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The original video was deleted off youtube. But here is another very similar from the Mary Rodwell you will enjoy about contactees. "The new humans" :)

The Anti Terrorist on Playing "THE GAME" to Win


Love is the Currency of the 21st Century

First of all, everything I put on my site is FREEGAN, and for the benefit of all (not just wage slaves). "Freegan-ism" (you could call it whatever you like) is the only thing that actually works, since it is the only thing that is true/ it is not a fiction. We don't owe anybody anything. We are everything already. 
I am in the process of waking up to my "awe-sum" and have been my whole "life". I am sharing everything here with you so we can work collectively together to wake up out of our current "take pills die" death cult-ure insanity nightmare fiction and into reality, which is freedom, love, peace. 
Thanks for going through this process with me, with grace. Don't shoot the messenger! I love you guys! We are doing this all now and it's awe-sum. -A-
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Love is the Currency of the 21st Century (from http://spiritualeconomicsnow.net/ )
Origins of Slavery, aka Commerce
In the Garden of Eden, the serpent suggested to Eve, that if she were to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, her eyes would be opened and she would be as God. So, she and Adam ate the Amanita Muscaria mushroom (which resembles an apple) …. a hallucinogen which allowed them to realize that they are, indeed, God–– just as the serpent had said. It also allowed them to see that their nakedness meant that they are slaves, since, in the Garden, slaves wore no clothing. When they realized that their true nature was God, they clothed themselves accordingly. The LORD God (ego mind) didn’t like the fact that his slaves now knew they were God/Divinity, so he threw them out. Now, they were responsible for finding their own food, clothing, and shelter. Certainly, they had been protected, in the Garden, (read: “received benefits and privileges”), but their true freedom meant that they were now completely responsible for their lives. This was probably not too worrisome for them, now, with their gained knowledge that they are God.

In the 8th book of The Ringing Cedars of Russia series, we read that the slave-owners realized that, one day, the slaves, who out-numbered the masters 10 to 1, would finally catch onto how to escape, one way or another. So, the masters “freed” them by offering the slaves coins. The slaves were now free to clothe, feed, and house themselves, in any way they chose. The added bonus was that the more they worked, the more coins they received, the better food, clothing, and housing they could acquire …. but, they were still slaves, only now they were slaves to the coins.
Mankind, in his fear for his survival, has always wanted to control his environment and other people. So, mankind has never known anything but slavery. People who  insist that the commercial system was designed to work for everyone––if only the public servants would do their jobs and, if only there weren’t so much greed––are just being naive. Nothing is going to change the system of slavery. We cannot change anything outside ourselves without first changing our minds about what we think is outside ourselves. We must do as the original slaves (Adam and Eve), did …. realize that we are God, get up the gumption, and leave the Garden.

Stop Paying Your Bills. You Don't Owe Anybody Anything. Everything Is Already Yours. Quit Your Job. Mary Croft

Prana. Diversity. History. Humans Soon To Lose Hair. Excess. Reduction Regimen. Fasting. Age Reversal

a message from Mother Earth/Gaia
Friday, 26 March, 2010

I really enjoy good food and I think that eating is a joy. I also enjoy listening to cultural music, designing and wearing colorful clothing, and painting provocative art. I have heard that in the near future we will feed ourselves through the solar waves of our local sun, lose our hair, and even wear the same garment. I can see how this might simplify things considerably, but why would our evolution require us to abandon customs that are unique to Earth? Isn't the earth exceptionally precious as it is, diversity and all?

The Earth is indeed unique, diverse and precious. Among all other planets there is no other Earth, just as there is no other you. Our sun has its own unique characteristics, as does the moon and our solar system, which serves as both neighborhood and community. The universe is mysterious, awe inspiring and ever changing. It could never be described as uniform or commonplace. And the omniverse, well . . . . .

Almost everything that currently resides upon the earth eats, drinks or consumes something. Some things (beings) even consume themselves, in a matter of speaking. Does this mean that their evolution is based upon moving away from diversity and toward uniformity? And if it does not, are they doomed to extinction? Couched within your question is a fear that you will somehow lose the individuality that you inherited from your ancestors and others who proudly carried the banner of freedom in advance of your generation. You are not alone in this fear and we will address it a little later, but perhaps we should explore some of the future possibilities you have listed above first.

Most people largely believe that they must eat to survive, but this is not entirely true. You must provide your body with necessary nutrients, vitamins and other organic substances essential to human nutrition.

Lemurians. Power and Control, Isn't.

21 March 2010 - 12:18pm | Energy is one
Lemurians on Power and Control

What are power and control but a method to protect yourself from pain and control pain? Yes, to seek power makes you seek self-importance and feed the ego, but there is another game here. You, with power, and the more the better for this, can put yourself in a position to stop anyone or anything from hurting you (or so you might think) and punish those who try. Not only can you punish those who you believe would mean you harm, you can also punish those who have in the past. This is because, with power, all of the pain that you have felt from those who have treated you badly in the past can finally be dealt with. All of the resentments can be taken care of in a practical manner. Finally, you are in a position to strike back at your aggressors – Anyone or anything that remotely reminds you of something that has left you emotionally injured can be attacked, dealt with and finally put to rest.

The problem lies in the fact that you are run by your pain, your reactions are at least partially based on your pain, and people get hurt. What could have been good intentions become vengeance and manipulation. You serve your pain, not a higher good. You seek to control your life in a way that makes you invulnerable and above all of those legions of people who have made you feel small. Cruelty comes into play and manipulation of people and situations becomes normal.

True power lies in the acceptance and transmutation of your pain – even if at times it seems impossible. Once the intention to accept and bring your pain to the light is taken, you can become very strong and powerful. Then, and only then, if you are called by Spirit to lead, can you be pure and act with compassion and a clear intention to follow your best interests, which will be linked to the good of the whole.

Jay Shafer Tumbleweed House. Small Space Big Style. 70 Square Feet. Live Work Cook Sleep Entertain

Below is the Tiny house I built for under $3000 and %99 by myself. See more HERE http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewcauthen/sets/72157623267632282/
andrew house fort 13 by you.
andrew house fort 01 by you.
andrew house fort 11 by you.

andrew house fort 06 by you.

andrew house fort 07 by you.