Love is the Currency of the 21st Century

First of all, everything I put on my site is FREEGAN, and for the benefit of all (not just wage slaves). "Freegan-ism" (you could call it whatever you like) is the only thing that actually works, since it is the only thing that is true/ it is not a fiction. We don't owe anybody anything. We are everything already. 
I am in the process of waking up to my "awe-sum" and have been my whole "life". I am sharing everything here with you so we can work collectively together to wake up out of our current "take pills die" death cult-ure insanity nightmare fiction and into reality, which is freedom, love, peace. 
Thanks for going through this process with me, with grace. Don't shoot the messenger! I love you guys! We are doing this all now and it's awe-sum. -A-
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Love is the Currency of the 21st Century (from )
Origins of Slavery, aka Commerce
In the Garden of Eden, the serpent suggested to Eve, that if she were to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, her eyes would be opened and she would be as God. So, she and Adam ate the Amanita Muscaria mushroom (which resembles an apple) …. a hallucinogen which allowed them to realize that they are, indeed, God–– just as the serpent had said. It also allowed them to see that their nakedness meant that they are slaves, since, in the Garden, slaves wore no clothing. When they realized that their true nature was God, they clothed themselves accordingly. The LORD God (ego mind) didn’t like the fact that his slaves now knew they were God/Divinity, so he threw them out. Now, they were responsible for finding their own food, clothing, and shelter. Certainly, they had been protected, in the Garden, (read: “received benefits and privileges”), but their true freedom meant that they were now completely responsible for their lives. This was probably not too worrisome for them, now, with their gained knowledge that they are God.

In the 8th book of The Ringing Cedars of Russia series, we read that the slave-owners realized that, one day, the slaves, who out-numbered the masters 10 to 1, would finally catch onto how to escape, one way or another. So, the masters “freed” them by offering the slaves coins. The slaves were now free to clothe, feed, and house themselves, in any way they chose. The added bonus was that the more they worked, the more coins they received, the better food, clothing, and housing they could acquire …. but, they were still slaves, only now they were slaves to the coins.
Mankind, in his fear for his survival, has always wanted to control his environment and other people. So, mankind has never known anything but slavery. People who  insist that the commercial system was designed to work for everyone––if only the public servants would do their jobs and, if only there weren’t so much greed––are just being naive. Nothing is going to change the system of slavery. We cannot change anything outside ourselves without first changing our minds about what we think is outside ourselves. We must do as the original slaves (Adam and Eve), did …. realize that we are God, get up the gumption, and leave the Garden.
One slave might be smart enough to find a hole in the fence and  probably escape the Garden, yet, he dare not come back and tell the others how he did so. Even if he did, the hole would already have been fixed. But, inevitably, another slave has an even more clever idea about how to get out, so he gathers all the other slaves and, for a fee, tells them how to get out. Why don’t the other slaves ask, “If you’ve found an escape, why are you still here?… talking about how to get out? …… not because you care about us, or you wouldn’t be charging us.”

Many slaves have “found” legal material which the slave-owners have deliberately left lying about so that the slaves will give their attention to that, rather than to remembering they are God and able to escape. They don’t want a repeat of Adam and Eve, so they keep them busy with other distractions: sports, shopping, school, TV, and expensive seminars on “how to escape”.
But there is no escape as long as the slaves are resisting slavery. They are putting all their energy into not being a slave and this only affirms that they are, indeed, slaves. We become what we most resist. This is all part of the big plan to keep the slaves in their heads, as opposed to affording them the time and peace of mind to look into their hearts and remember who they are. If they did, just as Adam and Eve did, they would cover their nakedness,  i.e.: clothe themselves in the “frequency of love”. Slaves who have attained this high frequency are the most dangerous slaves to have around because they can awaken the other slaves.
The “seminar” slaves are not a threat to the slave-owner because these slaves are being kept busy looking for the solution outside themselves. The real threat is slaves who have risen above the level of being controlled. They even appear different which will get the attention of the others. The slave-master must expel them, just as the LORD God did with Adam and Eve. For most, being outside the garden is a daunting prospect, but for those who have realized the frequency of love, the thought of expulsion is freeing. They trust their intuition and know they will be safe.

There is no way of escape, as long as the slaves focus on papers that the slave-owner deliberately left for them to find and study. The way out is to remember who we are. See paragraph one.
Imagine kids playing Monopoly, on the living-room floor, in the evening. Dad walks by and says, “Wrap it up, kids. Bedtime!”  The kids beg Dad to play with them. Dad knows that if he joins them in the game, he will become one of them, and the kids will manage, surreptitiously, to keep him in the game and bedtime will be a long way off. The instant Dad sits down and asks, “What are the rules of the game”, the kids know they have won, because he is now IN the game. But, Dad knows who he is and says, “I’m not playing; I don’t care what the rules read, or even if you are following the rules; you do what I say.” There is nothing the kids can say or do, now that Dad refuses to give them his attention, energy, time, or emotion which they required, in order to continue to play.
In several of the “checkpoint” videos, where Border Patrol stops people, I notice that those who do not cave, are ultimately told, “Our superiors feel that, uh, we got better things to do than to play this game with you, sir, so we’ve been ordered to allow you to depart the checkpoint.”  What they are really saying is, “We were told to say, ‘we have to let you go, if we cannot get you to play our game with us…… sir’.”  When we stop consenting to play, the game will end. Got it?
“Business” is None of My Business
Hence, I neither know nor care how the banks, government, corporations, institutions play the game of commerce. I do know that complication indicates the presence of lies because only Truth is simple.  Knowing the details of their game would not benefit me…. it is their game. I do know that their accounting system requires NOTHING from me. I have more important things on which to put my time, attention, energy, and emotion. I am doing all I can to ascend to the frequency of love so that I can escape their slavery.

So, what I did to handle their desire to involve me was to tell them that I neither know nor care about how they play their game. Public servants have only 3 things to do at their places of employment: 1.  provide me their goods and services;  2.  manage the accounting thereof, which without the commerce game, wouldn’t be necessary, but, it is up to them to do what they do, to balance their books. This is their business, not mine.  3.  Cash Confiscation. They must do their job, i.e.: get cash from me, or they will not get paid. (See paragraph two.) So, they threaten me with “disconnection of service” if I do not “pay”. This is extortion and fraud. Handing over our cash or not has nothing to do with the balancing of their books and ledgers.
Their books were balanced long before we ever received anything from them. In the case of an alleged “bank loan”, no bank would ever hand us thousands of dollars without our first having paid them. Banks are in the business of “profit”, so it is an impossibility that they would trust the slaves to take thousands from them, if they didn’t get it from us, first. So, they do, in the form of a note with a signature. The amount on the note matches, exactly, the amount on the cheque we receive. What does this tell you? It was strictly an exchange of paper. No one gained; no one lost… a perfect example of “equal consideration” which is the prime requirement of all contracts.
At the end of the day, all bank records must prove zero balance. The next morning, nothing could be outstanding or there would be serious grounds for an audit. So, when you get an alleged “loan”, ask the banker, “Will your books balance, at the end of today?” Of course!  “So, where, on your books, could what you call my “indebtedness to the bank”, possibly show up?”
Years later, they say you signed papers which indicate your agreement to fork over your cash for the next 30 years. But that contract was based upon fraud, so not only is the contract invalid but also, since there is no statute of limitations on fraud, the mortgager now owes you the amount you have already paid. Tell the trustee of the public trust to write a cheque to the Name and deposit it. We (trust grantors) tell public servants what to do, but, not how to do it. If they require our authorization in order to credit the public trust, via the Name, then, we can let them know we authorize the paper which allows them to do so, but nothing more.

We know that all public accounting is handled by the exchange of paper and digital entries into a computer. That is all there is. Neither money nor cash is required; only paper and digital credit and debit. However, the insidious, prime purpose of this entire game is “Cash Confiscation”.  They pretend they are here to serves us, but, their true purpose is cash confiscation.
Here is how they do it: They create a “charge”/debt, for a utility, traffic infraction, or IRS/CRA; it matters not––as long as there is an “amount owing”. They make it up, as it cannot be real. They simply need a reason to charge the public trust and they require a Name, through which to access that credit. Remember, the entire game is about nothing other than “cash confiscation”.
Through years of programming, we have come to believe that we are a Name. We are not. LORD God––the ego mind––named Adam who then named everything in the garden. Only slaves are named. We couldn’t possibly be a Name, when we already know that we are God. The Name is simply a registered corporation, through which the public can access the public trust. What for?  For “cash confiscation”. Why?  When people have less cash, they are more easily frightened, compliant, manipulated, and controlled––just the way slave-owners want their slaves. This is the only reason for Cash Confiscation…. other than the controllers of the world are buying their way into the underground facilities at Denver airport because they live in fear of some catastrophe. But that’s not important, right now.

Regain Control
We have dominion over them, until we sink to their level which we do by communicating with them, in any way. Then, we are in their frequency. They control the lower frequencies of anger, frustration, and fear. When we regard this from an energetic perspective (and energy is all there is), we see that we must not engage in their insanity. When we do anything at that frequency, we are vulnerable to their control.
The only solution is to remove, from them, our attention, time, energy, and emotion and direct it to the frequency of love. They cannot exist in “love”, yet, we can stoop to anger, frustration, and fear. As they desperately require these emotions from us in order to survive, their full-time job is to devise the means to capture them.
When we look to them for our “remedy” for anything, we are enslaved. This is why they keep us looking “outside ourselves” for answers to everything …. love, money, happiness, peace, health. The solution to all of that is within us, not them. They love it when we get upset over their signing bills to “take away our health freedoms”. Cry me a river. We are above all that.
Every aspect of this game of commerce is a red herring ….. just varying forms of manipulation designed to keep our attention off our Divinity.  All “laws” (codes, rules, regulations, statutes, acts, legislations, bills, by-laws, constitutions) apply only to those who legislated them. Therefore, the “remedies” within said “laws”, also, apply only to those who legislated them.

So, whereas they must follow their own “commercial laws”, so then, they have the opportunity to access their “commercial remedies”, available within them.  Whereas we have NO obligation to follow their commercial laws, so then, we also have NO opportunity to access their commercial remedies within them.
So, put away all your thoughts of finding a “solution FOR commerce IN commerce” because, although there are many “solutions” and “remedies”, by which a few of us have prevailed, albeit very briefly over the years, these alleged “solutions” and “remedies”  were designed by the privileged, to be used by the privileged, …. NOT to be used by the slaves whom they consider us to be.  When they realize that it is a slave who has implemented one of their “commercial remedies”, they simply put a stop to it.
All of the “latest processes”, are ‘psy-ops processes’; they are disinformation which comes from the controllers, themselves, in order to distract our attention from the true cause….which is we, and the true solution….which is to clear our minds of the programmed belief that there is an authority outside ourselves.
NO solution FOR commerce can be found IN commerce because commerce is of the ego mind and WE are not.  Our solution lies within. Our solution is our dominion.
They do not care WHAT we believe, as long as our beliefs are what THEY promoted because it is the “believing”, itself, ….. the energy, time, emotion, and attention we give them, which allows them to realize their control over us.  If we do as they tell us, no matter what that is––whether their rules or their words, we remain under their control.
The controllers believe and obey LORD God, of the Bible, which is their law book because their superiors have sworn upon it. So, we can point to it and declare our Dominion. If they do not accept the Bible, then they have relinquished their option to refer to any of their “laws” which would establish their “authority” over us, because all their laws are derived from LORD God’s laws. They’re sunk, either way, as long as we remember who we are ….. Divinity with Dominion.

I know of no “commercial remedy” or “process” which has consistently worked. Episodic wins are granted only to keep us on the idiotic treadmill of “search for the cure”.  I do know, though, of a few who have prevailed, over time, by having declared their dominion over all the earth and over every living thing upon the earth.
In truth, nothing has a name. We do our children a huge disservice by telling them the names of things because this takes them directly into their left brains––the intellect–– where the controllers of the world want us. They do not want us in our right brains––the creative, spiritual mind, with access to our Divinity. The “substance” (consciousness/energy) of man already existed and LORD God (ego) captured that and breathed into it “form”, creating the concept of duality––substance/spirit and form/ego, and named it Adam. Adam then named everything in the “world”. LORD God (ego) has jurisdiction over NAMES/forms/fictions…. and nothing else.
Everything in fiction (forms) …. is of LORD God. This means that we, as God, are unable to recognize it. The minute we do, we step into LORD God’s “form”/fiction/image and leave behind our God-like “substance” and status. If we acknowledge them, other than to order them, as public servants, what to do, we are trapped. The instant we file documents, complete forms, mail legal paper, follow commercial processes, etc. we give up our Divinity, step into their fiction, and  behave as if they have authority over us because, at that point, they do.
Example: it is alright for man, created as female, by God, to grow and smoke a plant which we/God created. We have “dominion over all the earth and over every living thing upon the earth”. Since legalities apply to NAMES, it is illegal for MARY to grow and smoke MARIJUANA. As long as we do not identify anything, by NAME––the means by which LORD God gained control, then we remain free from the jurisdiction of LORD God/controllers (cops, bankers, judges, et al). The God of the controllers is LORD God, the ego mind. We/God are Divinity. Spirit mind (God) can control ego mind (Lord God). This means that love (spirit mind) is more powerful than fear and control (ego mind). Now, read again, my article on Ho’oponopono.

The Name is not you, nor is it yours. You couldn’t possibly be a ‘name’. You were not invited to court; the Name was. They have charged the Name, not you. The charging of the public trust is their business, not yours. If they charge, they are obliged to offset. You don’t care how they do it; it has nothing to do with you. You have dominion (rule) over all the earth and over every living thing upon the earth and that includes things made from the earth, e.g.: court documents. They are following the laws of LORD God (ego mind) and you are God/Divinity (spirit mind). You can function at the frequency of love and they cannot. They will not even be able to detect you, because they cannot recognize love. Love is a frequency which they cannot attain, cannot reach, cannot see, cannot be. This is our edge. We have a power which not only can they not handle, have no weapons against, but also they have no experience of it. It is completely out of their realm. “Love” is your tool; USE IT!
The bureaucrats who charged the public trust, did so via the Name and so they must re-pay their debt to the public trust, via the same Name. We know that anything they have us sign or return to them is the paper (voucher, ticket, etc.) which they can use to deposit to the public trust. It’s true that they would prefer we identify with the Name and when they convince us that the Name owes, they hope that we will simply believe that we owe. Then they get to confiscate our cash, but cash never can or will offset a debt derived from a piece of paper.  It is oil and water. They do not mix and they are not interchangeable. The only way for them to offset the debt which they created by charging the public trust, via the Name, is to deposit another piece of paper into the public trust, via the Name.
I always tell them that the easiest way for them to zero balance their ledgers and the accounting of the public trust would be to write a cheque to the Name, thereby debiting their account the same amount that they have already credited it (via the charging (debiting) of the public trust), ….. and they can mail the cheque to the above-listed address (mine).
All debt is created on pieces of paper; therefore, all debt can be offset by other pieces of paper.
The very first time I was in court, 14 years ago, I said, “That’s not my name.”  I was in handcuffs before I could take my next breath. What does this tell you?  I hit them where it hurt. That I didn’t know how to handle the situation, after I made that remark, is unfortunate, but never doubt that the “name game” is the crux of the entire matter.
The ego thinks its purpose is our “survival”. When we feel threatened, our ego kicks in and the results are, inevitably, insane. If we can grasp that “survival” is not our responsibility, we can keep the ego at bay, and trust that “whatever is …. is, or is at least good enough”. Letting go of our attachments to outcomes and accepting results is the key. Our survival is the responsibility of our higher self/oversoul/spirit. So, the ego’s desire to “win the commerce game” is a waste of time and energy, not only because it cannot be done but also because even if it could, the win would produce no tangible or lasting results within any reality, since we are living within an illusion. It is tantamount to identifying oneself as the “winner” of a Monopoly game because the instant the game is over, the “win” ceases to matter. It is all part of the dream/fiction and, as ACIM says, “You forgot to laugh.”

Love is the Currency of the 21st Century
Yes, there will be an end of the economic system, along with everything else we know, because we are the ones who will end it. We are fed up with the insanity of the way it is. Everything will shift, very soon; as soon as we shift. Commerce will end, when we quit playing the game.
We will all soon be doing what we love to do and serving our fellow man by doing so. When we operate from love and we give, we get back way more than we gave. Not only I but also my friend, Nick, among many others, has proved this.
My friend, Nick, is a pilot and flight instructor. He also works on computers and upgrades everyone he can to Linux. He has been serving his fellow man, in various ways, and operating from love, for over 4 years without trading, exchanging, or receiving a paycheque. At the end of every week, somehow, he has enough cash or gifts to take care of his family of six. He operates purely on donation and his intuition. Sometimes he receives nothing, sometimes he receives a little, and sometimes he receives a lot. He relies upon his higher self /intuition /oversoul to tell him what to do, where to go, how to be. He knows that he and his family will be taken care of and all that he has is precisely what he requires – no more and no less. At the end of his day, it is always enough. Nick does not charge his fellow man, he has faith in his intuition, and he claims he has never been happier. Being a former, very-devoted, evangelical, born-again, spirit-filled Christian, this was quite a change, for the better. For those who wonder, “compared to what?”, I have pictures of Nick with his Cadillac, one of his many motor homes, his aeroplane, and his huge house with a huge yard. After studying law, scripture, and history he realized that all the problems on earth come from everyone competing against each other and, one day, said to his wife, “I just can’t do this anymore; I am part of the problem.”  So, he walked away from it all. He says he has not a care in the world, any longer. “Everything is handled. I just have to do my part everyday and that is all. Life has never been better.”
“You are an aspect of the infinite so, to that which you imagine to be real, you actually give life. So the idea of what you might call ‘negative entities’ – ‘they’ can have lives of their own; ‘they’ can have an existence and self-awareness, but the only way you can interact with any negative consciousness is by being of that frequency and attracting it. One of the easiest ways to be of that frequency and to attract it is to fall for the idea that you have to fear it because you really believe that it is more powerful than you are. It isn’t; … it would like you to think so because that’s what generates the fear it needs to survive. But, you are not less powerful. Whatever you choose is what you are and whatever you are is what you attract and, if you know you choose to be a reflection of the positive manifestation, then you might be able to be aware of the fact that there might be negative manifestations, but they can never interact with you in any effectual way. You will become literally invisible to them.” –– Bashar

The “world” is only a projection of what goes on in our minds, so, those whom we call “controllers of the world” are really only “controllers of our minds”. The only reason they are “controllers of our minds” is because WE ARE NOT.  The instant we take control of our minds, our world will become the way WE want it and it will immediately cease to be the way ‘they’ want it.
The work that is exigent is to take control of our minds …. not of the world, not of others, not of our circumstances, not of anything; only of that which goes on in our minds. Turn away from the world; turn away from everything; turn away from everyone, and turn to yourself. The purpose of life is “mind management”.
The only thing going on ‘in the world’ is that which I am perceiving and, in order to perceive it, I had to imagine it, first.  I am the creator of all that I experience.
We do not see things as they are; we see them as WE are. –– Anais Nin
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