Food Is A Drug / Kills U. Eating Is An Addiction. Quit Or Die.

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True Health is Free and Simple
Most all medicines are poisons
Most all medical practitioners are butchers
and murderers, whether they know it or not
Most all cities and crowded places
are havens for disease and illness
Only nature really cures
And only you can actually heal yourself
Truth and freedom
Light and love
Clean air and clean thoughts
Clean water and pure emotions
Fruits and herbs
Activity and rest
These are what cure and heal.


Humans Drug Themselves Three Times a Day and Don't Even Know It! Then they Drug Themselves Some More and Wonder Why Their Lives Are So Short and Miserable!


ANYTHING you put into your body is a DRUG, and ANYTHING you do more than once is a HABIT.


It is, in fact, the biggest drug habit of all!
(the desire to incarnate is perhaps stronger)

"But if I stop eating I'll die!" Not True! This is the biggest lie in history! It is not food that keeps you alive, but your WILL. In fact, it is food or eating(your DIEt) that is killing you!

We wonder why we age, or get sick, or smell bad, and finally die; this the DIRECT RESULT of eating! Eating is a destructive act. To eat you must kill or destroy something and we all know what the penalty for killing is. Because we have built up resistance, we don't die right away but slowly, and we call this aging!


Sleep(a temporary form of death) saves us by immobilizing us so all of our energy can be concentrated on eliminating that last big meal you had and/or the ones before it. The bulk of your energy that normally resides in your brain keeping you concious, goes down to your stomach or gut and you feel drowsy or fall asleep. When the work is done this energy goes back up to your brain and you feel alert and awake again.

Were this food be allowed to rot in your gut you would most certainly be poisoned, and contrary to popular opinion, only the life force within the food is assimilated and not the food itself. This means that if you eat four pounds of food you will defecate four pounds of food, minus the life force. The same goes for liquids.


The stomach is an abnormal inflation designed to store excess food untill your digestive tract can deal with it. When you fast or stop eating it shrinks back to its original tubular state, allowing your solar plexus(directly behind your stomach) to start beating again.


The intestinal tract of humans is bulbous in nature and was not designed to be a sewer system for our abnormal appetites. It was ideally designed as an aereation device or vent for the inner body, fascillitating the all-important distribution of oxygen and other gases to all parts of the body. Over 90% of your body's needs come from oxygen alone! Oxygen builds blood and blood builds bone and tissue.

When we eat or drink we block the full supply of oxygen from reaching its intended destinations, and the result is the general impairment of our bodily functions and personal performance. It's like filling your car tank with anything other than gasoline. Food not only acts like dirt, it IS dirt.


Your body is always trying to revert to its original non-eating state, but we keep interfering by eating again to stifle those hunger pangs which are part of the withdrawal process. This hunger fades after 3 to 4 days after which the regeneration process begins in ernest. Muscles contact, organs shrink, and the inside of your abdomen basically reconfigures to set up an electrical dynamo that makes you feel light as air yet strong as steel. Dormant organs, which up untill now appeared to serve no purpose, reawaken to give you extra-sensory power or ability. This process takes two to four weeks after the complete cessaton of eating(and drinking).


The first humans neither ate nor drank nor slept nor died. Adam was physcally immortal and covered with angelic light and could telepath and teleport and was the awe of everyone and everything around him -untill he began eating. Then his light went out and he fell to the ground unconcious. When the fruit was eliminated from his system he regained strength and conciousness. Unfortunately, once you start eating, the taste sears your mind, and you develop a craving or addiction for more -and the rest is human history!
Humanity is an addicted race and has been so nearly from its beginnings. The reptillian or serpent race, who are the biggest eaters of all, were instrumental to our acquiring this nasty habit. They want to bring us down with them so they encourage eating in all its forms. Eating leads to sex and this another favourite reptillian activity. Eating unbalances the sex hormones and is what changed bisexual humanity into male and female.

Breatharianism, or living on air and/or light is the ideal state for humans, sadly, the presently polluted state of our planet makes this very difficult to achieve. One would have to live in a relatively pure and peaceful environment in order to succeed. The same goes for fruitarianism(eating only fruit) unless one lives in the semi-tropics and picks his or her own chemical-free fruits.


We eat and indulge for many reasons: boredom, curiosity, taste, pleasure, stimulation, excitement, novelty, emptiness, lack of love, escape, repression, habit, etc. Most of the reasons are negative. Eating is basically a substitute for love. We live in a love-starved(and truth-starved) world, and we try to substitute this inner hunger with food, sex, drink, drugs, etc. Unfortunately, these substitutes give only temporary satisfaction, and are in fact destructive in the long term.
There is also an interesting theory that collectively, as a race, we have suffered some kind of horrible trauma, which remains deeply buried in our psyche, and the only way to keep it buried is to continue eating and partying, or diverting attention from it. Unfortunately, one day it will have to surface and we will have to deal with it as this is the only way we can truly be healed. On an individual level, certain traumas during this life or even past lives can bring on the binges.
Another theory is that ever since the collapse of the water canopies surrounding the planet, we have been unable to get everything we need from our atmosphere, so we turned to the earth to make up for this. Also, each of us needs to maintain a certain level of vibration dictated by both personal and environmental factors, and food helps us to do this.
There is also the idea that we eat to lower or adjust our vibratory state to that of our planet so we can stand living here. The vibration of planet Earth, especially outer Earth, has been artificially or parasitically lowered so that lower vibration entities can live here -much to our detriment. If that vibratory level were to be raised or normalized, all the low-lifes would dissappear and most of us would become light beings.
Finally, most of us have had incarnations as animals, and are subconciously re-enacting our animal drives and desires. This is especially true of those who have just crossed over from the animal kingdom. Those who have had numerous past lives of spiritual growth and progression will definitely have the advantage when it comes to overcoming the animalistic eating habit.
Whatever the reasons for our drugged state, it is clear we are sick and must be healed. Many of us are in so deep we live only for our sensorial pleasures. Unfortunately, many of these types end up in the highest posts of power manipulating the general masses for their further amusement. We prostitute ourselves daily by working for such pimps with the aim of obtaining our own gratifications.
Individual efforts are needed to set positive examples in our road back to a sober and regenerated humanity.

Fasting For Regeneration

It has been proven that a pure diet and clean environment inhibits lust and encourages love. Coital sex is a mental abberation caused by a toxic bloodstream. Toxins lowers the mental and spiritual vibration and subject one to lustful thought and behaviour. As the blood is purified, the vibrations heighten and the sexual nature subsides as the male and female hormones balance out. The sexes are the result of this hormonal imbalance. Humanity's ideal state is a bisexual one where magnetic or self-reproduction (parthogenesis) becomes possible. Sex as we presently know it is a weakness, and so long as we continue in our present unnatural diet we will always be "horny" and spill our seed. Semen or sexual fluid is food for your brain or nervous system. Too much loss can bring nervous disorders. It is said that one drop of semen is worth 60 drops of blood.

Regeneration or purification begins with fasting and prayer or meditation. We're not supposed to be eating, or drinking or having sex, but we do so because we live in a deficient atmosphere and environment void of love and truth. This love force or current is naturally abundant on all worlds except those that have been tampered with, such as our Earth. The evil forces in control have diverted this force from reaching our outer surface through technological and occult means, and in so doing have stimulated the lower animal nature in us which seeks to kill and eat. Once this obstruction is removed, the natural life force of the planet will increase dramatically and fully envelop the outer earth surface so that it too may become a paradise just like its inner surface presently is(our earth is hollow with an interior sun). Even our Moon, which is linked to our pituitary or "third eye" gland is artificially kept from rotating. This explains why we are psychically crippled and cannot readily link to our higher solar(pineal) selves. We are truly cut off from our divinity in the most devious ways.

Regeneration to one's divinity is a simple and natural process, but because of the artificial control mechanisms set into place, it becomes a chore and discipline. Still one can benefit greatly from fasting. There are four basic kinds of fasting; physical fasting from food and water, mental fasting or meditation, emotional fasting or rebirthing, and spiritual fasting or prayer.

Physical fasting is going without food and often without water as well. For beginners, short fasts of one to three days on water or juice or fruit are recommended. The water should be clean and the juice or fruit as natural and chemical free as possible. If you are weak, infirmed, or on medication, the fast should be supervised. If you are relatively healthy you can go about doing what you normally do. Slight dizziness, sweating, foul odor, and loss of weight are are all cleansing signs. Your intuition will warn you when it is time to break the fast and start eating again. Not everyone is ready to fast, while for others it will be a natural thing. If you feel ready, you can then go on to longer fasts of a week or more and do them more than once. The results will be startling; clear skin, shining eyes, a feeling of lightness, emotional calmness, clarity of mind, sharpened senses, more confidence, increased strength, less sleep, less preoccupation with sex, and a greater ability to overcome habits like smoking and drinking. Best of all, you will have slowed, stopped, or even reversed the aging process! Note: physical fasting is best done in a clean and quiet environment.

What is happening here is that you are taking your first step towards reclaiming your natural divinity. We must break the chains that bind us and that includes our addiction to food! No one should have to be a slave to their stomach! It is possible to train yourself to subsist on very little and there are some who have even managed to give up food alltogether. Air is our greatest and most important food, containing both moistiure and solar energy, unfortunately we are diminishing the quality of this life-giving element. People who fasted before 1950 did so much more successfully than today, as there were less chemicals and radioactivity released into the environment then. Emaciation is a side effect of our poisoned bodies and environment. Pesticides and mercury fillings are poisons. So are salt, sugar, and the thousands of modifiers in our food. Our houses and offices are cesspools of dangerous chemicals and products. Read Hulda Clark's The Cure for all Diseases and weep.

Despite all these obstacles, there is hope. Clean technology exists(and has always existed) which can correct many of our present energy and environmental problems and do it very quickly, unfortunately, it is being largely held back by the powers that be. Electric, solar, and even hydrogen(water) fueled cars and vehicules were always available but never really implemented because of selfish interests. Wind and magnetism are other clean but downplayed sources of power. Your body is the greatest power generator of all, unfortunately we are soiling it with food and chemicals which cause it to break down, and we call this sickness, aging and death.

Fasting is a way for your body to release the toxins and wastes in your body. Digestion takes a lot of energy, and by refraining to eat you are liberating that energy so it can catch up on the work of expelling excess toxins and repairing damaged bone or tissue. There is only so much energy to go around, and we often surpass our quota.

Emotional fasting is the release of long buried or pent up negative emotions which continue to eat away at you, often in a subconcious manner. This can be a hurt, jealousy, failed relationship, loss of a loved one, crime, birth trauma, or even past life event that has yet to be resolved. Emotional fasting can follow physical fasting, or can come spontaneously, or be aided by such techniques as hypnosis, rebirthing, or water therapies. A successful release will not only make you feel better but can actually heal some longstanding disease or infirmity which you could not get rid of. It is very possible humanity as a whole is suffering some kind of collective trauma that keeps it locked in certain negative habits and patterns. Such an event could be the Great Flood which almost wiped out the human race thousands of years ago.

Mental fasting or meditation is the daily clearing of your mind from all of its distracting thoughts so that new, original, and important thoughts can come through from which you can benefit. It is akin to prayer, and requires a certain amount of purity to effect successfully, otherwise one can open oneself to negative influences and entities. Like sleep, it is possible to work out some problem during the meditative state so that one has the solution during the waking state. In short, mental fasting is the elimination of negative or error thoughts with positive and constructive ones.

Spiritual fasting or prayer is an awareness or knowing of what's really important in your life and discarding the rest. Unlike mental fasting, spiritual fasting is something you feel deep inside of you rather than something you deduce logically. It is connecting with your higher or spiritual self and adopting the right attitudes to life. "Let Go and Let God" is an apt way of describing spiritual fasting.

Fasting, in all its forms, is the key to our regeneration from human to divine. It is an eastern tradition which the western world would do well to embrace. Unfortunately it is looked down upon by much our modern society, especially here in America, and this is a great tradgedy. Instead of disciplining ourselves, we are encouraged by our consumer society and the money moguls to indulge in the very things that are destroying us. It is not natural to become sick or diseased, or even to grow old and die! Yet we have pathetically resigned ourselves to such a fate. It is time to wake up and regain control of our lives. Life is a fight that CAN and MUST be won. Everyone who has died has failed and must be reborn to try again. When you have conquered death you have succeeded in this game of life.

All the prophets are pointing to 2012AD as the date when humanity and the planet will be transformed into something new and better, and that we will finally be free and begin a new age of prosperity. I hope this is true, but the truth is you can begin that transformation individually, right here and now. Yes, it will be harder and more challenging to do so now, rather than in the Millennium, but the rewards will be greater. It is up to you.

The Breatharian Philosophy

Living Only on Light and Love

I had always known instinctively that my body was self-sustaining and that food was an encumberance. What I had yet to learn was that the quality of my environment played a crucial role in sustaining my bodily needs and functions. Your body is after all a piece of this Earth, and if the Earth or environment you live in suffers -so does your body. Your body is constantly renewing or repairing itself from the wear and tear of its usage, and if it cannot access the same quality elements from your environment to replace the damaged parts it will slowly deteriorate.

This is the problem with pollution today, which is a direct outcome of our bad eating habits. By acquiring perverted desires or tastes we are eating all the wrong foods and trashing our environment in the process, so that we are poisoning ourselves from both the inside and the outside.

Originally we were all breatharians living in an Eden of peace and plenty. When we did eat it was only fruit or that which grew on trees, which was pure and non-addictive in nature. At some point, this peaceful natural state was destroyed through...

...1)the intervention or influence of a non-human species(such as the reptillian or serpent race)

...2)our own willful and deliberate experimentation with lower(addictive) foods

The biblical portrayal of Adam and Eve is an accurate although somewhat distorted account of humanity's demise.

Because we were patterned after the gods, we have within us the seeds of divinity and immortality. One of our potentials is to live without the need for food or water. The first humans lived in an ideal environment and did not have to eat or drink or sleep or age -they were physically immortal -sustained by a high level of prana or life force which flowed unencumbered through their bodies and beings. So long as they kept their blood/light stream unpolluted by food(fruit was the only exception), all was well. The minute they began defiling themselves with grains and meats and vegetables, they began to suffer -and so did their environment.

It is very difficult to practice breatharianism or fruitarianism in a negative or polluted environment or where there are extremes of climate. In fact, it can be deadly. Someone on a fast is much more vulnerable to bad air or water or stress or negativity than someone who is not. Food insulates or shields us to a great extent by desensitizing us to negative conditions, but at the same time, it cuts us off from our higher or divine selves. The solution is to fast or attempt breatharianism in a relatively peaceful and natural environment, find refuge in the inner earth, or wait till the Millennium sets in.

You are much better off if you live in a rural rather than urban(city) setting, where there are trees and where congested highways and industries are far from you. Your dwelling, especially if it is underground, can to some extent duplicate the ideal conditions of the hollow earth, provided it is continuously aeriated and lighted. Best of all, you might want to take a trip or vacation to some semi-tropical island where conditions are naturally ideal, and do your fasting or regeneration there. Most of us are living in highly unnatural environments and lead highly unnatural lifestyles, and then we wonder why we get sick or diseased or die pre-maturely. Forget about medicines and vaccines. The only true remedies are fresh air, warmth, sunshine, simple honest living, and a fruit diet.
Even Barbera Moore, Jasmuheen, and Wiley Brooks, all successful breatharians, could not perform up to par when in densely populated or polluted environments. They all had to drink or take some kind of nourishment to offset the less than ideal conditions. Even power lines and electical gadgets can interfere with breatharianism, as the human body in its ideal state is basically an electro-magnetic dynamo.

This author has fasted on several occassions, and on one occassion, after three days of no food or water, reached that level that one would describe as "breatharian", where the body and mind feel completely at rest, where the skin begins to breathe and a cool sensation envelops you, and where an indescribable KNOWING that you have achieved physical perfection or immortality is experienced. Unfortunately, I could not hold on to this magical and transcendant state for long, and was pulled back into my normal routine over the next few days. The important thing is that I have PROVED to myself that breatharianism is possible and that I can reactivate it at the opportune time and place.
There is much more to breatharianism than giving up food or water. It is also a philosophy and way of life. What it's basically saying is that we weren't meant to be slaves to anyone or anything -including our stomachs! The belief that food sustains us is a great illusion. Rather than sustain us, it slowly poisons and kills us. Yes, food is a great pleasure, but it comes with a very high price -our lives! It causes aging and disease and shortcircuits our spirit or connection to God which is the universal lifeforce in all things and the only true food source. Food in its presently demineralized and chemicalized state is a pollution and a drug, but it is also a symptom of our loveless and truthless world. Love and truth naturally lead to a breatharian state which is the natural and intended state for all humans.

Mony Vital
A Breatharian Speaks Out


Conference Call synopsis for Saturday, February 12, 2005. Part II. Mony Vital on Immortality. Written by Cara McKennon

Mony Vital is one of about 1,000 people on earth who lives totally on prana, Light energy. He does not eat food of any kind, nor drink liquids of any kind, including water, yet he is in perfect health.
His comments were done in first person, so I will write it that way. These quotes come from notes taken during the conference call.
Quoting. Mony Vital on immortality.

"I don’t eat, I live on Light. I don’t drink water even. I live on pranic nourishment If you think you are getting anything from food, you are totally mistaken. Food is poison, it takes from your health. You actually get your energy from air."

"Physical things, not living physically immortal, I reject it. I don’t have to accept the culture of death. Human beings are only a number."

"You receive two certificates in your life: birth certificate and a death certificate. From the moment you are born, you buy into the death culture. You don’t see yourself in the death culture. From the moment you are born, you start to die."

"People decide when they will die. It is a slow, painful process. People believe they must grow old and die. It controls you, you have no future, no vision."

"You must have a vision, you must have possibilities, and not be bound by the restrictions of earth. I designed my life and the people around me. I love myself. I am totally into myself."

"You are being controlled-mind controlled. Your conversations in spirituality have no basis in reality."

"Doing this you are not going to have a brand new body tomorrow. You are not going anywhere, unless you accept yourself 100%. Not 99%, but 100%."
"Our bodies are 90% water, sacs of water. Water is changeable. Since water is changeable, you are changeable. You are the ones creating the symptoms you have."

At this point, Mony was interrupted by Dr. Yu’s presentation. I will resume the next part when Mony returned.

Michael commented that what we have been living is the old paradigm, Dr. Yu represents the present paradigm. Mony Vital the new paradigm.
Mony continued. Mony started with some background history.

"I was raised in Israel. From the age of 5 I was taught the teachings of the Torah, what I am to believe and not to believe. Was I in or out? As a child I was very confused about what they wanted me to do."

He resumed back to where he left off before.

"After every meal, your body has to rest. In some societies, they have a siesta, a 2 hour break, after the meal to rest. People eat too much. It shuts down the system. There is no good food. Your stomach is the size of your fist. You should eat 1/3 less than you do."

"Change your system. Clean it up. Balancing is cleaning it. Cleaning it is balancing it. Most people have parasites. If you clean up your system, you clean up the parasites. The parasites are a symbiotic relationship. You don’t get cravings for certain foods, your parasites get cravings for certain foods and you feed the parasites when you satisfy your cravings."

"So why feed your parasites? It’s all excuses."
"Your body wants to heal itself. You should never see a therapist or doctor. You are buying into the death culture. You should try Tai Chi, Meditation."
"I tried it all, being a vegetarian, eating only raw fruit, or all juices."

When asked how long he had been on prana, he said.

"Five years." He said something about 21 days. Not sure in reference to what.

He said,

"After 3 days of not eating, you will not be hungry anymore."

"Learn to be a whole human being. Learn to love yourself completely."
"Loving yourself is very important, and loving everybody else."
"The only love that really matters is loving yourself. Look inside yourself."
"Buddha and Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself. Self love, inner love, promote Loving self, loving inner self, loving yourself collectively."

"I never do anything to harm me."

"Who is ready for this change of lifestyle? Everything about this world is about eating. It’s the old energy. If you don’t eat, you have time for other things. Not eating doesn’t cost anything, it instead saves lots of money."

"I don’t get invited out much because I don’t eat their food."

"You can’t buy life force in a can. You can’t buy it in a pill or plastic bottle. Change is the new paradigm."

"Think about being alive. Most people can’t see 20 years into the future."

"The most revered man in the world is the Pope. It is not about youth, or being happy. He is very old, he’s about religion, not living, being in a death culture, a culture of death from A to Z. Like the movie the Matrix. Go see it, if you haven’t seen it. You are living in a matrix, inside the box."

"You are living in the damning of America, and getting dumber and dumber. You don’t question, you act like robots. The controllers don’t want you to find out you are living in a box they control."

"The medical community believes in a death culture. In medical school, they practice on cadavers, on dead bodies, not on live bodies."
"Homeopathic medicine is imitating traditional medicine."

Michael asked Mony how to do this.

Mony’s reply.

"You must love and heal the inner child within with appreciation, acknowledgment and love. Bless your cells, bless your organs."

"Every morning before you get up, and every night before you go to sleep, touch every part of your body, like your hair, face, arms, legs, stomach, chest, back if you can reach it. Touch it and tell your body, "I love you." Do this every morning and you will have the best day of your life. You don’t need anyone else’s permission to do this."

"Get in your heart. Love every feeling you have. Do not condemn or criticize yourself."
"Try something different, do this program. Do this for 42 days. It takes that long for change to come about."

"Affirmations don’t work. You must acknowledge the problem. Your body wants to heal itself, to cleanse itself. If you have something wrong with your lungs, you won’t stop the problem by suppressing it. Monitor what you are doing to your body."

"Accept and love the parts of your body. Detox the body and allow it to heal itself. Your body is geared for survival. Most people can’t hear their body talking to them through their symptoms."

"I choose to feel good. Feelings are important. Affirmations don’t work. Don’t deny the problem. Change it by acknowledging it 10 times. As long as you don’t acknowledge it, you will have a misconnection."

"Connect directly to your brain. Say it 10 times. Love your body. Encourage your body to become what you want it to be. Don’t deny what problems you have. The body wants to heal itself. By pretending, you are lying to yourself."

"You can’t fragment your body through religion and governmental control. Having a belief in the present culture is like committing suicide, giving your life to a culture that has nothing to do with you."

Michael asked Mony if visualization would help.

Mony’s reply,
"Yes, use your imagination, have a vision. Put words to the reality you want. If you can’t see yourself as being healthy, you will never be healthy. To get healthy, get a vision of being healthy."

"Hospitals only have a 33% survival rate. It’s not about life force."

"Change your life style. Do your own healing. See how beautiful it is to be alive. You are sick because you choose to be sick."

"You must change your chore belief by loving your feelings."
"Food is the illusion, that it is necessary for survival."

Mony was asked about soy.

Mony’s reply.
"Soy is poison. Splenda is poison. Both cause pain and misery."

"Don’t eat too much food. A little will do it."
"Go to my website. Read about how to get cleansed. 40, 50, 60 year olds, clean your intestines. You should do this once a year at least. It’s good for your eyesight."
"Start at the basics. There is no magic bullet."
"Make a decision. You must change your thinking. Pay attention to what you eat. Consider how long it will take it to digest. It’s waste energy. The longer it takes, the faster it will cause aging. Eating food is a waste of time and nutrition."
"You never gain one ounce of energy from food. Instead, you lose energy because it takes more energy to process food than you get from it."

Sonali asked Mony. Paraphrasing. "How are we to get our children to accept this new way of not eating when it’s all around them, in their school, social activity, if they don’t eat with the other children, with their peer groups?"

Mony’s reply.

"The culture is not concerned about your children. They are considered a consumer. They are part of the productive steps of buying. They are being imprinted with this death culture. Schools are nothing more than babysitters. Children don’t learn anything important. They have to want to be different. They are a social issue. They buy into the culture, needing cell phones, stuff, they don’t know what life is about."

"It is your inner child that is deprived. Let go of impossibility thinking."
"Home schooling is better than the public school system."

"Baby’s are put on soy formula. It’s like poison. Baby food is bad for babies. Every food in your culture is bad for people. It’s all nonsense."

"Drinking a glass of orange juice in the morning will ruin your day because it will play havoc with your blood sugar levels. It’s worse than drinking coffee in the morning."

Mony gave a toll free number. 888-225-7501

He said he would be going to Thailand soon and would not be around to answer his phone. In Thailand many would be going into a Dark room retreat. When asked what that was.

"People go into a dark room without any light for a period of 2 weeks. They drink only water. They go beyond the beyond. Changes every part of their body and resets their clock."

Another website given was:

Name of a book was given. "Living on Light." by Jasmuheen
When asked about gazing into the sun. Reply.

"I am a breatherian. They are sun gazers. It is wonderful to look at the sun before sunset and sunrise. It helps to reset your clock. Do not do it in the middle of the day."

[The above information is transcribed as best as possible from the weekly conference calls. Some errors or omissions may have occurred during the translation. This information is being provided freely for educational purposes only and should not be construed as providing legal or financial advice or consulting.]


The Amazing Benefits of the One-Day Fast

Fasting for long periods(many days) can be a difficult and even dangerous experience for many, especially for those living in stressfull or polluted environments. Yet fasting is the only real natural way to cure or alleviate almost any ill. It's powerful, effective, quick(that's why it's called "fast"ing), and best of all -it's free. No need to go to the doctor, wait in line, or pay exhorbitant fees for treatments that rarely solve your problem or often just make it worse.

Of course, some problems, such as a broken bone or serious injury may require medical help or assistance, but for most ailments or diseases, fasting is the answer. Your body is your own best doctor and is always trying to heal or regenerate itself -if you let it. That's just the problem; most of us are so ignorant about our bodies and so addicted to certain bad habits that we never really give it a chance to heal properly. Only through pain and discomfort(the body's danger signals) are we made to listen. And even then we do not always understand what it is our bodies are trying to tell us.

We just haven't been taught the truth -that there is a price to pay for our sins, errors, or indulgences, and that they have a cumulative effect. Rich, unnatural, or chemically-laden foods will play havoc with your body, as will stress, overwork, pollution, or dangerous chemicals. Constant exposure to these and other negativities will slowly but surely break you down until you become ill or even die. That is why it is important to give you and your body a break from the maddening world around us. This can be in the form of a long vacation, relaxing weekend, or a fast. Vacations, weekends, or days off do not always turn out to be restorative, but you can't go wrong with fasting.

Fasting is the oldest, simplest, and surest way to put your health and spirits back on track. Nothing else works like it. The idea of refraining from food or water for regenerative purposes sounds strange or even frightening to most Westerners, but this is exactly what the(true) doctor ordered. In Eastern countries such as India and the Middle East, fasting is common and encouraged, and we would do well to follow their example. While it is true that stress and pollution make fasting today more dangerous than fifty or sixty years ago, this only applies to the longer fasts of about a week or more. Shorter fasts of one, two, or three days, when done properly, are perfectly safe and beneficial.

The one-day fast seems to be the ideal for most, whether you are a novice or experienced faster. By fasting one day a week(no food whatsoever -water is optional) you are giving your body a much needed true rest and time to catch up on neglected repair or cleaning.  Important note: fasting of any kind is not recommended if you are pregnant, infirmed, on medication, a child, or in any other abnormal circumstance that requires supervision. Also, it is best to fast in a clean and quiet environment.

This author has taken frequent one-day complete fasts(no food or water whatsoever) and can attest to their safety and benefit. For novices, the first fast can be a challenge, but every succeeding fast will be much easier. For myself, it has gotten to the point where fasting for twenty-four hours every now and then has become quite effortless and even a joy. This is because I am thoroughly familliar with it and can count on its efficacity or benefits, which are immediate, both during and after the fast.

Naturally, there will be some weight loss, discomfort, dizziness, and other withdrawal symptoms, especially for beginners, but this is all part of the body's way of cleansing and healing itself: excess fat or weight will be burned off and chemicals and other poisons will be released into the bloodstream for expulsion. Only diseased or worn out tissue is burned or expelled. The body is not stupid enough to consume its own healthy tissue. The sicker you are, the more will be thrown out or eliminated. This is why those with advanced diseases must be supervised, and require longer and more frequent fasts.

By fasting, what you are in effect doing, is marshalling all of the body's energy(much of which would normally go into digesting) and focusing it on whatever needs to be cleaned or repaired. Rest or the conservation of your energy is also important to your fast. Sleep in itself is a kind of enforced fast that allows us to recover from our days' activities.

Your first one-day fast may not cure you of a long-standing illness or ailment but it will certainly help. Frequent or repetitive one-day fasts(once or twice a week), or even alternate day fasting, will be much more effective. I used to suffer from arthritic pain in my shoulder due to a work accident and found out that the shorter fasts were more effective in healing and eliminating the pain than the longer fasts. The first one-day fast greatly diminished the pain, but it wasn't untill the third or fourth fast that I felt completely pain free. In cases where the injury never healed properly the fast will back-track and the original pain or condition may resurface before the healing occurs.

One way fasting works is by shrinking or constriction. Your tissues and arteries constrict, loosening whatever garbage or material is stuck to its walls that is causing the problem. When you eat again, the tissues and vessels expand again and the material is forced out. Of course, if you wait long enough the body has its own(better) way of eliminating the waste. Also, during fasting, the blood thins as it expels its waste, and this is what causes the dizziness. This dizziness, however, goes away as the blood rebuilds or normalizes. Sitting before getting up from a lying position is recommended.

Fasting improves blood flow or circulation and the body's capacity to eliminate resulting in better overall health. One will feel more energetic and alert and be more resistant to all forms of disease or illness. It will even slow down the aging process which is little more than the accumulated effects of our bad habits or wrong ways of living.

One-day fasting will teach you control or discipline. It will greatly help you to break those bad habits or addictiions that are destroying you and help you start to acquire new and positive ones. Nearly everything we do is habit or addiction, including eating and sex. We were not meant to be ruled by our stomachs or base desires. It is our lower carnal desires which enslave us and keep us bound to this material plane and which cause us to continually reincarnate. If we are to rise above our animal state to that of the angels or higher, we must begin by conquering our lower natures, and fasting is the key.
Fasting one day out of seven is not a huge sacrifice to make, especially when you consider the benefits or rewards. Begin your fast in the evening, right after your last meal. By the time you wake up, half the fast will already be over. Resume regular eating in the evening. The braver ones can extend it to thirty-six hours although I don't recommend this unless you've had previous experience or feel compelled to do so. Many people like to fast on their Sabbath day, reflecting the biblical or scriptural injunction to rest on the seventh day. The beauty of the one-day fast is that you do not have to slowly work your way in or out of it as in the longer fasts. Twenty-four to thirty-six hours is just long enough before the fasting process starts to get really serious.

Of course WHAT one eats is also important. Try to improve your diet with each succeeding fast. Learn to break those sugar and salt habits. Eat less junk food. Cut down on meat and dairy products, and try to grow or prepare your own food. Your taste buds may not like it, but your body will love you for it. Most people don't realize that the more stimulating a food is the more damage it will do. Endless additives and enhancers are increasingly adulterating our food, and our endless desire or addiction for more and more flavour or stimulus is quickly driving us to the grave.

Fasting helps rebalance our unnatural cravings or desires by eliminating the chemicals or properties that cause them. Remember, your body is your friend and wants the best for you, but you must give it a chance to do its work, and fasting gives it that opportunity. Short-term fasting can also correct weight problems, energy imbalances, blood pressure, sleep disorders, depression and mood swings, nervousness, and just about every other ailment or disorder. It can also improve eyesight and hearing and the better functioning of your senses in general. I have often noticed being wittier and more quickly able to come up with solutions to problems during and after my fast. I am also amazed at how quickly and effortlessly I am able to drive my car while fasting -the concentration is perfect.
It's best to do your one-day fast privately or without much fanfare as most people are ignorant about fasting in general and will not understand and may even try to dissuade you from it. Society in general is still so ignorant on so many basic issues and untill we wake up we will continue on the path to misery and destruction. This is partly due to our own lethargy and partly to our government and social leaders who are more interested in controlling us or putting us to sleep than they are in awakening or liberating us.

Once you are comfortable with the one-day fast and are convinced of its benefits, you can then cautiously go on to the longer and more powerful fasts, if that is your desire. By mastering the one-day fast you have taken an important step or foothold on the long and narrow road to regeneration.

Sugar and Health:

I once read that "sugar is the most prevalent drug in our society." While some may disagree with the analysis of sugar as a drug, how many know about the way which the body deals with C12H22O11 (table sugar) ?

The type of sugar in the processed stuff we commonly use is sucrose which usually comes from sugar cane or sugar beets. Your digestive system turns this into glucose which is a key regulator of your body that is naturally produced when you need it. What you put in through your mouth acts on receptors that control the release of insulin and other neuropeptides from the pancreas, drastically altering how you feel and process food - putting you in sluggish, fat-storing mode. The consumption of sugar affects the pineal gland in the brain and interferes with it's production of serotonin. Once this is depleted depression can be triggered and a lot of people in this state are often attracted (if not addicted) to sugar products like chocolate, cola and energy drinks such as Red Bull to lift their mood.

Shocking Fact:
Sugar turns acidic to a potentially lethal degree when you digest it. If it wasn't for your bodies response of releasing massive amounts of calcium from your bones and teeth to nullify the acid one sugar cube would be enough to kill you! Does that sound terribly far fetched? If you consume a lot of sugar there is a chance that the bones and teeth begin to show the consequences, one of which can be osteoporosis.

Fruits have a different kind of sugar called fructose. If you have cravings for sweet food this is what I recommend!

We usually think of lemon as very acidic but infact it turns very alkaline when it hits your digestive system, does that sound crazy to you? It's True! So integrating more lemon into your diet or eating it to balance out sugary foods is a great idea. It can also help cure a number of afflictions. If you do not like the taste of it on it's own (I eat whole lemons) you can try putting a slice in a glass of water or herbal tea. Another great idea I bet many will enjoy is squeezing a half lemon over a portion of rice, perhaps with parsley or corriander!

Sugar Substitutes:
Before you rush to grab your canderell and switch to diet drinks I want to briefly inform you about aspartame, though I'm aware that many of you will have heard about it already. It has been alleged that aspartame (present in most sweeteners and "diet" alternatives as well as "sugar free" gum) is yet worse than sugar and can be responsible for all sorts of negative effects ranging from headaches to brain tumors, brain lesions, and lymphoma. I will leave it to you to do further research on this, but may add links (feel free to submit) in further reading.

I personally recommend Stevia Leaf Powder which is a natural powder taken from the Stevia plant. The same FDA that won't ban aspartame ruled that it may not be sold as a sugar substitute but only as a dietary suppliment under industry pressure, even against it's own regulations. Stevia Leaf Powder has no callories or carbohydrates, no effect on blood sugar (very suitable to diabetics and persons suffereing from hypoglucaemia) and is not bad for your teeth - infact when mixed in a glass of water it can be used as a mouth wash. It is widely available on and or from other sources online. I bought a packet for a friends mum who is pre-diabetic and she now always uses it instead of saccharine which I think is a very positive change of diet.

I hope you found this article useful and informative, please link to all your friends. Peace, Love and Good Health to all.

Living On Smell
Smell is a vital source of nourishmnt for both the body and soul, perhaps even more so than the actual solid food we eat. If the facial physiognomy is any indication(see diagram below), our noses are more important than our mouths.

The arrangement of the facial organs is no accident. Elevation is an indicator of nobility or importance. The mouth occupies the lowest or grossest functions(eating/talking) and is the oldest or first to form in the embryo. The nose/nosrils(breath/smell) and ears(hearing/balance) are both centrally located, and the eyes(sight/ray absorption) are the highest or most elevated. As the nose is the center of the face it is also central to our existence -as the aperture through which we obtain most of our life-giving oxygen. In cases where the nasal pasages become blocked the mouth of course serves as a back-up.

All of the main orifices or apertures of the body are incisions designed to connect us to the material world. They are conduits or link points for the spirit/soul, allowing it to savor or experience the diversity and richness of matter. The most basic or numerous apertures are the tiny pores on your skin which breathe and mantain the body's intergrity. In the regenerated or breatharian state it is in fact possible to breathe soley through one's skin pores.
Breathing is an involuntary function designed to bring oxygen to the lungs and circulatory system refreshing the entire body, but it also to serves expel or burn fine waste or matter which would otherwise accumulate and/or poison us. All orifices expel waste of some kind.
Smell is particular to the nose, and gives us a sense of pleasure or disgust according to the fragrances emitted by an object or person. Odor, smell, or, fragrance is in fact a very fine form of airborne food emitted from the host and literally eaten or absorbed by the recipient. It is the purest and most nutritious part of the host or food and is free for us to enjoy. When we cook our food we kill it forcing the life force out of it which is the sweet or pleasant odor you smell around you. All life force has a sweetness or purity to it. By cooking and eating the host or food we cross the line and commit murder or kill.
The first humans neither ate nor drank and when they did eat it was mostly fruits or berries and was done for pleasure rather than need. Many were simply satisfied by the fragrance or smell. There existed whole tribes and nations that existed this way for thousands of years, but their history has been lost or suppressed. One such tribe is the Astomi of India whom Pliny the Elder write about...

The Astomoi(Astomi) or Mouthless Ones

Pliny the Elder, author, philosopher, and military commander of the 1st century AD, in his Natural History, writes about THE ASTOMOI (or Astomi) who were an Indian tribe of hair-covered men without mouths, who obtained their only nourishment from the scent of aromatic plants and fruits. Other than his report, not much imformation is available on this strange race. Pliny writes....

"At the extreme boundary of India to the East, near the source of the Ganges, he [the Greek historian Megasthenes C4th BC] puts the Astomi tribe, that has no mouth and a body hairy all over; they dress in cottonwool and live only on the air they breath and the scent they inhale through their nostrils; they have no food or drink except the different odours of the roots and flowers and wild apples, which they carry with them on their longer journeys so as not to lack a supply of scent; he says they can easily be killed by a rather stronger odour than usual." - Pliny, Natural History 7.26 source

nother source(Sir John Mandeville) tells "There is another isle that men call Pitan, men of this land till no land, for they eat nought, and they are small, but not so small as Pygmys. These men live with smell of wilde apples, and when they go far out of the countr, they bear apples with them, for anon, as they lose the savor of apples they dye."source

"At the extreme boundary of India to the East, near the source of the Ganges, he [the Greek historian Megasthenes C4th BC] puts the Astomi tribe, that has no mouth and a body hairy all over; they dress in cottonwool and live only on the air they breath and the scent they inhale through their nostrils; they have no food or drink except the different odours of the roots and flowers and wild apples, which they carry with them on their longer journeys so as not to lack a supply of scent; he says they can easily be killed by a rather stronger odour than usual." - Pliny, Natural History 7.26 source

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