What's good what's bad?

What's good what's bad?
Do we have to read it in a book. Over there?
In a something else. Over s care. Look out not inn. Home is shoveling
shit. That's what the say. It's farcing me to perceive in symbols.
Filters. Ditch. Gutter. But u gotta be happy so interact but don't
contract. No real contact. Max out ur credit cards!! Max out ur
lifestyle!! Get it over with. Come back to the awesome. Come back to
sunshine. To ease and grace and space. Innerspace breads outerspace.
Illegal immigrant. Stale party. Dead farts.

U know u don't really agree and it's not going to make it easier for
anyone acting like u do!!! WTF just stop! We are making it all up so
why not make it awesome. Make it real. Make it count. We don't want
another hero. We r the hero and it starts and ends w zero. Blame all u
can can. We c in circles. Fun and play and homo ludens. How do I talk
walk chalk about it? Start at the beginning. Finish when ur done.
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