We are what we eat. Eat god. God is love. U r god. Eat urself. Die.

We are what we eat. Eat god. God is love. U r god. Eat urself. Die.
My house moves
The world moves
The world is my house

"I have to retox!" no u don't bitch. Stfu. Pass it through ur ass. P-
Ass. #1 and #2. Now get back to what u came here to do. NOT BEING A
MIND SLUT. Sit down n shutup. Only the Nothing will save u. Everything
else is made up in ur fucking head! ...Sssstop!

The only way out is in. We aren't any of this, cause we are all of it!
Breathe to receive. Ride the fire till it extinguishes itself. Or
don't start it to begin with u SLUT! "Nothing" is the best ever. It
never changes cause it is change. See now or see later. Love is the
answer. It "works" on every level.

Remember when we used to have to brush our teeth! Hahahaa! Back in the
old take pills die death cult-ure. We even made ppl PAY w money/
sufferage to enjoy what we enjoyed. Imagine that! We were totally

Is there anything more akward than "popular" cult-ure?

Don't just do something, sit there. It's working itself out WAY better
wout u. In fact there's nothing u can do and allways was.

Problems are assets! (:Gratitude:)
Love never ceases!

No matter where u go or what u do, ur wasting ur time. U will never
get anywhere but back to here. Allways back to here. Ur just jerking
urselves off. Read all u want. Ur just wearing urself out. Passing the
time. Bouncy balls. Everything gets old and dies. Soon u'll b dead.
Kicking and screaming won't help. Sea what's in front of u and know
that we r nothing. Everything is a bunch of nothing. Nobody cares or
ever will.
Die now pussy. Ur not heroic by fighting it all. Resisting
just adds to the mess. It's ur programming (not u) to act like
anything can be done and it's bullshit. Everyone's clueless. Headless
monkeys. We r just babies. Stop trying, monkey. U DONT know. Nope u
don't, never will. Who does? Nobody! It's hopeless. Abandon all hope.
Don't swim, sink. Surrender. White flags. Ur trying to be something ur
not and it will never work until u quit. Eeeeaase up. Play.
Appreciate. This is when it all really starts. It's already done for u
and it's awesum and complete. PLANET AWESUM! U will know this, it's
just a matter of "time". Quit time. I quit time.

Ride the vortex.
*<<< !..-Zero <^> Point-..! >>>*

Perspective is key. Make it higher to seA more. Everything happens
within silence. Stfu! Thank u :) ur there. Easy. Game over bitch.

Planet awesum is not for sissies.
Ambition is for lazy ppl. Everything is vain. Vanity.

Its High-glare-ious. In a world w no eyes.

Judge this judge that. Blame this blame that. Think up the best idea
ever! Won't help. We always were nothing and always will be. It's so
great! Do nothing! Leave no trace! (not that u have a choice). There
is no choice. And it's amazing! Freedom in no-thing! Happiness for no
reason. The nothing DIEt. Can't change cause it is change. Won't make
sense till u become sense. Can't be explained till u become arranged.
A-reighn-ged. Mind is dead. Stay positive. Everything u seA is dead
and a liar. Hamster wheels. Get to the point. Step off, into the
nothing. Don't be a loser. It's a game of death. Nobody gets out
alive. Die. Kill god. Be nothing. Life is nothing. I am nothing. I am

We have no idea what we r looking at, hearing, tasting, smelling,
touching, thinking. No-thing has meaning except what we put on it.
Stop making the nothing into something. Stop giving things meaning. U!
It's U! U r me! Stop me! I am u! Stop urself. Meaning machine. It's
nothing. Leave it alone. Let everything just be. Making nothing into
something is meaningless. Everything just turns back into what it is,
nothing. Nothing makes sense or needs to. Nothing is god. Everything
happens within nothing. Everything is nothing. Nothing has ever
happend or ever will happen. Nothing is happening. It is the happening
that never happend. Give up death. Stop trying everything. Buying into
is dying into. U cAn't be anything that ur not. U can't add anything
or take anything away. All u can do is realize this. Dont be a dork
anymore, wasting everyones time. Realize nothing now. What is nothing?
Nothing isn't anything that's a liar. What is a liar? Everything! 
Where does that leave u? With nothing. Everthing leaves u with nothing
cause that's what u r. That's what I am. .... ... .. . * . .. ... ....
nothing can stop the nothing cause it never started. Nothing doesn't
own anything cause there's nothing to be owned. There's nothing to
solve, nothing to fix, nothing to be. Nothing to talk about. I've said
nothing. Nobody can ever say anything. Nothing can be said. Nothing
can't be said. Unraveling of nothing that's never happend. All within
ur fn head cheese gravy biscuit. Eat nothing. Shit nothing. U can
always tell a tree by it's fruits. The fruit of nothing is nothing.
Everything is nothing. Nothing can b accomplished. Nothing can't be
accomplished. Everything is a story of nothing. There is no store-ing.
Nothing can be stored. Nothing can't b stored. Nothing is a store.
Nothing isn't a store. Nothing isn't anything. Nothing can b lost. N
is lost. In now-here. The place that isn't anywhere. Everywhere is
nowhere. No-where's no-things no-how's . Addiction to nothing. Living
off n. Living on n. Living in n. N is living. Nothing lives. Nothing
dies. Nothing can die. Nothing can't die. There is no end to nothing
except what u make it to be. Leave nothing and u come back to nothing.
Going nowhere forever. U never left. U never right. Nothing is so big
U can't miss. There's nothing to miss cause u never went anywhere.
Nobody has ever been anywhere, said or felt anything. Everybody is
nobody. Nobody is everything. Everything is nothing. Nothing isn't
anything. The more u go into something the more it becomes nothing.
Nothing has ever become something. Nothing can't become something,
ever. U can't get it cause it can't be got. Nothing is the got it.

There's nothing that can b done about anything cause something isn't
anything, it's nothing. Everything is completely nothing nowhere
forever, plus never anywhere ever, especially absolutely nothing
special. How can anything be special in nothing forever never?
Absolutely! Nothing makes sense even before it doesn't never anywhere
allways forever nowhere. For further information on nothing, be
something. U can allways count on Something to be good for nothing
everywhere nowhere forever never.

Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyones Invited!
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