Reasons to go breatharian. Quit eating food

Reasons to go breatharian
Im tired of pooping
Smelling bad
I know now that all food is a drug
I know now that anything we put in our bodies is a foreign object,
causes harm on all levels
Tired of being tired all the time
Tired of binging and making excuses
Costs too much to keep drugging myself
Drugging myself doesn't last long. I'd long more of a long term
relationship with happiness
Being numb doesn't last
Eating turns us into animals
Doing food makes us selfish and blind
Tired of being angry, victmized, blaming
Don't want to get old so fast just for a short term fix
I've known about this a long time now and have never really srsly
committed which makes me feel pathetic
Tired of feedin my emotions
Sick of being sick
Sick of having lame conversations w ppl high on death
Sick of all the time ppl r wasting dying everywhere, just to avoid
life/ the truth

Tired of shooting snot out of my nose everytime I do anything active
Tired of getting sleepy every time I eat
Tired of binging, making excuses
Tired of being an asshole
Bored of fucking and sucking
Tired of manipulating to survive
Tired of surviving to get by. Fuck that
Sick of ppl telling me how to live my life
Our bodies aren't designed for food. It just deals w it, at high cost
to all life
Toxic waste posoin (all food) is soooo addictive, holy shit

Doing drugs lowers ur frequency or vibratory rate which makes u more
prone to being manipulated by dark entities
Food is four ingrediants: salt sugar fat and dough (or the medium to
hold all the other shit)
All ur really feeding is ur parasites
At ur most formative years (when u were a baby) u were a liquidarian.
And ur shit literally didn't stink until u started food drugs forced
onto u by the death cult
Ppl that eat are boring losers since doing so many drugs eventually
cuts off ur connection to creative forces
Wearing clothes and shoes suck
Having to wash clothes is never fun and always wasteful
Having to wash anything sucks
I hate exercising, exercising clubs that cost money
Fuck beauty care products
Fuck shopping
Fuck wasting my life like we've been trained to do
Glasses suck

Being bloated sucks
Water is most of the time gross
Who really likes fruits? What we really want is chocolate and ice
cream and cookies and bacon. We want to die. So why don't we just do
heroin? We got to draw the line somewhere, might as well be w no drugs
or death cult thinking of any kind
Fuck religion and popes and church and group meetings. It's all just
ppl stroking each others cocks. Useless
Fuck being useless, a waste
Computers are purposely made stupid and ugly and made to fail for
profit, so might as well just develop that stuff in ur body, the real
Fuck email and skype and facebook and whatever else bullshit that's
just made to sell products
Fuck google
Who likes anything sponsored by low life money hungry insecure people
Doing food makes u want to fuck
Fuck porn
We r totally out of control. God help us
It's so much worse than we could ever imagine, but continually numbing
ourselves from reality is getting us nowhere
Every time we eat/ feed our emotions, we plant a seed to continue that
action. Might as well plant a seed that stops that action, that death
urge. Plant a seed of life. Quit everything. To not quit everything is
extremist and shocking and exhibitionist
U have probably let somebody rub their dick or pussy on ur face. Eat
saliva bad breath. Have babies. Die. Repeat

Fuck shoes. Fuck shoes. Shoes r the stupidest things ever invented.
WTF ever huh? Gloves on ur feet that smell bad and cost too much and
make u walk weird?! For sex?! Sadomasochism. Death culture stuff
Being a junky sux. All I do is think about my next fix. That's all
everyone does. Even while writing this I'm fantasizing about chocolate
chips. Making excuses. Rationalizing it. I might even do it for the
millionth time but it never works ever and never will. Why is this so
Fuck bedding and fake comfort zones and rent
And audio books and dalai lamas and vegetarian raw food fruitarian
debates and talking and guilt fear regret
Fuck recycling. Ppl thinking they care cause they recycle. Ha!
Anything we create gets boring and old and dated
Sick of being a puppet for a few rich white male dorks w no life
Tired of trying to "make this work" when it never does and never will
Working makes ppl slow stupid and lazy and ugly
Drugs don't last. Detoxing them over and over again sux
I feel like I'm just a slut getting raped over and over again by demons
Tired of being a bitch for my mind
Our cult-ure is based on prostitution and being fake
Tired of supporting dork terrorist haters who hate life and themselves
and want everyone to die with them
Sick of war and violence and aggression of all levels
Tired of seeing nature and earth constantly getting chumped
Cities fucking suck. Boring cold lifeless prison. I do like
communities. Cities aren't community, they're work camps. Places where
ppl can get possesed and skull fucked by demons
Sick of being dragged all over creation just to feed my addictions.
It's exausting

I started getting grey hairs
Body falling apart. Arthritis
Sick of being a hippocrate
Don't like going into stores
Don't like using money that takes suffering and manipulation and lies
to get in the first place
Don't want to be dependent on anything
Tired of junky mind. Getting my next fix
Tired of basing my day around consumption
I don't think god put us here to suffer and toil. And if he did I
don't want to live this anymore. It sucks
Tired of hating myself. Hating on myself or others
If I feel I need something from people, I act stupid
I don't want a career or big ugly house or kids I can yell at when I
feel bad after a hard day competing at work
I don't think tv, radio, newspapers, books, or most things that cost
money have anything positive to offer. I feel they're mostly just
death traps.
Tired of living around zombies, being a zomby, in a death culture
Tired of buying soap
Tired of buying smell good things to mask my death
Tired of death, dying, striving to be dead like most everyone nowadays
Sick of being just a vessel to feed addictions, pleasures that don't

Restaraunts suck. Everything about them is horrible. Absolutly too
much drama on every level. Like how workers are treated, how much
pressure they are for the owners, the food growers, how it is shipped,
the chemicals used on them, the energy behind how useless all of it
is, selling a dream of life with death, how the food is transported,
the ppl that transpoted it, all the non renewable resources going into
all of it, nobody getting paid enough, the drugs that go into dealing
with all the drugs, drugged ppl, in the first place. Lame stuff.
Ppl that eat food/ drugs make bad/ short term decisions
Ppl that use drugs are out of control
I'd like to be more in control of myself and stop lying to myself
I want to be more genuine. Can be genuine when ur high on death, death
Tired of bathrooms
Tired of wiping my ass a million times
Tired of ppl feeling bad about their bodies
Tired of being in pain
Tired of being confused
Sick of sleeping so much

Sick of escapism. It's too expensive
Don't want to support the medical mafia. They killed my grandma
Tired of watching every kill themselves all the time while thinking
they're healthy
Tired of needing so many jackets all the time cause I'm cold. Kids
don't need jackets
Being lazy and feeding my emotions is too much work
Being a drug addict (eating food) costs too much money which makes u
have to be a lame wage slave. Which makes u lie, cheat, and steal
Eating drugs makes u feel dead, which makes u want to have sex so that
u can get out ur seed before u die. To propagate the dead species in a
death worshipping cult-ure
I'm tired of being an extremist. Living to do drugs is a dangerous,
extremist lifestyle. I'm in it for the long haul and don't want to set
any more bad examples
Eating makes u low frequency, a low life, slow and stupid, and cut off
from reality. I'm tired of living in fantasy worlds
I'm tired of make believe. It doesn't last. I want what's real. I want
to live the truth, what works on every level for everyone.
There is nothing comfortable here and never will be so why don't we
just face it and be uncomfortable. Maybe then it will stop

Tired of being raped by advertisers
Sick of being a slave
Tired of being an emotional wreck just for some short term highs
Tired of needing women to have sex w or whatever. It's too hard, never
lasts, too painful, kids make u have to be a wage slave terrorist.
Humans stink like death vomit and we all get old and die. The process
is bullshit. Fuck this shit. I hate it
Fuck dentists, doctors, therapist, police, government, teachers,
musicians, artists, smelly depressed kidney failure domesticated
animals, stinky toxic houses, mortgages, cars powered off dinosaurs,
computers, paying for Internet, being cold, sick, roads, blankets,
news reporters, airplanes, gurus, geniuses, idiots, ppl talkin shit in
blogs, haters, lovers, sports, ..pretty much anyone or anything that
thinks they're anything or have anything to offer. It's all a lie and
a sick joke. All we got and all we need is ourselves. Everything else
is depressing psychotic nightmare.

Everything we do to others we do to ourselves
U can always tell how somebody is by how they treat ppl or things they
feel are shit
Nobody and nothing will save us. There us no escape. Might as well end
this sick dream of death now and face our fears.
To stop denying life w more excuses from a dead death culture
To stop hating ourselves and life
I'm tired of typing on this damn iPod touch. Even tho it's pretty
awesum. Anything u have to do sux and I hate it and think it's
counterproductive on every level

Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyones Invited!
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