Experiments. Just for today.. When ur tired, take a nap

Experiments. Just for today..

When ur tired, take a nap
When ur not tired anymore, get up and move around
Don't eat anything today, just for fun. U won't die
Don't spend any money today, just for fun. Ull live
Don't talk today, if u can help it. Try to just listen
Watch the sun rise or set
Smell a tree or the earth
Try not to use electricity today or at least tonight. Use candles or
just be in darkness
Sleep outside
Walk around barefoot
Stay outdoors all day
Wear as little clothing as possible to get the most sun
Hang out w a dog or kitty or little kid
Just drink plain water, just for today
If u do eat, eat only fruit, just for today
Don't believe anything u think, for five minutes
Pretend ur a bird, just for a few minutes. Flying around careless,
aimless, just observing and feeling. Flyin high in the clouds. Sitting
on a telephone line above a highway
Say hi to as many people as possible today
Get on ur bike or in ur car and explore a place uve never been to today
Hang out in the park and lay on the ground. Watch clouds
Don't leave the house all day

Start a blog on http://blogger.com and write down what pops in ur head
Get an iPod touch off eBay for $180 and write lots of notes while
listening to music. U can get a pdf ebook program for it called
goodreader and download almost any book for free off http://thepiratebay.org
. Then u can give away all ur other physical books. Turn all ur
media digital and give away all ur dvds and music.
Turn off ur cell phone, just for today
Start a fire and watch it burn away
Go camping w friends and drink a ton of beer
Don't eat animals or dairy, just for today
Go looking through dumpsters
Watch a funny movie free. Google watch movies online
Don't get out of bed all day
Download n Listen to John maus off http://filestube.com
Explore music on http://archive.org
Say !FUCK! really loud as fast as possible 100 times

Go for a run
Take really long deep breaths for a few minutes
Go swimming
Make and record a song within 15 minutes
Write a short story within 15 minutes
Draw for 15 minutes
Stare at urself in the mirror for 5 minutes
Say I love u 100 times now
Say thank u 100 times now
Say I forgive u 50 times while making ur arms like a hug, now
Say fuck yeah 25 times while swinging ur fist, now
Say USA 20 times while bouncing, now
Research sleeping bags, especially down feather ones
If u had to live homeless for a month, what would u bring w u?
Don't listen to music for a whole day
How long can u hold ur breath?
Eat all day long continually

Call in sick
Roll down a hill like a log
Whistle for 2 minutes
Write ur own list and post it on ur new blog
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