by drinking water. You will find you will need less sleep as the days go by and your senses will become sharper -this is normal. You may also lose a lot of weight, but this is old or unhealthy flesh or tissue which the body needs to get rid of before it can rebuild. You body will NEVER consume its vital tissues and organs, unless they are diseased, and even then it will try its best to repair them. Dizziness(blood thinning) and profuse sweating(elimination) are other symptoms of the fast. Stay seated and wash frequently. Your mental attitude during the fast is very important -it can literally reprogram the way you look and feel, and the success of the fast may depend on it. On the tenth day drink no water and on the eleventh resume your normal diet. The results will be astounding. If you cannot go the ten days, try five, or even two, and you'll still get some results.


When I first heard about applying or ingesting one's own urine as a cure for just about all that ails you, I was disgusted and thought it was another reptillian ploy to get back at us, but after reading the evidence, and more importantly, trying it out for myself(on a limited basis), my attitude has changed somewhat. Most of us believe urine is a waste product, and while a tiny part of it is, most of it is not. Urine is excess blood fluid or plasma filtered by the kidneys. It is 95% pure water, 2.5% urea, and 2.5% minerals, salt, hormones and enzymes. It is your body's own naturally produced medicine for whatever is ailing you at that specific time and place. You must, however, reingest it or apply it topically to the area affected. A few drops on or under the tongue during midstream and before eating(morning is best) is a good way to start. The quantity can be increased as you become comfortable with it. The real reason doctors require urine samples is so they can produce the right medicine for you, whether it's for asthma, diabetes, herpes, etc.. Combined with fasting, it is one of the most powerful treatments known. It can also be used for eyedrops, ear solutions, gargles, shampoos, enemas, baths, sores, cuts, and skin problems. Urine therapy is commonly practiced in China and India, and even the animals do it!


Go somewhere private where you will not be disturbed and take five deep continuous and fairly quick breaths. Do not pause after each exhale and keep the breaths connected or continuous through concious control. When you're done stand still with your arms slightly outstretched and feel the euphoria and tingling sensation all over. You will not even need to breathe for awhile as your body is fully oxygenated and does not require pulmonic movement. Air contains fire or the life force and you have just burned away much of the dross or waste in your body that came into contact with your breath. If you try to move now you will feel lighter and stronger and your head clearer, and if you look in the mirror you will look more pale or thin. When your normal breathing comes back you can try this again, except this time go for ten breaths, followed by fifteen or twenty. Do not overdo this if you are a smoker or living where the air is very polluted. Go to your garden or backyard, or even inside your house if it is well ventilated. The best times are in the early morning or late evening when carbon monoxide levels are lower. Bad air can kill you as swiftly as good air can heal you. You can do this exercise daily as a form of cleansing or rejuvenating exercise. It also works much like a zapper burning away many parasites. Deep and controlled breathing is especially effective during a fast when the oxygen is able to penetrate deeper into all parts of the body and quicken healing.


The true purpose of breathing is ELIMINATION of fine waste. There are at least three kinds of waste; solid waste which is expelled primarily through the anus, liquid waste which is expelled primarily through the urinary canal, and gaseous waste which is expelled primarily through the nostrils. A fourth kind of waste can be classified as heat or light-related and is expelled through the eyes and pores of the skin. You can go without solids or liquids for days or longer, but only minutes without air. Air contains he greatest amount of fire or life force which burns away the dross or waste in your system. This dross or waste is expelled with your outbreath. Were it not so, you would be poisoned and die within minutes. Fruitarians have less waste in them so they breathe more lightly than others, unless they live in polluted environments. Breatharians can live wonderfully where the air is thin and sparse(such as on mountaintops) but cannot tolerate polluted environments. In a perfect environment no food or breathing in the traditional sense is required whatsoever; the pores of your skin take over the breathing function entirely and this is felt as a cool sensation all over your body. All the nourishment you need is acquired directly from the superior quality of the air(enriched with the life-force) you are taking in. The nose and mouth are back ups for obtaining this air or lifeforce.


We take it for granted that, among other things, our vision deteriorates with age. While this is generally true, few if any give the real reason why this is so. The general explanation is that the eye muscles which move the lenses become tired and withered as we get older, resulting in an inability to focus properly. Also, the shape and thickness of the cornea as well as the eyeball changes along with the shape of the head or skull so that the light entering the eye no longer hits the retina where it should. This is all true, but no one explains why this deterioration or deformation we call aging takes place. Aging or bodily deterioration is the result of the steady accumulation of toxins from our unnatural diet and environment which we never give our bodies a chance to eliminate. The eye muscles and tissues become more and more loaded with toxic waste causing stiffening and hardening and progressively limiting movement. Corrective lenses refocus the light onto the retina but with time the problem worsens and stronger lenses are needed. Corrective surgery is risky and the results are not always permanet. Eye exercises help but this is like whipping an ailing horse. The real solution is detoxification, and this means a change of diet and environment. Raw fruits and green leafy vegetables and plenty of fresh clean air and exercise are what is needed. Frequent bathing, and fasting at least one day a week is also recommended. Other effective but less potent remedies include taking bilberry, liver and kidney cleanses, urine soaks, staring at the sun(with eyelids closed when strong) or moon, and meditation. If you should find yourself without glasses somewhere, and need to read, a good trick is to squint your eyes or look through pinholes.


The toilet seat was invented almost two hundred years ago in England for the aristocratic elite by a plumber and cabinet maker with no knowledge of physiology. It was thought then that the sitting position was more kingly or dignified, and the toilet became coined "the porcelain throne". Queen Victoria's toilet was gold plated. Setting an example, it quickly spread throughout the country and Western Europe, and the original squatting position was replaced by the sitting position. Initial discomfort was relieved somewhat by the invention of squatting stools which lifted the feet and legs, but other ploblems slowly crept up which were supressed and still are. The sitting position for elimination of wastes is both unnatural and unhealthy. When squatting, the anal canal is STRAIGHT and the muscles work properly to evacuate all the waste. When sitting, the canal is curved and narrower and the muscles are weakened causing incomplete evacuation. Accumulation and hardening of fecal matter in the cecum or lower colon leads to all kinds of problems or diseases -appendicitis, hemorrhoids, hernias, colitis, diverticulosis, colon cancer, prostate cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and even heart attacks. Resuming the squatting position(which children do instinctively) will naturally resolve these conditions. A stool can be bought or made which will fit over your toilet bowl and allow you to resume the squatting position. Click here for an excellent article.


Food(drinking included) and sex are two of the greatest pleasures of man/woman, yet at the same time they are also two of our greatest destroyers. Eating starts the degeneration process which leads to sex, and finally death. Sex or reproduction is how the species attempts to save itself from extinction. The more unnatural or chemicalized our diets are -the earlier we start the death process and the earlier we become sexual beings. Due to our increasingly artificial diets and environments, adolescent and even pre-adolescent sex is becoming more common all the time. The first orgasm is said to release the death hormone in the body and the age at which it occurs, multiplied by 5.1, often determines the lifespan. The long-lived pre-flood patriarchs didn't generally marry or have sex before reaching the century mark because they were basically fruitarian and lived in a paradisical environment. Even today, a fruit diet in warm climes will retard aging and sexuality. Unless they're eunuchs, anyone who lives and eats in our modern society and says they've never had any sexual urges is a hypocrite and a liar. Food and sex are inseparable. Eating is in fact a kind of sex and vice versa. In sex, however, we do not go all the way like some of the dracs and "eat" or consume our partner. This actually makes sex less evil or sinful than the eating process itself. Both food and sex bring about sleep which is a temporary form of death. Sleep allows us to recover from the debilitating effects of both food and sex.


We all need food of some sort, whether its solid, liquid, gaseous, or etheric. It's simply a matter of how refined that food is. The more refined our food source, the purer and stronger we become. Solid foods require the most digestion and are therefore the most debilitating. Switching to a liquidarian diet will greatly relieve the digestive burden and greatly boost the health. Breatharians go a step further deriving all their sustenance from the air they breathe. But even air is a waste. Lightbeings bypass air or gas and sustain themselves directly through prana, light, or solar radiation, which is the highest form of physical food there is. The denser the food, the more sexual or sensual we become. Excrement passing through the gut or intestine is similar to having constant penile sex and is the basis for our sexual natures. Yes, whether we like to admit it or not, sex is ideed a "dirty" thing. A fruit or liquidarian diet will diminish the sexual nature and heighten the spiritual or intuitive one. Breatharians will practically lose their sex drive altogether and lightarians even more so. So if there is no more sex, what happens to our population? Obviously there will be no more physical births and eventually everyone will die out and return to the spirit world leaving a barren planet. The truth is our stay here on the physical plane is at best temporal or experimental. We come here to play and learn but many of us get stuck and lose our way and have to reincarnate untill we find our way back out again. When we discover the truth we give up food and sex and all the other lusts of life and regenerate into our original light state leaving the planet in peace. In our light state we have the option to materialize and even eat again, but this opens the way to enslavement once again. We shall be like the angels who visited Lot and dined with him but in a manner that preserved their spiritual integrity. Our mastery or control of matter and its downward spiritual pull is an eternal process, and when there are finally no more humans stuck on this planet, everyone will have learned their lesson.


So you're a breatharian -then what? While living without food or water is a huge step towards immortality and divinity, it does not stop there. There is always a next step for those who are ready to embrace infinity. A breatharian has mastered food and drink and achieved physical and mental purity and perfection. Most breatharians go on to develop their psychic senses which reveal and teach them all things. One of these revelations is that they do not have to remain a slave to their physical bodies or environments. Through breath control, one is able to kindlle the kundalini or inner fire and cause the physical body to transform into light. Uncontrolled or premature kundalini, however, is dangerous and can cause the body to burn or combust. It must be done slowly and only with the purest of intentions. One must first master breatharianism before becoming an etheric being. A breatharian has conquered his or her physical or sensual appetites and lusts which are the root cause of humanity's woes or problems. Air and light are the next grade of food(after solids and liquids) which must be conquered to achieve perfection. By holding the breath for longer and longer periods of time the body is forced to get its food directly from light or prana causing it to heat up and eventually dematerialize. This is called air fasting. Many yogis and spiritual masters can volontarily control their kundalini and physically dissapear or reappear at will. Their bodies are still with them, but in a much finer (etheric) state. This is because their electrons or atomic structures are superheated and spinning at superhigh speeds causing invisibility. There is a part of the brain where the nerves or conduits seem to fade or dissappear into nothingness -this is where the physical and etheric bodies merge. With practice you can stay in the etheric for increasingly longer periods of time or even go on to higher levels -there is no limit! Yes, you can take your body with you -it is after all, the materialization of your etheric template. When everyone can do this there will be no more costly and wasteful funerals and physical death will occur through will rather than ignorance.

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