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I wish u all the best with this! We will all have to go through this eventually. Yes it's much easier with support. Unfortunately there isn't much of this right now but it's much better than a few years ago.
U looking at this means u r ready to do this now (or else u wouldn't have attracted this).  This is ur window! Don't pass it up! This window doesn't happen often. STUDY UP!!! U will need every bit of information u can get!! The goal is to eventually phase out of all low vibrational/ low frequency things. To quit all Food/ Drugs same thing, so that we can vibrate planet awesum which is totally freegan, available to all who are ready, and powered off STOKE!! Planet awesum is my name for the next phase of humanity. Christians call it the second coming. People call it the new age. I just call it PLANET AWESUM! (plan-it awe-sum). The motto  for planet awesum is "giant party everything is free and everyone's invited!".

The Master Cleanse #1 This will help u A LOT! (which helps us all) Great Forum Resource For Cleansing and Healing urself without doctors. WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS!!! Be Warned! Getting off cooked foods is worse than getting off crack and heroin. We are all junkies of the worst kind.

Take Pills Die is the name I came up with for the current frequency we are living on which is based on convenience, consumerism, self-destruction. What we will be doing on planet awesum is developing and sharing stoke, as much as possible, creating worlds for people to get stoked on. It will be all SERVICE oriented.

I know I talk about this a lot but is there anything more amazing to talk about?! Sharing everything for free is the most productive, most intuitive, way to live on earth. It works on more levels, than using some fake pieces of debt loan paper which only support a few white males. It's a process of growing up!  Freegan is the future. Might as well start now! It's a little tough now when u tell people u retired from "working", its kind of hard for them to believe, but it's what I've done and u can to with a little backbone and inner listening.   ..... It just feels right!! :) Sharing is Caring and since we are really all one, when u give to another, we r really giving to ourselves. When we make another persons life better, u r making our lives better. Plus it's ongoing and dynamic and keeps getting better as it goes.

Planet Awe-Sum. Freeganism. Win Win Situation for all based on Love and Compassion (or u could just say "what works"). Love/ compassion is a technology that works on every level. Our current concept of "working" doesn't work for anyone. Retire to PLANET AWESUM! :) Christians call it living with the "holy spirit". Spiritualist call it living in the present moment or zen. Skateboarders, Musicians, Artists call it Creative insight/ Inspiration. Little kids call it fun. Animals and plants call it NORMAL. It's a world of Neo Shamans. And there's really no limits to how awe-sum it can be. U can't take a class for it. U can't lose it. U just have to be it. It takes no time. U be it by spending quiet time with urself, listening and following how u feel rather than what ur told. It's different for everyone. It works on diversity rather than conformity like the current Take Pills Die Death Cult-ure. It's where the party is! Lets do this World!! Start by changing ur DIEt to STOKE! Planet Awesum is powered off STOKE. STOKE is what u feel when ur in tune with who u r. 

Yes it takes practice to deprogram all the toxic "frequencies" we have enjoyed for so long. We are just babies! We are living in the dark ages!! But we came here to do this and we are well equipped!! 

Living in the present now moment (all there really is) is living in abundance. The more u do it the more trust u will have with it. Then the more trust other people will have in it. Then the world will be based on it. Simple! Effective! Use ur stoke to stoke others! The stoke feeds u on every level. This becomes even easier once we stop trying so hard. It's not a competition. We all have already made it. It's a process of letting go, relaxing into the gentle caress of what u've always known ur whole life. That we are making this all up. Lets make it AWESUM! ...Discipline. U can do it! We are doing it! It is already done! There's no turning back now! Ur STOKED!
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