Quit school before u get too stupid. I just sit n watch.

Quit school before u get too stupid

Why would anyone waste their time and money going to school anymore?
There's the fucking Internet bitches! It's free most of the time now
and will be all of the time when ppl grow up/ wake up. Next ppl will
realize all "Education" is counterproductive since we already know
everything. Then we'll realize living in a made up human meatsuit
space-time reality is boring and limited as fuck. And choose new light-
er bodies. And then go "back" to help the low freq/ heavy folk
saplings from time to time when we're not developing solar systems or
just blissed out enjoying the awe-sum. I am still having attatchments
w self destructive death cults. Gotta work it put of my system I'm
seeing still. It seems to find me even though I quit money mostly. I
just sit n watch.

Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyones Invited!
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