Lemurians. Power and Control, Isn't.

21 March 2010 - 12:18pm | Energy is one
Lemurians on Power and Control

What are power and control but a method to protect yourself from pain and control pain? Yes, to seek power makes you seek self-importance and feed the ego, but there is another game here. You, with power, and the more the better for this, can put yourself in a position to stop anyone or anything from hurting you (or so you might think) and punish those who try. Not only can you punish those who you believe would mean you harm, you can also punish those who have in the past. This is because, with power, all of the pain that you have felt from those who have treated you badly in the past can finally be dealt with. All of the resentments can be taken care of in a practical manner. Finally, you are in a position to strike back at your aggressors – Anyone or anything that remotely reminds you of something that has left you emotionally injured can be attacked, dealt with and finally put to rest.

The problem lies in the fact that you are run by your pain, your reactions are at least partially based on your pain, and people get hurt. What could have been good intentions become vengeance and manipulation. You serve your pain, not a higher good. You seek to control your life in a way that makes you invulnerable and above all of those legions of people who have made you feel small. Cruelty comes into play and manipulation of people and situations becomes normal.

True power lies in the acceptance and transmutation of your pain – even if at times it seems impossible. Once the intention to accept and bring your pain to the light is taken, you can become very strong and powerful. Then, and only then, if you are called by Spirit to lead, can you be pure and act with compassion and a clear intention to follow your best interests, which will be linked to the good of the whole.
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