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This youtube video playlist that u can watch by clicking this if the above doesn't work, is about what the take pills die death culture calls "BIPOLAR DISORDER", and guess what U HAVE IT and IT's A GOOD THING! If u don't have it by now, u should prolly step up ur game.  But in reality all the fuss is just a spiritual emergency. The culture most of us trust with our lives has good intentions, but its old outdated primitive values don't work any longer on any level (obvious). We are waking up to our multi-dimensional limitless beings outside of time space. So of course the current CULT would label something natural and necessary as bad and try to stop it with drugs or whatever so as to continue it's ever quickening march towards total destruction. Bipolar disorder or WAKING UP is what everyone in the world is going through/ will go through/ has been going through so LISTEN UP. It's about growing up and facing reality. It's about doing this with love and compassion and understanding with urself and trusting the perfection of it all. What really helps with all this is not getting in the way and listening within, trusting ur intuition. What do u feel now? How about now? Ur all u got, nobody can tell u how u feel. U just know it. Following that is what u came here to do. Everything else is wasting my time space. From my experience, less is more. Get rid of all ur junk. Start fasting, facing ur emotions, quit caring what other people do or say, stop using money and things to hide from urself, re-evaluate all ur ideas of reality, what's going on here? why is everyone so preoccupied with things that don't last? why r we so violent and unhappy? can we change this, yes. it's happening whether we like it or not. we just call it psychosis because it is happening beyond our control at this point. we are earth beings made from the earth. the earth is growing up, which means we are as well. deal with it. be happy or sad it doesn't make any difference.

It's about consciousness. Understanding consciousness gives us huge insight into why we haven´t been able to heal bipolar disorder in the past, but how we will be able to in the future! ....The Medical Mafia Does Not Care About You. We Are Living In The Dark Ages. You Are On Your Own Journey. It's about facing your past traumas. You Can Do It! Say Yes To Yourself And Your Life. This is what you came here to do. You Already Know All The Answers. There Is Nowhere To Run. Nowhere To Hide. Ride It Out. You Are Doing So Awesome! :) Thank You.

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Update: Here are some books I've uploaded for you to help you along your path
here's an even more expanded source for music/ books/ talks i've uploaded for you
this next bit of info/ torrent link might not work anymore but they're all in the two above anyhow..

Also, here are some books I have Uploaded for u to put on ur ipod touch/ iphone/ ipad (get the goodreader app for $0.99) Then donate all ur physical books as well as all ur other physical objects that u can't carry on ur back (if ur awesum). The main ebook I was going to talk about which is in this torrent file is "Arnold Ehret Mucusless Diet Healing System" and "Rational Fasting". They both mainly talk about an all fruit diet and fasting. But there are a ton of amazing ebooks in here, or at least they have been for me.

176 Random Spiritual, Health, Conspiracy, Self Help, New Age, Anarchist, Self Improvement PDF Ebooks From people like: Bragg, Castaneda, Crimethinc, Dale Carnegie, David Hawkins, David Icke, Jasmuheen, James Redfield, Mantak Chia, John Falone, Kate Distin, Lynn Grabhorn, Matt Furey, William Cooper, Arnold Ehret, Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Talbot, Robert A. Monroe, Zecharia Sitchin, Rudolf Steiner, Stanley Burroughs, Stuart Wilde, U.G. Krishnamurti, Vladimir Megre, Sri Ramana Maharishi, Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins, Banksy, George Orwell, Rick Strassman, Rick Roderick, Rhonda Byrne, H.R.M ..... and more ..I haven't read them all. Just random ones I've found lately that look somewhat interesting I thought I'd share. Buying is dying. Give everything away for free the happiest way to be.

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Hope you Enjoy :) and have an amazing liberating day! Don't forget how awesome u r and remember that all dis-ease comes from not saying YES to the now moment. No-thing will help you. It's all a state of mind. Don't believe anything you think, or at least question it. "Who Is Thinking? How Do I know what I am thinking is true?" etc.. Stop running! face it. be with it. all of it. u can do it. Forgive yourself, Compassion, know that we are all in this together and eventually u'll be helping others with it (ok, u already r, oops). The current death cult-ure is completely insane and in denial! (or else it wouldn't be a death cult-ure). We are here starting the Life Culture PLANET AWESUM! Out of the ruins of the old....
The less you consume the more you are. fasting, lightening up your diet, light-ening up ur life.

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Another thing, I've been really enjoying these channelings lately they appear in video form here

Hope they help you feel more awe-sum. Sorry, I haven't been doing too much sonically lately. this writing thing is kind of fun, sort of. But more I don't like much of anything and want to get the fuck out, not like u do by killing urself slow suicide consuming products of death, but in a way responsible way that benefits all. win win. discipline. it takes work to have nothing, be nothing. relentless motivation. it's a lot worse here than we can comes to grip with presently. i'm just not in denial any more. WAKE UP FEEL IT ALL TAKE IT IN BE IT NOW NO ESCAPE FROM AWESUM IT'S RELENTLESS
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